Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 6, Number 1, January 2016

Sixth International conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CCSIT 2016), Zurich, Switzerland, January 02~03, 2016
Volume Editors : Jan Zizka, Dhinaharan Nagamalai (Eds)
ISBN : 978-1-921987-45-8                                                                                                                     Download full Proceedings

Infrastructure Consolidation for Interconnected Services in a Smart City Using Cloud Environment 
Jorge F Hernandez1, Victor M Larios1, Manuel Avalos1 and Ignacio Silva-Lepe2, 1CUCEA, Mexico
and 2Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA

Similarity Analysis of DNA Sequences Based on the Chemical Properties of Nucleotide Bases,
Frequency and Position of Group Mutations
Fatima KABLI, Reda Mohamed HAMOU and Abdelmalek AMINE, Tahar MOULAY University of Saida, Algeria

About the Suitability of Clouds in High-Performance Computing 
Harald Richter, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany

Reference Architecture for SMAC Solutions 
Shankar Kambhampaty1 and Sasirekha Kambhampaty2, 1Computer Science Corporation (CSC), India
and 2GRIET, India

Competence Building Framework Requirements for Information Technology for Educational Management 
Rakesh Mohan Bhatt, HNB Garhwal University, India

Stable Marriage Problem with Ties and Incomplete Bounded Length Preference List Under Social Stability 
Ashish Shrivastava and C. Pandu Ranga, Indian Institute of Technology - Madras, India

Family of 2-Simplex Cognitive Tools and their Applications for Decision-Making and its Justifications 
Yankovskaya Anna and Yamshanov Artem, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and
Radioelectronics, Russia

Sequential Clustering-Based Event Detection for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring 
Karim Said Barsim and Bin Yang, University of Stuttgart, Germany

HOL, GDCT and LDCT for Pedestrian Detection 
Sanaa Tayb, Youssef Azdoud, Aouatif Amine, Bouchra Nassih, Hanaa Hachimi and Nabil Hmina,
Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

An Advanced Tool for Managing Fuzzy Complex Temporal Information 
Aymen Gammoudi1,2, Allel Hadjali2 and Boutheina Ben Yaghlane3, 1LARODEC/ISGT, Tunisia,
2LIAS/ENSMA, France and 3University of Carthage, Tunisia

Reliability Evaluation of Software Architecture Styles 
Gholamreza Shahmohammadi, Olum Entazami Amin University, Iran

A Model Based on Sentiments Analysis for Stock Exchange Prediction - Case Study of PETR4,
Milson L. Lima, Sofiane Labidi, Thiago P. do Nascimento, Nadson S. Timbo, Gilberto N. Neto and
Marcus Vinicius Lima Batista, Federal University of Maranhao, Brazil

Optimal Beam Steering Angles of a Sensor Array for a Multiple Source Scenario 
Sanghyouk Choi1, Joohwan Chun1, Inchan Paek2 and Jonghun Jang3, 1KAIST, Korea,
2PGM Image Sensor Centre, Korea and 3Agency for Defense Development, Korea

A Switched-Antenna Nadir-Looking Interferometric SAR Altimeter for Terrain-Aided Navigation 
Inchan Paek1, Jonghun Jang2, Joohwan Chun3 and Jinbae Suh3, 1PGM Image Sensor Centre, Korea,
2Agency for Defense Development, Korea and 3KAIST, Korea

Optimization in Engine Design via Formal Concept Analysis Using Negative Attributes 
Rodriguez-Jimenez, J. M, Cordero, P, Enciso, M and Mora, A, Universidad de Malaga, Spain

Combined Classifiers for Time Series Shapelets 
Ivan S. Mitzev and Nickolas H. Younan, Mississippi State University, United States

Resilient Interface Design for Safety-Critical Embedded Automotive Software 
Harald Sporer, Georg Macher, Christian Kreiner and Eugen Brenner, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Near-Real-Time Parallel ETL+Q for Automatic Scalability in Bigdata 
Pedro Martins, Maryam Abbasi and Pedro Furtado, University of Coimbra, Portugal

The Perceptions of Agile Methodology in South Africa 
Thierry Mbah Mbelli1 and Jainesh Jaintylal Hira2,1Deloitte Digital, South Africa and
2First National Bank, South Africa

Advanced Cloud Privacy Threat Modeling 
Ali Gholami and Erwin Laure, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

A Taxonomy for Tools, Processes and Languages in Automotive Software Engineering 
Florian Bock1, Daniel Homm1, Sebastian Siegl2 and Reinhard German1,
1Friedrich-Alexander-University, Germany and 2Audi AG, Germany

Application of Biclustering Technique in Machine Monitoring 
Marcin Michalak, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Virtual Scene Construction of Large-Scale Cultural Heritage : A Framework Initiated from the
Case Study of the Grand Canal of China
Jian Tan1 and Shenghua Wang2, 1Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and 2Beijing Information
Science Technology University, China

A Prefixed-Itemset-Based Improvement for Apriori Algorithm 
Yu Shoujian and Zhou Yiyang, Donghua University, China

State Space Generation Framework Based on Binary Decision Diagram for Distributed Explicit
Model Checking
Nacer Tabib1, Jean Michel Ilie2 and Djamel Eddine Saidouni1, 1 Constantine 2 University, Algeria
and 2UPMC, France

A New Algorithm for Construction of a P2P Multicast Hybrid Overlay Tree Based on Topological Distances 
Sergej Alekseev and Jorg Schafer, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

JPL : Implementation of a Prolog System Supporting Incremental Tabulation 
Taher Ali1, Ziad Najem2, and Mohd Sapiyan1, 1Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait
and 2Kuwait University, Kuwait