Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 7, Number 1, January 2017

Second International Conference on Computer Science, Information Technology and Applications, Zurich, Switzerland, January 2~3, 2017
Volume Editors : David C. Wyld, Dhinaharan Nagamalai
ISBN: 978-1-921987-61-8                                                                                                                             Download full Proceedings

The Susceptible-Infectious Model of Disease Expansion Analyzed Under the Scope of Connectivity and Neighbor
Maria Teresa Signes Pont, Higinio Mora Mora and Antonio Cortes Castillo, Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Emotional Learning in a Simulated Model of the Mental Apparatus 
Martin Fittner1 and Christian Brandstatter2, 1Vienna University of Technology, Austria and 2Research Institute
of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Austria

An Open Shop Approach in Approximating Optimal Data Transmission Duration in WDM Networks 
Timotheos Aslanidis and Stavros Birmpilis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Computer Vision Performance and Image Quality Metrics : A Reciprocal Relation 
Christopher Haccius and Thorsten Herfet, Saarland University, Germany

A Collage Image Creation & "KANISEI" Analysis System by Combining Multiple Images 
Anju Kawamoto1, Yasuhiro Hayashi1, Izumi Fuse2 and Yasushi Kiyoki1, 1Keio University, Japan and 2Hokkaido
University, Japan

Human Computer Interaction Algorithm Based on Scene Situation Awareness 
Cai Mengmeng1,2, Feng Zhiquan1,2 and Luan Min1,2, 1University of Jinan, China and 2Shandong Provincial
Key Laboratory of Network-based Intelligent Computing, China

Multimodal Biometrics Recognition from Facial Video via Deep Learning 
Sayan Maity, Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb and Shihab S. As, University of Miami, USA

Classification of Upper Airways Images for Endotracheal Intubation Verification 
Dror Lederman, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

Big Data Technology Accelerate Genomics Precision Medicine 
Hao Li, Intel Corporation, China

Openskimr A Job and Learning Platform 
Andreas Kofler and Marianne Prast, Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), Austria

Enhancing the Performance of Sentiment Analysis Supervised Learning Using Sentiments Keywords Based
Amira Abdelwahab, Fahd Alqasemi and Hatem Abdelkader, Menoufia University, Egypt

Using NLP Approach for Analyzing Customer Reviews 
Saleem Abuleil and Khalid Alsamara, Chicago State University, USA

A Novel Background Subtraction Algorithm for Person Tracking Based on K-NN 
Asmaa AIT MOULAY and Aouatif AMINE, University Compus, Morocco

Neural Networks for High Performance Time-Delay Estimation and Acoustic Source Localization 
Ludwig Houegnigan, Pooyan Safari, Climent Nadeu, Mike van der Schaar, Marta Sole and Michel Andre,
Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

An Expert Gamification System for Virtual and Cross-Cultural Software Teams 
Isaac Chow and LiGuo Huang, Southern Methodist University, USA

Dynamic Quality of Service Stability Based Multicast Routing Protocol for MANETs (DQSMRP) 
M.Vijayalakshmi1 and D.SreenivasaRao2, 1GNITS, India and 2JNTUH, India

Application Based Smart Optimized Keyboard for Mobile Apps 
Sandeep S Machiraju, Ashok K Athukuri, Soumya Gampa, Narendra B Makela, & Venkata N Inukollu,
University of Houston, USA

Spontaneous Smile Detection with Application of Landmark Points Supported by Visual Indications 
Karolina Nurzynska and Bogdan Smolka, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Discovering Abnormal Patches and Transformations of Diabetics Retinopathy in Big Fundus Collections 
Yuqian ZHOU and Shuhao LU, University of Science and Technology, China

Large Scale Image Processing in Real-Time Environments with Kafka 
Yoon-Ki Kim and Chang-Sung Jeong, Korea University, South Korea

Arabic Dataset for Automatic Keyphrase Extraction 
Mohammed Al Logmani1 and Husni Al Muhtaseb2, 1Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia and 2King Fahd University
for Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Fractal Parameters of Tumour Microscopic Images as Prognostic Indicators of Clinical Outcome in Early Breast Cancer 
Jelena Pribic, Jelena Vasiljevic, Ksenija Kanjer, Zora Neskovic Konstantinovic, Nebojsa T. Milosevic,
Dragica Nikolic Vukosavljevic, Marko Radulovic and Natasa Zivic, University of Belgrade, Serbia