Volume 5

December 2015, Volume 5, Number 4Acceptance Rate 25%.

Dynamic HW Priority Queue Based Schedulers for Embedded System
Dinesh G Harkut and M.S. Ali, Prof Ram Meghe College of Engineering & Management, India

September 2015, Volume 5, Number 3Acceptance Rate Less than 20%.

Simple Hand-Held Calculating Unit to Aid the Visually Impaired with Voice Output
Shreedeep Gangopadhyay, Molay Kumar Mondal and Arpita Pramanick, Techno India, Salt Lake, India

Project-Based Microcontroller System Laboratory Using BK300 Development Board With PIC16F887 Chip
Lukman A.Ajao1, Olayemi M.Olaniyi2, Jonathan G.Kolo2, Abdulazeez O.Ajao2, 1Federal University of Technology,
Nigeria and 2Federal Polytechnic, Nigeria

June 2015, Volume 5, Number 2Acceptance Rate Less than 16.66%.

An Efficient Hybrid Scheduler Using Dynamic Slack for Real-Time Critical Task Scheduling in Multicore Automotive

Geetishree Mishra1, Manasa RamPrasad2, Ashwin Itagi3 and K S Gurumurthy4, 1BMS College of Engineering, India,
2ABB India Limited, India, 3CISCO Systems, India and 4Reva Intitute of Technology, India

Comparison and Evaluation of Digital Signature Schemes Employed in NDN Network
Al Imem Ali, H. Sousse University of Sousse, Tunisia

Design Challenges in Wireless Fire Security Sensor Nodes
S.R.Vijayalakshmi and S.Muruganand, Bharathiar University, India

March 2015, Volume 5, Number 1Acceptance Rate Less than 10.52%.

Time Critical Multitasking For Multicore Microcontroller Using Xmos� Kit
Prerna Saini1, Ankit Bansal2 and Abhishek Sharma1, 1LNM Institute of Information Technology,India and 2GLA
University, India

A Novel Methodology for Task Distribution in Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Computing System
Mahendra Vucha1 and Arvind Rajawat2 , 1,2MANIT University and 1Christ University, India