Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 7, Number 12, September 2017

9th International Conference on Networks & Communications (NeCoM 2017), Dubai, UAE,
September 30~October 01, 2017
Volume Editors : Natarajan Meghanathan, David C. Wyld
ISBN: 978-1-921987-72-4                                                                                                                  Download full Proceedings

Fault Diagnosis in Braking System of Mine Hoist Based on the Moment Characteristics 
Li Juanjuan1, Wang Aiming1, Meng Guoying1, Xie Guangming2, Wang Shuai1, Hu Liang1 and Jia Yifan1,
1China University of Mining and Technology, China and 2Peking University, China

Codebook Design Strategies for MMO-OFDM Downlink Systems with ZF-BF 
Najoua ACHOURA and Ridha BOUALLEGUE, Innov´┐ŻCom Laboratory, Tunisia

Towards Establishing a Catalogue of Patterns for Architecting Mobile Cloud Software 
Aakash Ahmad, Ahmed B. Altamimi, Abdulrahman Alreshidi, University of Ha'il, Saudi Arabia

Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks Code Generation from Formal Specification 
Sara Houhou1, Laid Kahloul1, Saber Benharzallah2 and Roufaida Bettira1, 1Biskra University, Algeria
and 2Batna 2 University, Algeria

Implementation of a Smart House Application Using Wireless Sensor Networks 
Ismail MOHAMMED1 and Erkan DUMAN2, 1Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Iraq and 2Firat University,

A Four Valued Logic 
J. Ulisses Ferreira, Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil

Qincloud : An Agent Based System for Quering Encrypted Data in Cloud Databases 
Mashael M. Alsulami and Amin Y. Noaman, King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia