Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 6, Number 9, July 2016

Sixth International Conference on Advances in Computing and Information Technology (ACITY 2016), Chennai, India, July 23~24, 2016
Volume Editors : Natarajan Meghanathan, Jan Zizka
ISBN: 978-1-921987-53-3                                                                                                                             Download full Proceedings

A Survey on Security Risk Management Frameworks in Cloud Computing 
Rana Alosaimi and Mohammad Alnuem, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Automated Short Answer Grader Using Friendship Graphs 
Soumajit Adhya1 and S. K. Setua2, 1J.D. Birla Institute, India and 2University of Calcutta, India

Automatic Generation and Optimization of Test Data Using Harmony Search Algorithm 
Rajesh Kumar Sahoo1, Deeptimanta Ojha1, Durga Prasad Mohapatra2 and Manas Ranjan Patra3,
1A.B.I.T, India, 2NIT-Rourkela, India and 3Berhampur University, India

Glitch Analysis and Reduction in Combinational Circuits 
Ronak Shah, Dharmsinh Desai University, India

Analysis of CMOS and MTCMOS Circuits Using 250 Nano Meter Technology 
M Suresh1, A K Panda1, Mukesh Sukla1, Marakonda Patnaikuni Vasanthi2 and Sowpati Santhi3,
1NIST, India, 2RGUKT-Telangana, India and 3RGUKT-Andhra Pradesh, India

Dengue Detection and Prediction System Using Data Mining with Frequency Analysis 
Nandini V, Sriranjitha R and Yazhini T. P, SSN College of Engineering, India

OBIA on Coastal Landform Based on Structure Tensor 
Sun Shuting, Liu Jianqiang and Zou Bin, National Satellite Ocean Application Service, China

Concealed Data Aggregation with Dynamic Intrusion Detection System to Remove Vulnerabilities in
Wireless Sensor Networks
Bharat Bhushan1, Keshav Kaushik2 and G Sahoo1, 1BIT Mesra, India and 2HMRITM, India

IP Core Design of Hight Lightweight Cipher and its Implementation  
Sruthi.N1, R. Nandakumar2 and Rajkumar. P1, 1NCERC - University of Calicut, India and 2N.I.E.L.I.T, India

Design of IEEE 1149.1 Tap Controller IP Core 
Shelja A S1, Nandakumar R2 and Muruganantham C1, 1NCERC- University of Calicut, India and 2N.I.E.L.I.T, India

Big Graph : Tools, Techniques, Issues, Challenges and Future Directions 
Dhananjay Kumar Singh and Ripon Patgiri, National Institute of Technology - Silchar, India