Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 10, Number 05, May 2020

9th International Conference on Information Technology Convergence and Services (ITCSE 2020), May 30~31, 2020, Vancouver, Canada
Volume Editors : David C. Wyld, Natarajan Meghanathan (Eds)
ISBN : 978-1-925953-19-0                                                                              Download full Proceedings

Identification of Technology-Relevant Entities Based on Trend Curves  
Sukhwan Jung, Rachana Reddy Kandadi, Rituparna Datta, Ryan Benton and
Aviv Segev, University of South Alabama, USA

Contextual Factors Influencing the Design and Management of Health
Information Systems’ Interoperability
Grace Kobusinge, Gothenburg University, Sweden & Makerere University, Uganda

Transcript Level Analysis Improves the Understanding of Bladder Cancer  
Xiang Ao and Shuaicheng Li, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Leading DevOps Practice and Principle Adoption  
Krikor Maroukian1 and Stephen R. Gulliver2, 1Microsoft, Greece and 2University
of Reading, Henley Business School, UK

Communication between Coroutines on Sunway Many-core Platform  
Shaodi Li, Junmin Wu, Yi Zhang and Yawei Zhou, University of Science and
Technology of China, China

Linking Social Media Posts to News with Siamese Transformers  
Jacob Danovitch, Carleton University, Canada

Hate Speech Detection of Arabic Shorttext  
Abdullah Aref1, Rana Husni Al Mahmoud2, Khaled Taha3 and Mahmoud Al-Sharif3,
1Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan, 2University of Jordan, Jordan and
3Trafalgar AI, Jordan

Topic Detection from Conversational Dialogue Corpus with Parallel Latent Dirichlet
Allocation Model and Elbow Method
Haider Khalid and Vincent Wade, University of Dublin, Ireland

Quantum Criticism: a Tagged news Corpus Analysed for Sentiment and Named Entities  
Ashwini Badgujar, Sheng Cheng, Andrew Wang, Kai Yu, Paul Intrevado and David Guy Brizan, University of San Francisco, USA

VSMbM: A New Metric for Automatically Generated Text Summaries Evaluation  
Alaidine Ben Ayed1,3, Ismaïl Biskri2,3 and Jean-Guy Meunier3, 1Université du
Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada, 2Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR),
Canada and 3LANCI : Laboratoire d'ANalyse Cognitive de l'Information, Université
du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada

Free-text and Structured Clinical Time Series for Patient Outcome Predictions  
Emilia Apostolova1, Joe Morales2, Ioannis Koutroulis3 and Tom Velez2,, USA, 2Computer Technology Associates, USA, 3Children's National Health System, USA

A Novel Bit Allocation Algorithm in Multi-view Video  
Tao Yan1, In-Ho Ra2, Deyang Liu3, Jiajun Hong1, Jingyu Feng1 and Shaojie Hou1,
1Putian University, China, 2Kunsan National University, South Korea and
3Anqing Normal University, China

A Semi-supervised Learning Approach to Forecast CPU Usages under Peak Load in
an Enterprise Environment
Nitin Khosla1 and Dharmendra Sharma2, 1Assistant Director – Performance Engineering, Dept. of Home Affairs, Austrlia, 2University of Canberra, Austrlia

Advanced Rate Control Technologies for MVC  
Tao Yan1, In-Ho Ra2, Na Song1, Yu Youhao1, Zhicheng Wu1 and Zhongyu Shi1,
1Putian University, China, 2Kunsan National University, South Korea

Oversampling Log Messages using A Sequence Generative Adversarial Network for
Anomaly Detection and Classification
Amir Farzad and T. Aaron Gulliver, University of Victoria, Canada

Industrial Duct Fan Maintenance Predictive Approach Based on Random Forest  
Mashael Maashi, Nujood Alwhibi, Fatima Alamr, Rehab Alzahrani, Alanoud Alhamid
and Nourah Altawallah, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Classification of Computer Hardware and Performance Prediction using Statistical
Learning and Neural Networks
Courtney Foots1, Palash Pal2, Rituparna Datta1 and Aviv Segev1, 1University
of South Alabama, USA and 2Burdwan University, India

Safety Helmet Detection in Industrial Environment using Deep Learning  
Ankit Kamboj and Nilesh Powar, Cummins Technologies India Pvt. India

Rate Control Based on Similarity Analysis in Multi-view Video Coding  
Tao Yan1, In-Ho Ra2, Deyang Liu3, Deli Chen1, Yu Youhao1 and Shaojie Hou1, 1Putian University, China, 2Kunsan National University, South Korea and 3Anqing Normal University, China

TPM Based Design for Enhanced Trust in SaaS Services  
Mustapha Hedabou1,2, Ali Azougaghe3, Ahmed Bentajer4, 1University Mohammed
VI Polytechnic, Morocco, 2University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco, 3ENSIAS Mohammed
V University in Rabat, Morocco and 4ENSA School of Tetouan Abdelmalek
Essaadi University, Morocco

Design and Hardware Implementation of A Separable Image Steganographic Scheme
using Public-key Cryptosystem
Salah Harb, M. Omair Ahmad and M.N.S Swamy, Concordia University, Canada

Use of an IoT Technology to Analyse the Inertial Measurement of Smart Ping-pong Paddle  
Rajeev Kanth1, Tuomas Korpi1 and Jukka Heikkonen2, 1Savonia University
of Applied Sciences, Finland and 2University of Turku, Finland

Multi-task Knowledge Distillation with Rhythm Features for Speaker Verification  
Ruyun Li1, Peng Ouyang2, Dandan Song2 and Shaojun Wei1, 1Tsinghua University, China
and 2TsingMicro Co. Ltd., China

An Automatic Detection of Fundamental Postures in Vietnamese Traditional Dances  
Ngan-Khanh Chau1 and Truong-Thanh Ma2, 1An Giang University, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2Soc Trang Community College, Vietnam

Performance Analysis of AODV, DSDV and ZRP Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor
Networks using NS2 Tool
Faïza Tabbana, Military Academy, Tunisia