Volume 1

November 2010, Volume1, Number2

Probabilistic Broadcasting Protocol In AD HOC Network And Its Advancement: A Review
Tasneem Bano and Jyoti Singhai, MANIT, India

Selection & Maintenance of Materialized View and It's Application for Fast Query Processing: A Survey
P. P. Karde1 and V. M. Thakare2, 1HVPM's COET, India and 2Amravati University, India

Survey on Various Gesture Recognition Techniques for Interfacing Machines Based on Ambient Intelligence
Harshith.C, Karthik.R.Shastry, Manoj Ravindran, M.V.V.N.S Srikanth and Naveen Lakshmikhanth,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India

Multi Tree Data Base Architecture for Location Tracking in Next Generation Mobile Network
Sailaja M and Ramya K, PVP Siddhartha Institute and Technology, India

Multimodal Biometric Systems - Study to Improve Accuracy and Performance
K. Sasidhar1, Vijaya L Kakulapati2, Kolikipogu Ramakrishna2 and K. KailasaRao1, 1MLRCET, India and 2JNT University,

Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks - A Survey
Shio Kumar Singh 1, M P Singh 2, and D K Singh3, 1Tata Steel Limited, India, 2National Institute of Technology - Patna,
India and 3Birsa Institute of Technology, India

A Survey on Internal Validity Measure for Cluster Validation
L.Jegatha Deborah, R.Baskaran and A.Kannan , Anna University - Chennai

August 2010, Volume1, Number1

Methodology Based Survey on Ontology Management
Chitra Ramesh and Aghila Gnanasekaran, Pondicherry University, India

Analyzing The Manet Variations, Challenges, Capacity And Protocal Issues
G. S. Mamatha1 and S. C. Sharma2, 1R. V. College of Engineering, India and 2Tumkur University, India

Perl Status Reporter (SRr) on Spatio-temporal Data Mining
Sugam Sharma, and Shashi K. Gadia, Iowa State University, USA

Neural Network Based Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Neda Enami1, Reza Askari Moghadam1, Kourosh Dadashtabar2 and Mojtaba Hoseini3, 1Payam Noor University, Iran,
2Tarbiyat Modares University, Iran and 3Amir Kabir University, Iran