Current Issue

June 2022, Volume 11, Number 2

Breakout with Zoom: Mixed-methods Research Examining Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of
Breakout Room Interactions

Tim Buttler and Jacob Scheurer, Burman University, Canada

Analysis and Evaluation of Capture the Flag Challenges in Secure Mobile Application Development
Stylianos Karagiannis1, 2, Emmanouil Magkos1, George Chalavazis1 and Maria Nefeli Nikiforos1,
1Ionian University, Greece, 2PDMFC, Portugal

Cognitive and Epistemic Spaces in the CSTA Computer Science Learning Standards
Gerald Ardito, Manhattanville College, USA

Effects of Computer-based Simulations Teaching Approach on Chemistry Self-Concept among
High School Students in Kenya

Mihindo W. Jane1 and Kamonjo W. Florence2, 1Egerton University, Kenya, 2University of Kabianga, Kenya

Learner Centered Network Models: A Survey
Victor Obionwu, Andreas Nurnberger, Anja Hawlitschek, Gunter Saake, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

Knowledge and Perceptions of Students Regarding their Teachers' ICT Integration in Secondary Schools in Benin
Raphael R. KELANI, Teacher Trqining School of Natitingou, UNSTIM, Benin

Designing an Musical Educational Software Combining Traditional Music-Pedagogical Methods and Emerging Technologies: The Case of Synth4Kids
Yannis Mygdanis, European University Cyprus, Cyprus

March 2022, Volume 11, Number 1

The Potential of Data Collection and Analysis Activities for Preschoolers: A Formative Study with Teachers
Ashley E. Lewis Presser, Jessica M. Young, Michelle Cerrone, Lindsay J. Clements and Heather Sherwood,
Education Development Center, USA

Internship Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
Marianne HADDAD-ADAIMI1, Roy ABI ZEID DAOU1, 2 and Yves DUCQ3, 1Lebanese German University, Lebanon,
2MART Learning, Lebanon, 3Univ. Bordeaux, IMS laboratory, France

A Multidimensional Artistic Approach to Enhance Understanding of Julia Sets through Computer Programming
E. A. Navas-López, University of El Salvador, El Salvador

A Close Reading and Analysis of the New York State Computer Science Learning Standards
Gerald Ardito, Manhattanville College, USA

Technopreneurship Mobile Application (TMA): A Support Mechanism for Flexible Learning Delivery System
Maricris M. Usita and Ronnie Del Rosario, Occidental Mindoro State College, Philippines