The Second International workshop on Signal and Image Processing (SIP 2013)

Venue : Royal Orchid Central,
February 18 ~ 20, 2013, Bangalore, India.



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Accepted Papers



Study and Analysis Different Edge Detection Techniques
Gullanar M. Hadi1 and Nassir H. Salman2, 1 Salahaddin University, Iraq and 2Cihan University, Iraq

Study and Simulation of Some Array Calibration Methods
Parisa Allamehzadeh, Shiraz University, Iran
Detection of Malware Applications on Android By Machine Learning Approaches
Zarni Aung1 and Win Zaw2, 1 University of Technology (Yatanarpon Cyber City), Myanmar and 2Technological University (Thanlynn), Myanmar

Heart Rate Variability Analysis For Abnormality Detectionusing Time Frequency istribution –Smoothed Pseudowinger Ville Method
Veena N.Hegde, Ravishankar Deekshit and P. S.Satyanarayana, B.M.S College of Engineering, India

Three Parallel Hmm Channels-Based Method for Reducing The Sign Language Recognition Complexity
Maher Jebali1Patrice Dalle2 and Mohamed Jemni1, 1ESSTT University of Tunis, Tunisia and 2IRIT Univ. of Toulouse, Toulouse
Data Independent Key Vectors For Dimensionality Reduction And Efficient Indexing
Faheema AG, A. Lakshmi and Subrata Rakshit, banglore, India
A Much Advanced and Efficient Lane Detection Algorithm for Intelligent Highway Safety
Sharma1 and D.J.Shah2, 1 SVBIT, India and 2LCIT Bhandu, India
DWT-DFRFT combining image watermarking algorithm
Jianhua Wang, Northwest University for Nationalities Lanzhou City, China
Search Time Reduction Using Hidden Markov Models For Isolated Digit Recognition
Sheena C V , T M Thasleema and N K Narayanan, Kannur University, India
Automated Feature Extraction From High Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Ann
Balamurugan.C, Anna University, India


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