Current Issue

March 2023, Volume 12, Number 1

Teachers' Perceptions of Communication Influencing the Teacher-Student Relationship in an Online Environment
Wally T. Luckeydoo, Independent Researcher, Tennessee

Externalities in Education, Scientific Knowledge and Scientific Research
Meilin Lyu, Ioannis Batas, Dafni Faka, Dimitris Galanis, Antonis Koukouladakis and Anthanasia Tsigouni, National
University of Athens, Greece

The Effect of Emotional Awareness Exercises on Adaptiveness in Coping and Empathy with Pre-Service Teachers in
Mixed Reality Simulations

Ashley Brooksbank1, Jody S. Piro1, Carrie Straub2, and Erik Gundel1, 1Western Connecticut State University,
United States, 2Mursion

From Physical to Virtual Learning During COVID-19: Challenges, Opportunities and Lessons Learnt
Dudziro Nhengu, Africa University, Zimbabwe

A Model for Usability Evaluation of Learning Management Systems
Sarah I Alkoblan and Mohammad Abdullah-Al-Wadud, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia