November 2020, Volume 9, Number 4

Organizational Factors in Determining Data Quality Produced from Health Management Information Systems in Low- And Middle-income Countries: A Systematic Review
Thein Hlaing1 and Thant Zin2, 1District Public Health Department (Ministry of Health and Sports), Myanmar,
2STI Myanmar University, Myanmar

The Correlation between HPV Vaccination Rate and Income Inequality
Zhifei Xie, Garrison Forest School, USA

Influenza Awareness in the Workplace
Tyler D. Asher and Ian R. McAndrew, Capitol Technology University, USA

August 2020, Volume 9, Number 2/3

The Role of State-Wide Stay-at-Home Policies on Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in the United States: A Deterministic Sir Model
David Chen1, Seungmin Lee2 and Jason Sang3, 1University of Western Ontario, Canada, 2University of Toronto, Canada, 3University of Waterloo, Canada

February 2020, Volume 9, Number 1

Mhealth Applications Developed by the Ministry of Health for Public Users in KSA: A Persuasive Systems Design Evaluation
Asmaa Shati, IMSIU University, KSA and KKU University, KSA

EEG Signal Classification using LDA and MLP Classifier
Romain Atangana1,2,3, Daniel Tchiotsop1, GodpromesseKenne1, Laurent Chanel Djoufack Nkengfack1,2, 1Unité de Recherche d’Automatique et d’InformatiqueAppliquée (UR-AIA), University of Dschang, Cameroon, 2Unité de Recherche de Matière Condensée-d’Électronique et de Traitement du Signal (UR-MACETS), University of Dschang, Cameroon and 3University of Ngaoundere, Cameroon