the connaught, May 26 ~ 27, 2012, Delhi, India.

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Accepted Papers

Applying Problem Based Learn Approach On E-Learning System In Cloud
Dhilshath Kaleel, S. Thamarai Selvi, and C. Valliyammai , Anna University, MIT Campus, India
Unlocking Graphene For Faster Cloud Computing.
V. Tripal Reddy, E. Sravan kumar and Mohammed Hasanuddin, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology,India
A Research of MapReduce with GPU Acceleration  
Miao Xin, Hao Li,Yunnan University,Kunming,China
Emerging Security Challenges in Cloud Computing
Hemanth Kumar.M.P, Kishore.R,Gurudath.C, SVCE, india
CloudPass – a passport system based on Cloud Computing and Near Field Communication
Adethya Sudarsanan,Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Benefits of Cloud Computing to E-governance
Anjali Jain and Keerti Goyal, RKGITW,India.
An Comparison with Property Based Resource Attestation to Secure Cloud Environment
Ravindra k.gupta1, Rajat Pali2 , Shailendra Singh3 and Ashutosh Kumar Dubey 4 ,2 SSSIST, India 3 NITTTR,India and 4 TITR,India
Java Based Resource Attestation and Sharing with two way Security in USER CLOUD Environment
Ravindra k.gupta1, Rajat Pali2 , Shailendra Singh3 and Ashutosh Kumar Dubey 4 ,2 SSSIST, India 3 NITTTR,India and 4 TITR,India
Dynamic Scheduling Of Jobs on Virtual Machines Based On the Time Quantum Capabilities: A Framework for Reducing Job Execution Time in cloud computing
Pavankuamar kolla 1,R.Manjula2, Ganguli Mrittika1 and K.HariPriyanka3 1 Intel India,2VIT University India,3SMCE,India
VM Provisioning Policies to Improve the Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers Profit
Komal Singh Patel and A. K. Sarje,Indian Institute of Technology , India
Query Processing of RDF Using Hadoop
Mehreen Ali and K. Sriram Bharat ,VIT University, India.
Neuro-Fuzzy For Nonlinear System (Car) Control
Boumediene Selma and Samira Chouraqui,University of Science and Technology Algeria
An Efficient Approach for Data Gathering and Sharing with Inter Node Communication in Mobile-Sink
Ravindra k.gupta1, Shashank Saxena2, Shailendra Singh3 and Ashutosh Kumar Dubey4.2SSSIST, India , 3NITTTR,India ,4TITR,India
Self Fused Check pointing Replication for Handling Multiple Faults in Cloud Computing 
Sanjay Bansal1 , Sanjeev Sharma1, Mukesh Pandey1 and Ishita Trivedi, 1 RGPV India.
A Domain Ontology based Service Matching for CHORD based Super Peer Network
R.Rajmohan, N.Padmapriya and S.K.V.Jayakumar ,Pondicherry university, India
SubGraD- An Approach for Subgraph Detection
Akshara Pande1, Vivekanand Pant2 and  S. Nigam1, 1CSIR-HRDG  PUSA, India, 2 IBM, India                                          
Implement A Library On Binary Decision Diagram Use Bfs Traversal Algo SM 
Smita Jhajharia, Bansthali University,India

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