Volume 2

October 2012, Volume 2, Number 4

A Novel Approach for Faulty Node Detection with the Aid of Fuzzy Theory and Majority Voting in Wireless Sensor

Saeed Javanmardi, Ali Barati, Seyyed Jalaleddin Dastgheib and Iman Attarzadeh, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Energy Efficient Multi-Event Routing in Wsn
Ayan Kumar Das1 and Rituparna Chaki2,1Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management, India and 2West Bengal
University of Technology, India

Fire Monitoring and Extinguishing Algorithm Using Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks
R.A.Roseline1 and P.Sumathi2, 1Government Arts College,India. and 2Chikkanna Government Arts College, India

Self Organizing Target- Reporting Sensor Node Selection for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network
Samedha S. Naik and Manisha J. Nene, Defence Institute of Advance Technology,India

Implementation of Rekeying Mechanism for Node Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks
Anand D. Dhawale1 and M.B.Chandak2, 1Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management,India and 2RCOEM-Nagpur,India

July 2012, Volume 2, Number 3

Rc5 Algorithm: Potential Cipher Solution for Security in Wireless Body Sensor Networks (Wbsn)
Dhanashri H. Gawali1 and Vijay M. Wadhai2, 1Maharashtra Academy of Engineering, India, 2MAEER�s MIT College of Engineering, India

Energy Efficient Wireless Communication Using Genetic Algorithm Guided Faster Light Weight Digital Signature
Algorithm (Gadsa)

Arindam Sarkar and J. K. Mandal, University of Kalyani,India

Effect of Load Matrix Method in Removing the Interference in Inter and Intra Cellular Wireless Networks
Banda Sreenivas1, S. Ramesh Babu2, S.Prabhakar3 And D.Karunakar Reddy4, 1Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology &
Science, India, 2Nigama Engineering College, India, 3RRSCET,India, 4JNTU-Hyderabad, India

A Review of Selective Forwarding Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Preeti Sharma1, Monika Saluja1 and Krishan Kumar Saluja2, 1SBSCET Ferozpur,India, 2PIT Kapurthala,India

A Comparative Study on Cellular, Sensor and Adhoc Networks
Jayashree V. Shiral, DBACER, India

Design and Development of E-Passports Using Biometric Access Control System
V.K. Narendira Kumar and B. Srinivasan, Gobi Arts & Science College, India

April 2012, Volume 2, Number 2

A New Fuzzy Algorithm for Improving Quality of Service in Real Time Wireless Sensor Networks
Roghayeh abbasi, Amir Massoud Bidgoli and Mashaalah Abbasi Dezfoli, Islamic Azad University,Iran

Elitist Genetic Algorithm Based Energy Efficient Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Vinay Kumar Singh1, Vidushi Sharma2,1Anand Engineering College, India,2 Gautam Buddha University, India.

Improved Fair-Zone Technique using Mobility Prediction in WSN
K.Ramesh1 and K.Somasundaram2,1 Nandha Engineering College, 2 Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology,India

A Beneficial Analysis of Node Deployment Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks
G Sanjiv Rao1 and V Vallikumari 2, 1Sri Sai Aditya Institute of Science And Technology, India, 2 Andhra University, India.

Base Station and Zone Based Performance Evaluation of Optimal Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network
S. Taruna, Jain Kusum Lata and Purohit G.N, Banasthali University, India

An Energy Efficient Level Based Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Meenakshi Diwakar and Sushil Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

January 2012, Volume 2, Number 1

Energy Efficient Maximum Lifetime Routing For Wireless Sensor Network
Sourabh Jain , Praveen Kaushik and Jyoti Singhai , Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology-Bhopal, India

A Novel Solution For Sleep Scheduler In Wireless Sensor Networks
Harsh Kumar Singh and Jyoti Bharti, MANIT-Bhopal, India

Improving Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Scheduling And Routing
Rathna. R1 and Sivasubramanian. A 2, 1 Sathyabama University, 2 St.Joseph’s College of Engineering, India