Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 11, Number 08, June 2021

2nd International Conference on Blockchain and Internet of Things (BIoT 2021), June 19~20, 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark
Volume Editors : David C. Wyld, Dhinaharan Nagamalai (Eds)
ISBN : 978-1-925953-42-8                                                                             Download full Proceedings

LEA-DNS: DNS Resolution Validity and Timeliness Guarantee Local Authentication
Extension with Public Blockchain
Ting Xiong1, Shaojin Fu1, Xiaochun Luo2 and Tao Xie1, 1National University
of Defense Technology, China, 2PLA News Media Center, China

An Applicability of Blockchain Model in Business use Case - A Technical Approach 
Anitha Premkumar, Presidency University Rajankunde, India

Design and Implementation of an IoT Based LPG and CO Gases Monitoring System 
Otoniel Flores-Cortez, Ronny Cortez and Bruno González, Universidad Tecnologica
de El Salvador, El Salvador

Studying the Applicability of Proof of Reputation(PoR) as an Alternative Consensus
Mechanism for Distributed Ledger Systems
Oladotun Aluko1 and Anton Kolonin2, 1Novosibirsk State University, Russia, 2Aigents Group, Russia

Blockchain Decentralized Voting for Verified Users with a Focus on Anonymity 
Piotr Pospiech, Aleksander Marianski and Michal Kedziora, Wroclaw University
of Science and Technology, Poland

Detect Text Topics by Semantics Graphs  
Alex Romanova, Melenar, LLC, USA

Data-Driven Intelligent Application for Youtube Video Popularity Analysis using
Machine Learning and Statistics
Wenxi Gao1, Ishmael Rico2 and Yu Sun3, 1University of Toronto, Canada,
2University of California, USA, 3California State Polytechnic University, USA

What are the Aspects of Adopting Computer-Based Exams and do they Impact
Negatively on Students?
Rabea Emdas1 and Ahmed Alruwaili2, 1Swinburne University of Technology, Australia,
2La Trobe University, Australia

Clock Gating Flip-Flop using Embedded XoR Circuitry  
Peiyi Zhao1, William Cortes1, Congyi Zhu2 and Tom Springer1, 1Chapman University, USA, 2Nangjing University, China

Hierarchical Scheduling for Real-Time Periodic Tasks in Symmetric Multiprocessing 
Tom Springer and Peiyi Zhao, Chapman University, USA

Ensemble Model for Chunking 
Nilamadhaba Mohapatra, Namrata Sarraf and Swapna sarit Sahu, Zeotap, Bangalore, India