Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 6, Number 2, January 2016

Sixth International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (CCSEA 2016), Dubai, UAE, January 23~24, 2016
Volume Editors : David C. Wyld, Jan Zizka
ISBN : 978-1-921987-46-5                                                                                                                     Download full Proceedings

Efficient Call Path Detection for Android-OS Size of Huge Source Code 
Koji Yamamoto and Taka Matsutsuka, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan

Towards a New Approach of Data Dissemination in VANETS Networks 
Ouafa Mahma and Ahmed Korichi, Kasdi Merbah University, Algeria

Modelling Dynamic Patterns Using Mobile Data 
Suhad Faisal Behadili1, Cyrille Bertelle1 and Loay E. George2, 1Normandie University, France and
2Baghdad University, Iraq

Personal Identity Matching 
Mazin Al-Shuaili and Marco Carvalho, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

Feature-Model-Based Commonality and Variability Analysis for Virtual Cluster Disk Provisioning 
Nayun Cho, Mino Ku, Rui Xuhua, and Dugki Min, Konkuk University, Korea

Comparison of Open-Source PAAS Architectural Components 
Mohan Krishna Varma Nandimandalam and Eunmi Choi, Kookmin University, South Korea

A Cloud Broker Approach with QOS Attendance and SOA for Hybrid Cloud Computing Environments 
Mário Henrique de Souza Pardo, Adriana Molina Centurion, Paulo Sérgio Franco Eustáquio, Regina Helena
Carlucci Santana, Sarita Mazzini Bruschi and Marcos José Santana, University of Sâo Paulo (USP), Brazil

Design and Implement a New Cloud Security Method Based on Multi Clouds on Open Stack Platform 
Mohammad Reza Khayyambashi, Sayed Mohammad Hossein Mirshahjafar and Ehasan Shahrokhi,
University of Isfahan, Iran

Determining the Core Part of Software Development Curriculum Applying Association Rule Mining on Software
Job Ads in Turkey
Ilkay Yelmen1 and Metin Zontul2, 1Istanbul Technical University, Turkey and 2Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

Comparative Evaluation of Four Multi-Label Classification Algorithms in Classifying Learning Objects 
Asma Aldrees and Azeddine Chikh and Jawad Berri, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Improvement of a Method Based on Hidden Markov Model for Clustering Web Users 
Sadegh Khanpour and Omid sojoodi, Qazvin Azad University, Iran

Grasp Approach to RCPSP with MinMax Robustness Objective 
Hayet Mogaadi and Besma Fayech Chaar, El Manar University, Tunisia

Investigating the Influence of Service Training, Reward System and Empowerment on Job Satisfaction and
Organizational Commitment of the Employees of Ilam's Telecommunications Company
Mohammad Taban, Seidmehdi Veiseh and Yasan allah Poorashraf, University of Ilam, Iran

Assessing the Skills and Competencies Among Principals in Telecommunication Company Located in Ilam 
Seidmehdi Veiseh, Yasan allah Poorashraf, Mohammad Taban, University of Ilam, Iran

M-Health An Emerging Trend An Empirical Study 
Muhammed Fuzail Zubair, Hajrah Jahan, Sophia Rahaman and Roma Raina, Manipal University, UAE

A Comprehensive Survey of Link Mining and Anomalies Detection 
Zakea Idris Ali, Staffordshire University, UK

MUSIC Incorporating Uterine Contraction in Non-invasive Fetal Heartbeat Detection 
Walid A. Zgallai, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE