Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 6

December 2014, Volume 6, Number 4

On Algorithmic Problems Concerning Graphs of Higher Degree of Symmetry  
Vishal Goundar, School of Engineering, New Zealand

CA-MWSN: Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Wireless Senor Network  
Priti Kumari, Netaji Subash Institute of Technology, India

Impact of Energy and Link Quality Indicator with Link Quality Estimators in Wireless Sensor Networks  
Bouyahi Mohamed, Zrelli Amira, Rezig Houria and Ezzedine Tahar, National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia

September 2014, Volume 6, Number 3

Equivalent Condition and Two Algorithms for Hamiltonian Graphs  
A.Z.Abdian, Hosseinhatami and F.Shahamiri, College of Science Lorestan University, Iran

Selective Watchdog Technique for Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network  
Deepika Dua and Atul Mishra, YMCA University of Science & Technology, India

June 2014, Volume 6, Number 2

One Modulo N Gracefulness of Regular Bamboo Tree and Coconut Tree  
V.Ramachandran1, C.Sekar2, 1P.S.R Engineering College, India and 2Aditanar College of Arts and Science, India

March 2014, Volume 6, Number 1

Enhanced Random Walk With Choice: An Empirical Study  
John Alexandris and Gregory Karagiorgos, Technological Institute of Peloponnese, Greece