Volume 6

December 2014, Volume 6, Number 6

Performance and Power Comparisons between NVIDIA and ATI GPUS
Ying Zhang1, Lu Peng1, Bin Li1, Jih-Kwon Peir2 and Jianmin Chen2, 1Louisiana State University, USA and 2University of Florida,

ITCM: A Real Time Internet Traffic Classifier Monitor
Silas Santiago Lopes Pereira1, Jose Everardo Bessa Maia2 and Jorge Luiz de Castro e Silva2, 1Federal Institute of Ceará, Brazil
and 2State University of Ceara, Brazil

A Design of a Fast Parallel-Pipelined Implementation of AES: Advanced Encryption Standard
Ghada F.Elkabbany, Heba K.Aslan and Mohamed N.Rasslan, Electronics Research Institute, Egypt

Analysis of Lithography Based Approaches in Development of Semiconductors
Jatin Chopra, BITS Pilani Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Requirement Analysis, Architectural Design and Formal Verification of a Multi-Agent Based University Information
Management System

Nadeem Akhtar1, Aisha Shafique Ghori1 and Nadeem Salamat2, 1The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan
and 2Karakoram International University, Pakistan

Arabic Text Categorization Algorithm Using Vector Evaluation Method
Ashraf Odeh1, Aymen Abu-Errub2, Qusai Shambour3 and Nidal Turab1, 1Isra University, Jordan, 2University of Jordan, Jordan
and 3Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan

A Comparative Study of Clustering and Biclustering of Microarray Data
Haifa Ben Saber1,2 and Mourad Elloumi1,3, 1Tunis University, Tunisia, 2Time Université - Tunis University, Tunisia and
3University of Tunis-El Manar, Tunisia

Implementation of a Stream Cipher Based on Bernoulli's Map
Ricardo Francisco Martinez-Gonzalez1 and Jose Alejandro Diaz-Mendez2, 1Veracruz Institute of Technology, Mexico and
2National Institute of Astophysics Optics and Electronics, Mexico

Generating 3D Model in Virtual Reality and Analyzing Its Performance
Filip Popovski, Igor Nedelkovski and Svetlana Mijakovska, St.Kliment Ohridski University - Bitola, Macedonia

Towards an Intelligent Tutoring System to Down Syndrome
Amal F.A Mahmoud, Mohamed A.F.Belal and Yehia M.K. Helmy, Helwan University, Egypt

A Comparative Study of Dimension Reduction Methods Combined with Wavelet Transform Applied to the Classification of Mammographic Images
N.Hamdi, K.Auhmani and M.M.Hassani, Universite Cadi Ayyad, Maroc

Multi-Objective Predictive Control : A Solution Using Metaheuristics
Halim Merabti1,2 and Khaled Belarbi3, 1Welding and NDT Research Centre (CSC), Algeria, 2University of Constantine1, Algeria
and 3Campus Université de Constantine3, Alegria

Experimental Analysis of Matching Technique of Steganography for Greyscale and Colour Image
Khurrum Rahim Rashid1, Aqsa Rashid2, Nadeem Salamat3 and Saad Missen2, 1NUSES FAST, Pakistan, 2Islamia University
Bahawalpur, Pakistan and 3Karakoram International University Gilgit, Pakistan

October 2014, Volume 6, Number 5

A Guide to Deal With Uncertainties in Software Project Management
Marcelo Marinho1,2, Suzana Sampaio2, Telma Lima2 and Hermano de Moura1, 1Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE),
Brazil and 2Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), Brazil

Intelligent Algorithms for Cell Tracking and Image Segmentation
Ashraf A. Aly1, Safaai Bin Deris2 and Nazar Zaki3, 1Al khawarizmi College, UAE, 2Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
and 3UAE University, UAE

Variability Modeling for Customizable Saas Applications
Ashraf A. Shahin, Institute of Statistical Studies & Research, Cairo University, Egypt

Systematic Review on Project Actuality
Suzana Cândido de Barros Sampaio1,2, Marcelo Marinho1,2, Hermano Moura1, 1Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE),
Brazil and 2Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), Brazil

Efficiency Lossless Data Techniques for Arabic Text Compression
Enas Abu Jrai, Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Managing Collaboration Within Networks and Relationships in the Serious Game of Agribusiness Management Using
Sandpile Model

SaifulBukhori, Jember University, Indonesia

FLBRA: Fuzzy Logic Based Routing Algorithm for Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks
Lucas Leão, David Bianchini and Omar Branquinho, Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Brazil

A Robust Blind and Secure Watermarking Scheme Using Positive Semi Definite Matrices
Noui Oussama and Noui Lemnouar, UHL University, Algeria

Educational Data Mining Using JMP
Sadiq Hussain and G.C.Hazarika, Dibrugarh University, India

State of the Art of Agile Governance: A Systematic Review
Alexandre J.H.de O.Luna1,2, Philippe Kruchten2, Marcello L.G. do E.Pedrosa1, Humberto R.de Almeida Neto1 and Hermano
P.de Moura1, 1Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Brazil and 2The University of British Columbia, Canada

August 2014, Volume 6, Number 4

Employee Performance Appraisal System Using Fuzzy Logic
Adnan Shaout1 and Mohamed Khalid Yousif2, 1The University of Michigan, USA and 2Sudan University of Science and
Technology, Sudan

Research on the Effect of Applying Multimedia to the Instruction of Rational Emotion Behavior Therapy for Middle School
Students' Emotional Control

Chen-Feng Wu, Pin-Chang Chen and Yu-Tzu Chen, Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Software Architectural Patterns for Service Composition
Ghadeer Ghazal1, Amjad. Hudaib1 and Waffa Maitah2, 1The University of Jordan, Jordan and 2Al al-Bayt University, Jordan

One-Dimensional Vector Based Pattern Matching
Y.M.Fouda, Mansoura University, Egypt

Dependable Online Appointment Booking System for Nhis Outpatient in Nigerian Teaching Hospitals
Adebayo Peter Idowu1, Olajide Olusegun Adeosun2 and Kehinde Oladipo Williams3, 1Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria,
2Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria and 3McPherson University, Nigeria

Co-Emulation of Scan-Chain Based Designs Utilizing SCE-MI Infrastructure
Bill Jason Tomas1, Yingtao Jiang2 and Mei Yang2, 1Cadence Design System, USA and 2University of Nevada, USA

An Improved Particle Filter Tracking System Based on Colour and Moving Edge Information
Chao-Ju Chen1, Wernhuar Tarng1 and Kuo-Hua Lo2, 1National Hsinchu University of Education, Taiwan and 2Industrial
Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

Real Time Optimized Traffic Management Algorithm
Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, Prajeeth Nair, Pranshu Raj Sinha and Ishan Kumar Behera, SRM University, India

A Generic Model for Disease Outbreak Notification Systems
Farag Azzedin, Jaweed Yazdani, Salahadin Adam and Mustafa Ghaleb, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals,
Saudi Arabia

Square Grid Points Coveraged by Connected Sources With Coverage Radius of One on a Two-Dimensional Grid
Pattama Longani, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Structural and Hardware Complexities of Microprocessor Design According to Moore's Law
Haissam El-Aawar, Lebanese International University - LIU, Lebanon

Remote Real - Time Process and Production Monitoring Mechanism of Lighting Parts for Outdoor Recreation
Cheng-I Hou1, Han-Chen Huang2, Tian-Syung Lan1 and Wei-Min Teng1, 1Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
and 2Chung Hua University, Taiwan

Language Independent Document Retrieval Using Unicode Standard
Vidhya M and Aji S, University of Kerala, India

A Study of The Effects of Electronic Textbook-Aided Remedial Teaching on Students' Learning Outcomes at the Optics Unit
Chen-Feng Wu, Pin-Chang Chen and Shu-Fen Tzeng, Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

June 2014, Volume 6, Number 3

State of The Art of Learning Styles-Based Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (Ls-Baehss)
Ahmed Al-Azawei and Atta Badii, School of Systems Engineering, UK

Massive Parallelism With Gpus for Centrality Ranking in Complex Networks
Frederico L. Cabral, Carla Osthoff, Rafael Nardes and Daniel Ramos, Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica , Brazil

Performance Analysis of Wind Turbine as a Distributed Generation Unit In Distribution System
Ramadoni Syahputra1,2, Imam Robandi1 and Mochamad Ashari1, 1Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia and
2Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Cloud Computing Security through Symmetric Cipher Model
Subramanian Anbazhagan1 and K.Somasundaram2, 1Karpagam University, India and 2Jaya Engineering College, India

Enhancing the Matrix Transpose Operation Using Intel Avx Instruction Set Extension
Ahmed Sherif Zekri1,2, 1Alexandria University, Egypt and 2Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Review of Monitoring Tools for E-Learning Platforms
Ali Alowayr and Atta Badii, Reading University, UK

Intelligent Fatigue Detection and Automatic Vehicle Control System
Monali Gulhane and P.S.Mohod, RTMN University, India

Short Term Load Forecasting System Based on Support Vector Kernel Methods
Lal Hussain, M. Sajjad Nadeem and Syed Ahsen Ali Shah, University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

April 2014, Volume 6, Number 2

Performance Variations in Profiling Mysql Server on the Xen Platform: Is It Xen or Mysql?
Ashish Tapdiya and Yuan Xue, Vanderbilt University, United States

Design of a Virtual Ecological Pond for Motion-Sensing Game-Based Learning
Wernhuar Tarng1, Nien-Yin Lu1, Yi-Syuan Shih1 and Hsin-Hun Liou2, 1National Hsinchu University of Education, Taiwan and
2National Central University, Taiwan

Cloud Web-Based Operating System (Cloud Web Os)
Hesham Abusaimeh, Applied Science University, Jordan

An Adaptive Framework for Enhancing Recommendation Using Hybrid Techniques
Radhya Sahal, SaharSelim and Abeer ElKorany, Cairo University, Egypt

Estimation of Optimized Energy and Latency Constraint for Task Allocation in 3d Network on Chip
Vaibhav Jha1, Mohit Jha2 and G K Sharma1, 1ABV- Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, India and
2Jabalpur Engineering College, India

Case-Based Reasoning for Explaining Probabilistic Machine Learning
Tomas Olsson1,2, Daniel Gillblad2, Peter Funk1, and Ning Xiong1, 1Mälardalens University, Sweden and 2SICS Swedish ICT,

Business Bankruptcy Prediction Based on Survival Analysis Approach
Ming-Chang Lee, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science, Taiwan

Recognition and Ranking Critical Success Factors of Business Intelligence in Hospitals - Case Study: Hasheminejad Hospital
Marjan Naderinejad, Mohammad Jafar Tarokh and Alireza Poorebrahimi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Design and Implementation of a Personal Super Computer
Heba A. Kurdi, Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia

Output Privacy Protection With Pattern-Based Heuristic Algorithm
P.Cynthia Selvi1 and A.R.Mohammed Shanavas2, 1KNGA College(W), India and 2Jamal Mohamed College, India

Change Management and Version Control of Scientific Applications
Bojana Koteska and Anastas Mishev, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Macedonia

Advanced Authentication Scheme Using a Predefined Keystroke Structure
Abdulameer K. Hussain and Mohammad M. Alnabhan, Jerash University, Jordan

The Impact of Knowledge-Based Trust (Kbt) on The Adoption and Acceptability of Cashless Economy in Nigeria
Galadima, Talatu O.1, Akinyemi, Ibidapo O.2, and Asani, Emmanuel O.3, 1Federal Polytechnic, Nigeria, 2Covenant University,
Nigeria and 3Landmark University, Nigeria

A Methodology for the Study of Fiber-Optic Cables
Muzammil H Mohammed and Mohd Aasif Ansari, College of Computers and Information Technology, Saudi Arabia

Erratum : Since this article doesn't meet the AIRCC Publication Ethics, it has been removed.

Sharing of Cluster Resources among Multiple Workflow Applications
Uma Boregowda1 and Venugopal Chakravarthy2, 1Malnad College of Engineering, India and 2Sri Jayachamarajendra College
of Engineering, India

Review of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Techniques for Vehicles Traffic Management
Heba A. Kurdi, Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia

February 2014, Volume 6, Number 1

Cardinal Direction Relations in Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
Chaman L. Sabharwal and Jennifer L. Leopold, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Information Security Approach in Open Distributed Multi-Agent Virtual Learning Environment
Zahi A.M. Abu Sarhan1 and As'ad Mahmoud As'ad Alnaser2, 1Applied Science Private University, Jordan and 2Al-Balqa'
Applied University, Jordan

Information Security Risk Analysis Methods and Research Trends: AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Method
Ming-Chang Lee, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science, Taiwan

Evaluation of Image Segmentation and Filtering With Ann in the Papaya Leaf
Maicon A. Sartin11 and Alexandre C. R. da Silva2, 1UNEMAT, Brazil and 2Ilha Solteira, Brazil

Clustering Effects on Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Performances
Gideon Naah and Edwin Boadu Okoampa, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

What Facilitates the Delivery of Citizen-Centric EGovernment Services in Developing Countries: Model Development and
Validation Through Structural Equation Modeling

Yousef Elsheikh and Mohammad Azzeh, Applied Science University, Jordan

A Study on the Chain Restaurants Dynamic Negotiation Games of the Optimization of Joint Procurement of Food Materials
Hung-Teng Chang, Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Shape-Based Plagiarism Detection for Flowchart Figures in Texts
Senosy Arrish, Fadhil Noer Afif, Ahmadu Maidorawa and Naomie Salim, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

A Study on the Dynamic Effect of Sports Promotion Strategy and Effectiveness of NationalHealth Care in Taiwan
Tian-Syung Lan and Pin-Chang Chen, Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Fulfillment Request Management (The approach)
Stylianos Gkoutzioupas, Univercity of the Aegean, Greece

Processing Obtained Email Data By Using Naïve Bayes Learning Algorithm
Valery V. Pelenko and Aleksandr V. Baranenko, St. Petersburg Research University of Information Technologies, Russia

A Linear Algorithm for the Grundy Number of A Tree
Ali Mansouri and Mohamed Salim Bouhlel, Department of Electronic Technologies of Information and Telecommunications
Sfax, Tunisia

Research on Dynamic Effects of Employability of Vocational College Students in Taiwan
Pin-Chang Chen, Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Taiwan