Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 8, Number 01, January 2018

11th International Conference on Security and its Applications (CNSA 2018), Zurich, Switzerland,
January 2~3, 2018
Volume Editors : David C. Wyld, Natarajan Meghanathan
ISBN: 978-1-921987-79-3                                                                                                                  Download full Proceedings

A Practical Client Application Based on Attribute Based Access Control for Untrusted Cloud Storage 
Julian Jang-Jaccard, Massey University, New Zealand

Query Inversion to Find Data Provenance 
Md. Salah Uddin1, Dmitry V. Alexandrov1 and Armanur Rahman2, 1National Research University Higher
School of Economics (NRU HSE), Russian Federation and 2BJIT Limited, Bangladesh

Automating Automation : Master Mentoring Process 
Martin Ciupa, Nicole Tedesco and Mostafa Ghobadi, calvIO Inc., USA

Framework for Analyzing Twitter to Detect Community Suspicious Crime Activity 
Safaa.S Al Dhanhani, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

Predictive Detection of Known Security Criticalities in Cyber Physical Systems with Unobservable Variables 
Alessio Coletta1,2, 1Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy and 2University of Trento, Italy

A Tradeoff Based Security Model Against Click Spam Originated by Single IP Addresses 
N.Zingirian and M.Benini, University of Padova, Italy

Medical Images Analysis in Cancer Diagnostic 
Jelena Vasiljević1, Ivica Milosavljević2, Vladimir Krstić1, Nataša Zivić3, Lazar Berbakov1, Luka Lopušina5,
Dhinaharan Nagamalai4 and Milutin Cerović5, 1University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2Center for Pathology and
Forensics of the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, Serbia, 3University of Siegen, Germany, 4Wireill,
Australia and 5University Union, Serbia