Most Cited Articles

Most Cited Articles - 2014

A Novel Secure Image Steganography Method Based on Chaos Theory in Spatial Domain
Debiprasad Bandyopadhyay, ousik Dasgupta, J.K.Mandal and Paramartha Dutta, IJSPTM JOURNAL, Vol 3, No 1, February 2014, PP.11-22
DOI : 10.5121/ijsptm.2014.3102

Analysis and Improvement of Pairing-Free Certificate-Less Two-Party Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Grid Computing
Amr Farouk, Mohamed M. Fouad and Ahmed A. Abdelhafez, IJSPTM JOURNAL, Vol 3, No 1, February 2014, PP.23-36
DOI : 10.5121/ijsptm.2014.3103

Most Cited Articles - 2013

Your Privacy Protector: A Recommender System for Privacy Settings in Social Networks
Kambiz Ghazinour, Stan Matwin and Marina Sokolova, IJSPTM JOURNAL, Vol 2, No 4, August 2013, PP.11-25
DOI : 10.5121/ijsptm.2013.2402

Personal Information Privacy Settings of Online Social Networks and Their Suitability for Mobile Internet Devices
Nahier Aldhafferi, Charles Watson and A.S.M Sajeev, IJSPTM JOURNAL, Vol 2, No 2, April 2013, PP.1-11
DOI : 10.5121/ijsptm.2013.2201

Most Cited Articles - 2012

Hash Based Least Significant Bit Technique for Video Steganography (HLSB)
Kousik Dasgupta, J.K. Mandal, Paramartha Dutta, IJSPTM JOURNAL, Vol. 1, No 2, April 2012, PP.1-11
DOI : 10.5121/ijsptm.2012.2201

Trust-Based Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks Using an Agent to Each Cluster
Yenumula B. Reddy, IJSPTM JOURNAL, Vol.1, No.1, February 2012, PP.19-36