International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC)

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November 2010, Volume 2. Number 6

Web Conferencing Traffic - An Analysis Using DIMDIM as Example  [ pdf ]
Patrick Seeling, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, USA

Architecture and Design of Medical Processor Units for Medical Networks  [ pdf ]
Syed V. Ahamed and Syed (Shawon) M. Rahman, University of Hawaii, USA

A High TCP Performance Rate Adaptation Algorithm for IEEE 802.11 Networks  [ pdf ]
Kehao Zhang1, Alvin Lim1, Shaoen Wu2 and Qing Yang1, 1Auburn University, USA and 2The University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Effect of Mobility Models on Reinforcement Learning Based Routing Algorithm Applied for Scalable AD HOC Network Environment  [ pdf ]
Shrirang.Ambaji.Kulkarni1 and G.Raghavendra Rao2, 1National Institute of Engineering, India and 2NIE Institute of Technology, India

An Adaptive P2P Topology Evolvement Model Based on Interest Similarity  [ pdf ]
Li Yang, Changyou Xing, Yusen Zhang and Jinshuang Wang, PLA University of Science and Technology, China

Performance Trade Off with Modulation in 802.15.4 WPAN for Wireless Sensor Networks  [ pdf ]
Sukhvinder S Bamber and Ajay K Sharma, National Institute of Technology, India

Performance Evaluation of a Non-Coherent Digital Delay-Locked Loop in Rayleigh Fading Channels  [ pdf ]
Mohamed G. El-Tarhuni, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

A Key Re-Distribution and Authentication Based Technique for Secured Communication in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks with Node Mobility  [ pdf ]
Saswati Mukherjee, Matangini Chattopadhyay, Samiran Chattopadhyay and Amrita Saha, Jadavpur University, India

Performance Evaluation of Web Services Orchestrated with WS-BPEL4 People  [ pdf ]
Henrique Jorge A. Holanda1,2, Jose Merseguer Hernaiz2, Giovanni Cordeiro Barroso3 and A. B. Serra4, 1Departamento de Informatica UERN, Brazil, 2Dpto. de Inf. e Ing. de Sistemas, Spain, 3Universidade Federal do Ceara, Brasil and 4 Instituto Federal de Educacao Tecnologica do Ceara, Brasil

Reverse Link Performance of DS-CDMA Cellular Systems through Closed-Loop Power Control and Beamforming in 2D Urban Environment  [ pdf ]
Mohamad Dosaranian Moghadam1, Hamidreza Bakhshi2, and Gholamreza Dadashzadeh2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2Shahed University, Iran

Network State Classification Based on the Statistical Properties of RTT for an Adaptive Multi-State Proactive Transport Protocol for Satellite Based Networks  [ pdf ]
Mohanchur Sakar1, K.K.Shukla 2 and K.S.Dasgupta2, 1Space Applications Centre (ISRO), India and 2 Banaras Hindu University, India

System Virtualization and Efficient ID Transmission Method for RFID Tag Infrastructure Network  [ pdf ]
Shin-ichi Kuribayashi and Yasunori Osana, Seikei University, Japan

BER Performance Evaluation of two Types of Antenna Array-Based Receivers in a Multipath Channel  [ pdf ]
Rim Haddad and Ridha Bouallegue, Laboratory Research in Telecommunication 6'Tel in High School of Communication of Tunis, Tunisia

In-Depth Breakdown of a 6LOWPAN Stack for Sensor Networks  [ pdf ]
Sergio Lembo, Jari Kuusisto and Jukka Manner, Aalto University, Finland

Optimal Placement of Readers in an RFID Network Using Particle Swarm Optimization  [ pdf ]
Indrajit Bhattacharya1 and Uttam Kumar Roy2, 1Kalyani Govt. Engg. College, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

September 2010, Volume 2. Number 5

CR-MAC: A Multichannel MAC Protocol for Cognitive Radio AD HOC Networks  [ pdf ]
S. M. Kamruzzaman, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea

A Link Layer Solution to Location Identification of Emergency VoIP Callers  [ pdf ]
Saeideh Ashtarifar and Ashraf Matrawy, Carleton University, Canada

OSPF Over Multi-Hop AD HoC Wireless Communications  [ pdf ]
Emmanuel Baccelli, Juan Antonio Cordero and Philippe Jacquet, INRIA Saclay, France

Double Error Correcting Long Code  [ pdf ]
Joanne Gomes1 and B K Mishra2, 1SNDT University, India and 2Thakur College of Engineering, India

Agent Strategy Data Gathering for Long WSN  [ pdf ]
Ahmad Sardouk1, Rana Rahim-Amoud2, Leila Merghem-Boulahia1 and Dominique Gaiti1, 1Troyes University of Technoloy, France and 2Universite Libanaise, Lebanon

A Reliable and Energy Efficient Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  [ pdf ]
Kamal Kumar Sharma1, Ram Bahadur Patel2 and Harbhajan Singh3, 1RDJ Faculty of Engineering, India, 2MIT Deemed University,India and 3SSIET, India

"TEAMTRACKER"- An Innovative Team Collaboration System  [ pdf ]
Sasa Savic and Hao Shi, Victoria University, Australia

A Proactive Load-Aware Gateway Discovery in Ad Hoc Networks for Internet Connectivity  [ pdf ]
Rakesh Kumar, Manoj Misra and Anil K. Sarje, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkree, India

Binary Location-Search Based Scalable Routing Protocol For Ad Hoc Networks  [ pdf ]
Anuradha Banerjee1 and Paramartha Dutta2, 1Kalyani Govt. Engg. College, India and 2Visva-Bharati University, India

A Cluster Based Replication Architecture for Load Balancing in Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution  [ pdf ]
S.Ayyasamy1 and S.N. Sivanandam2, 1Tamilnadu College of Engineering, India and 2PSG College of Technology, India

Comparative Investigation for Energy Consumption of Different Chipsets Based on Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks  [ pdf ]
Monica and Ajay K Sharma, Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, India

Capacity of Underwater Wireless Communication Channel With Different Acoustic Propagation Loss Models  [ pdf ]
Susan Joshy and A.V. Babu, National Institute of Technology, India

Network Mobility Support Scheme on PMIPv6 Networks  [ pdf ]
Hyo-Beom Lee1, Youn-Hee Han2 and Sung-Gi Min1, 1Korea University, South Korea and 2Korea University of Technology and Education, South Korea

Meta-learning in Grid-based Data Mining Systems  [ pdf ]
Moez Ben Haj Hmida and Yahya Slimani, Tunisia Campus Universitaire, Tunisia

A Channel-Aware and Occupancy-Dependent Scheduler for Video Transmission over Wireless Channels  [ pdf ]
Mohamed Hassan, Taha Landolsi and Husameldin Mukhtar, American University of Sharjah, UAE

July 2010, Volume 2. Number 4

Comparison of Different Broadcast Schemes for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
S. Mehta and K.S. Kwak , Inha University , Korea

A 60 GHz Analog Phase Shifter in 65 nm Bulk CMOS Process [ pdf ]
ETB.Samuel Jigme Harrison and Zhang Yue Ping , Nanyang Technological University , Singapore

A comparison Study of Time Domain Equalization Technique Using Ultrawide Band Receivers Performance for High Data Rate WPAN System [ pdf ]
Susmita Das and Bikramaditya Das , National Institute of Technology , India

The Quantized Differential Comparator in Flash Analog to Digital Converter Design  [ pdf ]
Meghana Kulkarni1,V. Sridhar2 and G.H.Kulkarni1,1Gogte Institute of Technology , India and 2P.E.S. College of Engineering , India

Delay-Power Performance Comparison of Multipliers in VLSI Circuit Design  [ pdf ]
Sumit Vaidya1 and Deepak Dandekar2 , 1OM College of Engineering ,India and 2B.D.College of Engineering ,India

Multi-Standard Programmable Baseband Modulator for Next Generation Wireless Communication [ pdf ]
Indranil Hatai and Indrajit Chakrabarti , Indian Institute of Technology , India

High Performance Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) Using 65NM VLSI Technology [ pdf ]
Ujwala A. Belorkar1 and S.A.Ladhake2, 1Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal's College of Engineering & Technology , India and 2Sipana's College of Engineering & Technology , India

Implementation of the Trigonometric LMS Algorithm using original CORDIC ROTATION [ pdf ]
Nasrin Akhter , Kaniz Fatema , Lilatul Fersouse and Faria Khandaker , Stamford University , Bangladesh

Power Optimized Programmable Embedded Controller [ pdf ]
M.Kamaraju1, K.Lalkishore2 and A.V.N.Tilak3, 1,3Gudlavalleru Engineering College , India and 2JNTU, Hyderabad, India

TCP Performance through Simulation and Testbed in Multi-Hop Mobile Ad hoc Network [ pdf ]
Chandra Kanta Samal ,University of Delhi , India

A Cross-Layer Approach For Minimizing Interference And Latency Of Medium Access In Wireless Sensor Networks  [ pdf ]
Behnam Dezfouli , Marjan Radi and Shukor Abd Razak , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia

A Novel Approach For Protecting Exposed Intranet From Intrusions  [ pdf ]
K.B.Chandradeep , IIT - Kharagpur,India

Performance Analysis Of An Improved Graded Precision Localization Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Networks  [ pdf ]
Sanat Sarangi and Subrat Kar , IIT - Delhi,India

Optimized Image Steganalysis Through Feature Selection Using MBEGA  [ pdf ]
S.Geetha and N.Kamaraj , Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India

May 2010, Volume 2. Number 3

General Model for Infrastructure Multi-channel Wireless LANs  [ pdf ]
Abdelsalam Amer and Fayez Gebali, University of Victoria, Canada

MLET: A Power Efficient Approach for TCAM Based, IP Lookup Engines in Internet Routers  [ pdf ]
Hamidreza Mahini1, Reza Berangi1 and Alireza Mahini2 , 1Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran and 2Islamic Azad University, Iran

An Efficient and Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  [ pdf ]
N. Ch. Sriman Narayana Iyengar, Syed Mohammad Ansar Sachin kumar, Piyush Nagar, Siddharth Sharma and Akshay Atrey,VIT University, India

On the Minimization of Handover Decision Instability in Wireless Local Area Networks  [ pdf ]
Meriem Abid1,2, Tara Ali Yahiya3 and Guy Pujolle1 , 1Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris , France, 2Ginkgo Networks, France and 3Telecom SudParis, France

An Envision of Low Cost Mobile Adhoc Network Test Bed in a Laboratory Environment Emulating an Actual MANET  [ pdf ]
Nitiket N Mhala1 and N K Choudhari2, 1BDCOE, India and 2Bhagwati Chadurvedi COE, India

Bandwidth Modeling and Estimation in Peer to Peer Networks  [ pdf ]
Kiarash Mizanian, Mehdi Vasef and Morteza Analoui, Iran University of Science and Technology, IRAN

A Joint Power Allocation and Adaptive Channel Coding Scheme for Image Transmission over Wireless Channels  [ pdf ]
Mohamed El-Tarhuni1, Mohamed Hassan1 and Akram Bin Sediq2, 1American University of Sharjah, UAE and 2Carleton University, Canada

Class Based Admission Control by Complete Partitioning -Video on Demand Server  [ pdf ]
Soumen Kanrar and Mohammad Siraj, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Design of Analytical Model for Ultra Wideband System  [ pdf ]
Alpana P. Adsul1 and Shrikant K. Bodhe2, 1Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, India and 2Bosh Technologies, India

Architecture for Cooperative Prefetching in P2P Video-on- Demand System  [ pdf ]
Ubaid Abbasi and Toufik Ahmed, University of Bordeaux, France

Interference of 802.11B WLAN and Bluetooth: Analysis and Performance Evaluation  [ pdf ]
Anil Mathew, Nithin Chandrababu, Khaled Elleithy and Syed Rizvi, University of Bridgeport, USA

Cross-Layer Resource Allocation Scheme Under Heterogeneous Constraints for Next Generation High Rate WPAN  [ pdf ]
Ayman Khalil, Matthieu Crussiere and Jean-Francois Helard, Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes, France

A Trustworthy and well-organized data disseminating scheme for ad-hoc wsns  [ pdf ]
Nomica Imran1 and Imran Rao2,1Monash University, Australia and 2The University of Melbourne, Australia

March 2010, Volume 2. Number 2

Analyzing the Performance of Active Queue Management Algorithms [ pdf ]
G.F.Ali Ahammed and Reshma Banu, Ghousia college of Engg.Ramanagaram, India

Node Isolation Probability of Wireless Adhoc Networks in Nagakami Fading Channel  [ pdf ]
A.V. Babu and Mukesh Kumar Singh, National Institute of Technology Calicut, India

Wireless Mesh Network Performance for Urban Search and Rescue Missions [ pdf ]
Cristina Ribeiro1 Alexander Ferworn2 and Jimmy Tran2, 1University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada and 2Ryerson University, Canada

Hierarchical Location Service with Prediction in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks [ pdf ]
Ebtisam Amar1, Selma Boumerdassi2 and Eric Renault3,4, 1 University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France, 2CNAM - CEDRIC, Paris, France,3Institute Telecom - Telecom SudParis, Evry, France and 4Samovar UMR INT-CNRS 5157, France

Resource pricing in a Dynamic Multi-Commodity Market for Computational Resources [ pdf ]
K. Abdelkader, J. Broeckhove and K.Vanmechelen, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Innovative Rated-Resource Peer-to-Peer Network [ pdf ]
Abhishek Sharma and Hao Shi, Victoria University,Australia

Towards trusted volunteer grid environments [ pdf ]
Maher Khemakhem1 and Abdelfettah Belghith2 , 1ISG, Sousse University, Tunisia and 2ENSI, Manouba University, Tunisia

H-MAC: A Hybrid MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
S. Mehta and K.S. Kwak, Inha University, South Korea

A Novel Solution to the Dynamic Routing and Wavelength Assignment Problem in Transparent Optical Networks [ pdf ]
Urmila Bhanja, Sudipta Mahapatra and Rajarshi Roy, Indian Institute of Technology, India

A Powerful Optimization Approach for the Multi Channel Dissemination Networks [ pdf ]
Ahmad Saad Al-Mogren, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

An Efficient Approach for Generalized Load Balancing in Multipath Packet Switched Networks [ pdf ]
G. G. Md. Nawaz Ali1,2, Rajib Chakraborty2, Md. Shihabul Alam2 and Edward Chan1, 1City University of Hong Kong, China and 2Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Khulna, Bangladesh

Delay-Constrained Multicast Routing Algorithm Based on Average Distance Heuristic [ pdf ]
Zhou Ling1, 2,Ding Wei-xiong2 and Zhu Yu-xi2, 1Central South University,P. R. China and 2Foshan University, Foshan, P. R. China

Mobile Codes Localization in Ad hoc Networks: a Comparative Study of Centralized and Distributed Approaches [ pdf ]
Youcef Zafoune1, Aicha Mokhtari1 and Rushed kanawati2 , 1USTHB University,Algeria and 2 Institute Galilee, Paris13 University,French

January 2010, Volume 2. Number 1

Key technologies for distributed wireless networking and ECMA-368 MAC layer LSI design challenges [ pdf ]
Kazuyuki Sakoda, Yuichi Morioka, Chihiro Fujita, Erica Tanimoto,Kenzoh Nishikawa and Mitsuhiro Suzuki , Sony Corporation,Japan.

A Semantically Distributed Approach to Map IP Traffic Measurements to a Standardized Ontology [ pdf ]
Alfredo Salvador, Jorge E. Lopez de Vergara, Giuseppe Tropea, Nicola Blefari-Melazzi, Angel Ferreiro and Alvaro Katsu, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

Effective Location Acquisition Control Algorithms for the Location-Based Alert Services in Mobile Environments [ pdf ]
So-Young Kang, Kwang-Jo Lee and Sung-Bong Yang, Yonsei University ,Korea

Semantic Integration of Information Systems [ pdf ]
Anna Lisa Guido and Roberto Paiano , University of Salento, Italy.

DISHES: A Distributed Shell System Designed for Ubiquitous Computing Environment [ pdf ]
Chih-Chung Lai and Ren-Song Ko, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan.

Performance Evaluation of an OMPR Algorithm for Route Discovery in Noisy MANETs [ pdf ]
Hussein Al-Bahadili and Rami Jaradat, The Arab Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences, Jordan.

Hybrid Coding Gain and Hybrid ARQ Based on Conception of Majority Voting [ pdf ]
Hsin-Kun Lai and Erl-Huei Lu, Chang Gung University, Taiwan.

A Portal System and Its Application Based on DACS Web Service [ pdf ]
Kazuya Odagiri, Naohiro Ishii, Rihito Yaegashi and Masaharu Tadauchi ,Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan.

Using DSR for Routing Multimedia Traffic in MANETs [ pdf ]
Ronald Beaubrun and Badji Molo,Laval University, Canada.

Semantic Association-Based Search and Visualization method on the Semantic Web Portal [ pdf ]
Myungjin Lee, Wooju Kim, June Seok Hong and Sangun Park, Yonsei University,Korea.

Energy-Efficient Traffic-Aware Detour Trees for Geographical Routing [ pdf ]
Lei Zhang1, Deying Li2 and Alvin Lim3, 1Frostburg State University, U.S.A,2Renmin University of China, China and 3Auburn University, U.S.A.

Deterministic Formulization of End-To-End Delay for Multicast Systems [ pdf ]
Syed S. Rizvi1, Aasia Riasat2, and Khaled M. Elleithy3, 1,3University of Bridgeport,USA and 2Institute of Business Management, Pakistan.

Impact of Mobility Models on Multi-Path Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [ pdf ]
Nicholas Cooper1 and Natarajan Meghanathan2, 1Northern Kentucky University, USA and 2Jackson State University,USA.