Most Cited Articles

Most Cited Articles – 2017

KNN Classifier and Naive Bayse Classifier for Crime Prediction in San Francisco Context
WA Noora Abdulrahman ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 9,No.4 , August 2017 , PP. 01-09
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Performance Evaluation Of Sql And Nosql Database Management Systems In A Cluster
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Spatial R-Tree Index Based On Grid Division For Query Processing
E Rslan, IJDMS Journal ,Vol 9,No.5 , December 2017 , PP. 25-36
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Energy-Aware Disk Storage Management : Online Approach with Application in DBMS
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Most Cited Articles – 2016

Performance Of Data Mining Techniques To Predict In Healthcare Case Study: Chronic Kidney Failure Disease
B Boukenze ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 8,No.3 , June 2016 , PP. 01-09
DOI: 10.5121/ijdms.2016.8301

Gpcodon Alignment: A Global Pairwise Codon Based Sequence Alignment Approach
ZA Fareed ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 8,No.1 , February 2016 , PP. 01-12
DOI : 10.5121/ijdms.2016.8101

Query Optimization Techniques In Graph Databases
AB Ammar ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 8,No.4 , April 2016 , PP. 01-14
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A Prudent-Precedence Concurrency Control Protocol For High Data Contention Database Environments
W Xiong ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 8,No.5 , October 2016 , PP. 01-14
DOI: 10.5121/ijdms.2016.8501

Most Cited Articles – 2015

Transaction Management Techniques And Practices In Current Cloud Computing Environments : A Survey
A Waqas ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 7,No.1 , February 2015, PP.01-19
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Mining Closed Sequential Patterns In Large Sequence Databases
VP Raju ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 7,No.1 , February 2015, PP.01-11
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An Information System For Integrated Land And Water Resources Management In The Kara River Basin (Togo And Benin)
HM BADJANA , IJDMS Journal ,Vol 7,No.1 , February 2015 , PP.01-13
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Ontology Based Document Clustering Using Mapreduce
A Elsayed , IJDMS Journal ,Vol 7,No.2 , April 2015 , PP.01-12
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Most Cited Articles – 2014

Experimental Evaluation Of Nosql Databases
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An Effective Pre-Processing Algorithm For Information Retrieval Systems
V Singh ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 6,No.6 , December 2014 , PP.01-12
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An Ontological Approach To Handle Multidimensional Schema Evolution For Data Warehouse
M Thenmozhi , IJDMS Journal ,Vol 6,No.3 , June 2014 , PP.01-12
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A Spatial Data Model For Moving Object Databases
H Hajari , IJDMS Journal ,Vol 6,No.1 , February 2014 , PP.01-20
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Most Cited Articles – 2013

A Survey On Educational Data Mining And Research Trends
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Cloud Database Database As A Service
WA Shehri , IJDMS Journal ,Vol 5,No.2, April 2013, PP.01-12
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Approximate K-Nearest Neighbour Based Spatial Clustering Using K-D Tree
M Otair , IJDMS Journal ,Vol 5,No.1, Febuary 2013, PP.01-12
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W Algorithm For Relational Database Normalization Up To 3nf
M Demba ,IJDMS Journal ,Vol 5,No.3, June 2013, PP.01-13
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Most Cited Articles - 2012

Moving Object Trajectories Meta-Model and Spatio-Temporal Queries
Azedine Boulmakoul,Lamia Karim and Ahmed Lbath, IJDMS Journal, Vol.4, No.2, April 2012, PP. 35-54
DOI : 10.5121/ijdms.2012.4203

Most Cited Articles - 2011

RDBNorma: - A Semi-Automated Tool for Relational Database Schema Normalization up to Third Normal Form
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Using Context to Improve the Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems
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A Data Quality Methodology for Heterogeneous Data
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A Critical Study of Selected Classification Algorithms for Liver Disease Diagnosis
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Using Ontologies for the Design of Data Warehouses
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Most Cited Articles - 2010

A Survey on Data Warehouse Evolution
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Dynamic Management of Transactions in Distributed Real-Time Processing System
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Query Routing and Processing in Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing Systems
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Implementation of a Cloud Data Server(CDS)for Providing Secure Service in E-Business
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Articulated Entity Relationship(AER) Diagram for Complete Automation of Relational Database Normalization
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Implementation of Cryptography for Privacy Preserving Data Mining
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A Compressed Video Steganography using TPVD
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Most Cited Articles - 2009

The Utility Of Cloud Computing As a New Pricing - and Consumption - Model for Information Technology
David C.Wyld , IJDMS Journal, Vol.1, No.1, November 2009, PP. 1-20