Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 5, April 2019

7th International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE),
April 27-28, 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark
Volume Editors : Natarajan Meghanathan, Dhinaharan Nagamalai (Eds)
ISBN: 978-1-925953-01-5                                                                                                                  Download full Proceedings

Evolutionary Algorithms to Simulate Real Conditions in Artificial Intelligence
as Basis for Mathematical Fuzzy Clustering
Ness, S. C. C, Evocell Institute, Austria

A Learning Controller Design Approach for A 3-DOF Helicopter System with Online Optimal Control 
Guilherme B. Sousa1*, Janes V. R.Lima1, Patrícia H. M.Rêgo2, Alain G.Souza3
and João V. FonsecaNeto4, 1State University of Maranhão -UEMA, Brazil, 2State
University of Maranhão -UEMA, Brazil, 3São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil and 4Federal University of Maranhão - UFMA, Brazil

Method for the Detection of Carrierin-Carrier Signals Based on Fourth-Order Cumulants 
Vasyl Semenov , Pavel Omelchenko and Oleh Kruhlyk, Delta SPE LLC, Kiev, Ukraine

Consent Based Access Policy Framework  
Geetha Madadevaiah1, RV Prasad1, Amogh Hiremath1, Michel Dumontier2, Andre Dekker3, 1Philips India Ltd, India, 2Maastricht University, The Netherlands and 3Maastricht University Medical Centre+, The Netherlands

Dynamic Human-Centered Design:Reinventing Design Philosophies for Advanced Technologies 
Te-Wei Ho1,Timothy Wei2, Jing-Ming Wu1, and Feipei Lai345, 1National Taiwan
University Hospital and National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taiwan,
2University of California San Diego San Diego, USA and 3National Taiwan University, Taiwan

On-Line Optimization Method for Energy Efficient Pump-Storage Operation with
Integrated Filling Time Constraint
Thomas Hieninger, Florian Goppelt and Ronald Schmidt-Vollus,Nuremberg Campus of Technology, TH Georg Simon Ohm, Nuremberg, Germany