International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (IJCSEA)

Volume 5

December 2015, Volume 5, Number 6

Elaborate Lexicon Extended Language with a Lot of Conceptual Information
Jean Luc Razafindramintsa, Thomas Mahatody and Josvah Paul Razafimandimby, University of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

October 2015, Volume 5, Number 4/5

Characteristic Specific Prioritized Dynamic Average Burst Round Robin Scheduling for Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor
Amar Ranjan Dash1, Sandipta Kumar Sahu2, Sanjay Kumar Samantra2 and Sradhanjali Sabat2, 1Berhampur University,
India and 2National Institute of Standards and Technology, India

June 2015, Volume 5, Number 3

Bio-Inspired Modelling of Software Verification by Modified Moran Processes
Sven Sohnlein, Method Park Engineering GmbH, Germany

April 2015, Volume 5, Number 2

A Software Tool for Live-Lock Avoidance in Systems Modelled Using a Class of Petri NETS
E.Salimi, N.Somnath and R.S.Sreenivas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
A Cloud-Based Prototype Implementation of a Disease Outbreak Notification System[
Farag Azzedin, Salahadin Mohammed, Jaweed Yazdani, Taher Ahmed Ghaleb and Mustafa Ghaleb, King Fahd University
of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

February 2015, Volume 5, Number 1

A Natural Language Requirements Engineering Approach for MDA
Maria Carmen Leonardi, Marcela Ridao, Maria Virginia Mauco and Laura Felice, Universidad Nacional del Centro, Argentina
Applying Genetic Algorithms to Information Retrieval Using Vector Space Model
Laith Mohammad Qasim Abualigah1 and Essam S.Hanandeh2, 1Al-abayt University, Jordan and 2Zarqa University, Jordan