Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 8, Number 17, December 2018

7th International Conference on Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (SPPR-2018),
December 22-23, 2018, Sydney, Australia
Volume Editors : Natarajan Meghanathan, David C. Wyld
ISBN: 978-1-921987-95-3                                                                                                                  Download full Proceedings

Tomographic SAR Inversion for Urban Reconstruction 
Karima Hadj-Rabah, Faiza Hocine, Assia Kourgli and Aichouche Belhadj-Aissa, University of Sciences and
Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB), Algeria

A Pseudo-Splicing Algorithm for Partial Fingerprint Recognition Based on Sift 
Zheng Zhu, Aiping Li, Rong Jiang, Yulu Qi, Dongyang Zhao and Yan Jia, National University of Defense
Technology, China

A Post-Processing Method Based on Fully Connected CRFs for Chronic Wound Images Segmentation and
Junnan Zhang and Hanyi Nie, National University of Defense Technology, China

Possibilities of Python Based Emotion Recognition 
Primoz Podrzaj and Boris Kuster, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phishing Detection from URLs by Using Neural Networks 
Ozgur Koray Sahingoz, Saide Isilay Baykal and Deniz Bulut, Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey

ADAPTABASE - Adaptive Machine Learning Based Database Cross Technology Selection 
Shay Horovitz, Alon Ben-Lavi, Refael Auerbach, Bar Brownshtein, Chen Hamdani and Ortal Yona,
College of Management Academic Studies, Israel

Residential Load Profile Analysis Using Clustering Stability 
Fang-Yi Chang1, Shu-Wei Lin1, Chia-Wei Tsai2 and Po-Chun Kuo2, 1Institute for Information Industry,
Taiwan and 2Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Cyber-Attacks on the Data Communication of Drones Monitoring Critical Infrastructure 
Hadjer Benkraouda, Ezedin Barka and Khaled Shuaib, United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Android Malware Detection Using Machine Learning and Reverse Engineering 
Michal Kedziora, Paulina Gawin, Michal Szczepanik and Ireneusz Jozwiak, Wroclaw University of Science
and Technology, Poland

SAITE STORE 2.0: Experience Report on The Development of an Improved Version of a Digital Library
Ana Emilia Figueiredo de Oliveira1, Katherine Marjorie Mendonça de Assis1, Camila Santos de Castro e
Lima1, Carla Galvão Spinillo2, Elza Bernardes Monier1, Maria de Fatima Oliveira Gatinho1 and Marcelo
Henrique Monier Alves Junior1, 1Federal University of Maranhao, Brazil

Real-Time P2P Streaming Based on Playback Rate in MANETs 
Chia-Cheng Hu1,2, Zhong-bao Liu2,3, Hong-Bo Zhou2 and Chong-JieZhang2, 1Yango University, China,
2Quanzhou University of Information Engineering, China and 3North University of China

MRI and CT Image Fusion Based Structure Preserving Filter 
Qiaoqiao Li, Guoyue Chen, Xingguo Zhang, Kazuki Saruta and Yuki Terata, Akita Prefectural University,

Anti-Virus Tools Analysis Using Deep Web Malwares 
Igor Mishkovski1, Sanja Scepanovic2, Miroslav Mirchev1 and Sasho Gramatikov1, 1University Ss. Cyril and
Methodius, Macedonia and 2Aalto University, Finland

Enhancing Computer Network Security Environment by Implementing the Six-Ware Network Security
Framework (SWNSF)
Rudy Agus Gemilang Gultom, Tatan Kustana and Romie Oktovianus Bura, Indonesia Defense University,

Scalable Dynamic Locality Sensitve Hashing for Structured Dataset on Main Memory and GPGPU Memory 
Toan Nguyen Mau and Yasushi Inoguchi, JAIST Inoguchi Laboratory, Japan

A Network of Intelligent Proximity IoT Devices for Object Localization, Information Communication and
Data Analytics Based on Crowdsourcing
Mike Qu1 and Yu Sun2, 1Northwood High School, USA and 2California State Polytechnic University, USA