Volume 7

December 2015, Volume 7, Number 6

Range-Based Data Gathering Algorithm With a Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Alhasanat1, K. Alhasanat2 and M. Ahmed3, 1Al-Hussien Bin Talal University, Jordan, 2Middle East University, Jordan and
3Aqaba University of Technology, Jordan

Magnify Network Lifetime in WSN by Reducing Data Aggregation Distance of Weak Nodes
Prashant Katoch1 and Manik Gupta2, 1Chitkara University, Barotiwala and 2District Solan, India

Improving Positioning Accuracy in WCDMA/FDD Networks Utilizing Adaptive Threshold for Direct Component Detection
Natasa Begovic1 and Aleksandar Neskovic2, 1Telenor, Serbia, 2School of Electrical Engineering, Serbia

Performance Analysis of Bfsk Multi-Hop Communication Systems Over K-μ Fading Channel Using Generalized Gaussian-Finite
-Mixture Technique

Murad A. A. Almekhlafi1, Shafea M. Al-yousofi1, Mohammed M. Alkhawlani2, 1Sana'a University, Yemen and 2University of
Science and Technology, Yemen

Improving Performance of Ieee 802.11 by a Dynamic Control Backoff Algorithm Under Unsaturated Traffic Loads
Hatm Alkadeki, Xingang Wang and Michael Odetayo, Coventry University, UK

A Grouped System Architecture for Smart Grids Based AMI Communications Over LTE
Mahmoud M. Elmesalawy and A.S.Ali, Helwan University, Egypt

October 2015, Volume 7, Number 5

Comparative Analysis of Downlink Packet Scheduling Algorithms in 3GPP LTE Networks
Farhana Afroz1, Roshanak Heidery1, Maruf Shehab2, Kumbesan Sandrasegaran3 and Sharmin Sultana Shompa1, 1University
of Technology, Australia, 2Independent Researcher, UK and 3BIST, Bangladesh

Implementation of Zero Proof Algorithm for Extended Wireless Body Sensor Networks
Meghna Garg and Manik Gupta, Chitkara University, India

Video Contents Prior Storing Server For Lte Networks
Tony Tsang1 and Ho Fong Fun2, 1Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong and 2Hong Kong College of Technology,
Hong Kong

Energy Efficient Model For Deploying Wireless Body Area Networks Using Multi-Hop Network Topology
Robert C.Chepkwony1, John O.Gwendo2 and Peter K.Kemei3, 1Kenyatta University, Kenya, 2Moi University, Kenya and
3Egerton University, Kenya

Interoperability and Quality Assurance for Multi-Vendor LTE Network
Ramprasad Subramanian, Roshanak Heidari and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Analysis on Fractional Frequency Reuse Factor Over Traditional Frequency Reuse Factor in Cellular System
Sharmin Sultana Shompa1, Farhana Afroz2 and A.K.M. Fazlul Haque1, 1Daffodil International University, Bangladesh and
2University of Technology, Australia

Packet Scheduling Study For Heterogeneous Traffic In Downlink 3gpplte System
Roshanak Heidari, Farhana Afroz, Ramprasad Subramanian, Sinhlam Cong, Kumbesan Sandrasegaran and Xiaoying Kong,
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Throughput Enhancements for Ieee802.16j Networks Using Queue Aware Scheduling with Directional Antennas
Rama Reddy T1, Satya Prasad R2, Prasad Reddy PVGD3 and Pallamsetty S3, 1G.B.R College(PG Courses), India, 2Acharya
Nagarjuna University, India and 3Andhra University, India

August 2015, Volume 7, Number 4

Impact of Static Nodes and Pause Time on the Stability of Connected Dominating Sets in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA

Cancellation of White and Color Noise with Adaptive Filter Using LMS Algorithm
Solaiman Ahmed1 , Farhana Afroz2, Ahmad Tawsif1 and Asadul Huq1, 1University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and 2University of
Technology, Australia

O-DSR: Optimized DSR Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Rjab Hajlaoui1, Sami Touil2 and Wissem achour3, 1Hail University, KSA, 2Qassim University, KSA and 3Qassim University, KSA

A Novel Approach for Hiding Data in Videos Using Network Steganography Methods
Amritha Sekhar1, Manoj Kumar G1 and M.Abdul Rahiman2, 1University of Kerala, India and 2Kerala Technological University,

Window Based Smart Antenna Design for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocol
AKM Arifuzzman1, Rumana Islam2, and Mohammed Tarique3, 1University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA, 2American
International University, Bangladesh and 3Ajman University of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates

Comparative Analysis of Congestion Control Models for Cellular Wireless Network
Falade A. J. and Ojo R., University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Achievement for Wireless Communication Using Adequate Mlti-Threding Architectures
Rajeev Ranjan1, Praveen Dhyani2 and Rajeev Kumar3, 1Birla Institute of Technology International Centre,Oman, 2Banasthali
University Jaipur Campus, India and 3Waljat College of Applied Sciences, Sultanate of Oman

The Shadowing Propagation Model in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks
Jun Peng, University of Texas, USA

SINR, RSRP, RSSI and RSRQ Measurements in Long Term Evolution Networks
Farhana Afroz1, Ramprasad Subramanian1, Roshanak Heidary1, Kumbesan Sandrasegaran1 and Solaiman Ahmed2,
1University of Technology, Australia and 2University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

June 2015, Volume 7. Number 3

Wireless Mesh Networks Capacity Improvement Using CBF
Youssef Saadi1, Bouchaib Nassereddine1, Soufiane Jounaidi1 and Abdelkrim Haqiq2, 1Hassan 1st University, Morocco and
2e-NGN Research group, Africa and Middle East

Energy Efficient Grid And Tree Based Routing Protocol
Reshma J, Kavitha C and Malashri S, B N M Institute of Technology, India

Comp-Jt With Dynamic Cell Selection, Global Precoding Matrix And Irc Receiver For Lte-A
Heba Raafat Ahmed1, Essam Sourour2 and Hassan M.Elkamchouchi2, 1Pharos University, Alexandria, Egypt and 2Alexandria
University, Egypt

Sensor Selection Scheme In Temperature Wireless Sensor Network
Mohammad Alwadi and Girija Chetty, The University of Canberra, Australia

Routing Protocols For Delay Tolerant Networks: Survey And Performance Evaluation
Luming Wan, Feiyang Liu, Yawen Chen and Haibo Zhang, University of Otago, New Zealand

Dynamic Optimization of Overlap-And-Add Length Over Mimo Mbofdm System Based on SNR and CIR Estimate
Nouri Naziha and Bouallegue Ridha, University 7th November at Carthage, Tunisia

A Novel Uncoded Ser/Ber Estimation Method
Mahesh Patel and A. Annamalai, Prairie View A & M University, USA

April 2015, Volume 7, Number 2

Survey of LTE Downlink Schedulers Algorithms in Open Access Simulation Tools NS-3 and LTE-SIM
Ramprasad Subramanian, Pantha Ghosal, Shouman Barua, Shiqi Xing, Sinhlam Cong, Haider Al Kim and Kumbesan
Sandrasegaran, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

On The Evaluation of GMSK Scheme With ECC Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network
Rajoua Anane1, Kosai Raoof2 and Ridha Bouallegue1, 1Laboratory of Acoustics at University of Maine, France and
2University of Carthage, Tunisia

The Impact of TCP Congestion Window Size on the Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad Hoc (Manet) Routing Protocols
Nihad I.Abbas, Emre Ozen and Mustafa Ilkan, Eastern Mediterranean University, N.Cyprus

Performance Analysis of Adaptive Noise Canceller Employing NLMS Algorithm
Farhana Afroz1, Asadul Huq2, F.Ahmed3 and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran1, 1University of Technology, Australia, 2University of
Dhaka, Bangladesh and 3Independent University, Bangladesh

Energy Degree Distance Clustering Algorithm For WSNS
Awatef Ben Fradj Guiloufi, Salim El Khediri, Nejah Nasri and Abdennaceur Kachouri, National Engineering School of Sfax,

Benchmarking of Cell Throughput Using Proportional Fair Scheduler in a Single Cell Environment
Ramprasad Subramanian1, Roshanak Heidari1, Kumbesan Sandrasegaran1, AMA Dhanraj2 and Karthik S2, 1University of
Technology Sydney, Australia and 2Freelance Telecom Engineers, Australia

February 2015, Volume 7, Number 1

A Novel Resource Efficient Dmms Approach for Network Monitoring and Controlling Functions
Golam R. Khan, Sharmistha Khan, Dhadesugoor R. Vaman, and Suxia Cui,Prairie View A&M University, USA

A New Channel Coding Technique to Approach the Channel Capacity
Mahesh Patel and A.Annamalai, Prairie View A & M University, USA

Spatial Multiplexing OFDM/OQAM Systems With Time Reversal Technique
Ilhem Blel and Ridha Bouallegue, University of Carthage, Tunisia

Connectivity-Aware and Adaptive Multipath Routing Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Networks
Bayrem Triki1, Slim Rekhis2 and Noureddine Boudrigua2, 1University of Sousse, Tunisia and 2University of Carthage, Tunisia

Modulation Aware Connection Admission Control and Uplink Scheduling Algorithm for Wimax Networks
Shwetha D1, Mohan Kumar N M2 and Devaraju J T2, 1Tumkur University, India and 2Bangalore University, India

Interference Management in Lte Downlink Networks
Farhana Afroz, Kumbesan Sandrasegaran and H. Al Kim, University of Technology, Australia

MTADF : Multi Hop Traffic Aware Data for Warding for Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Prabha R1, Prashanth Kumar Gouda1, Manjula S H2, K R Venugopal1 and L M Patnaik2, 1Bangalore University, India and
2Indian Institute of Science, India

Energy-Balanced On Demand Clustering Algorithm Based On Leach-C
Khamiss.A.A, Zhang Baihai, Chai Senchun and Cui Lingguo, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

A Fuzzy Congestion Controller to Detect and Balance Congestion in WSN
Ali Dorri and Seyed Reza Kamel, Islamic Azad University, Iran