Volume 11

December 2019, Volume 11, Number 6

Authentication and Verification of Social Networking Accounts Using Blockchain Technology
1Samer Shorman and 2Mohammad Allaymoun, 1Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain and 2AMA International University, Kingdom of Bahrain

Cluster Based Association Rule Mining for Courses Recommendation System
Wael Ahmad AlZoubi, Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Recognizing and Tracking Outdoor Objects by Using Artoolkit Markers
Blagoj Nenovski and Igor Nedelkovski, University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, North Macedonia

Self-learning AI Framework for Skin Lesion Image Segmentation and Classification
Anandhanarayanan Kamalakannan1, Shiva Shankar Ganesan2 and Govindaraj Rajamanickam1, 1CSIR Madras Complex, India and 2University of Bridgeport, USA

October 2019, Volume 11, Number 5

Lightweight Headgear Brain Waves for Fatigue Detection in Smartphone
Yung Gi Wu, Jwu Jenq Chen and Rui Hsin Wang, Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

Election System Based on Blockchain Technology
Noor Mohammedali and Ali Al-Sherbaz, Northampton University, UK

Image Generation with Gans-based Techniques: A Survey
Shirin Nasr Esfahani and Shahram Latifi, UNLV, USA

Estimating the Crest Lines on Polygonal Mesh Models by an Automatic Threshold
Zhihong Mao, Ruichao Wang, Fan Liu and Yulin Zhou, Wuyi University, China

Matbase auto Function Non-relational Constraints Enforcement Algorithms
Christian Mancas, Ovidius University, Romania

Query Optimization for Big Data Analytics
Manoj Muniswamaiah, Tilak Agerwala and Charles Tappert, Pace University, USA

Detection of Fake Accounts in Instagram Using Machine Learning
Ananya Dey1, Hamsashree Reddy2, Manjistha Dey3 and Niharika Sinha4, 1National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India, 2PES University, India, 3RV College of Engineering, India and 4Manipal Institute of Technology, India

An Improve Object-oriented Approach for Multi-objective Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Problem (FJSP)
Bamaiyi Sule and Ibrahim Lawal, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Nigeria

August 2019, Volume 11, Number 4

Coloured Algebras and Biological Response in Quantum Biological Computing Architectures
L-F Pau1 and P. Borza2, 1CBS, Denmark & Erasmus University, Netherlands and 2Transilvania University Braşov, Romania

A Comparative Study E-Commerce Development Method: Adapting an Agile Approach in Mobile Occasion E – Commerce System
Beshair Khalid Alsiddiq and Nor Shahida Mohd Jamail, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

An Effect of Using A Storage Medium in Dijkstra Algorithm Performance for Ideal Implicit Path Cost
Ibtusam Alashoury and Mabroukah Amarif, Sebha University, Sebha, Libya

Big Data in Cloud Computing Review and Opportunities
Manoj Muniswamaiah, Tilak Agerwala and Charles Tappert, Pace University, USA

Remote Monitoring L.V. Switchboard Power Status with 5G New Radio Network Application
Tony Tsang and Lam Sai Chung, Hong Kong College of Technology, Hong Kong

Applying Important-Performance Analysis to Home Stay Service Performance
Han-Chen Huang, Chung Hua University, Taiwan

Spectrum Occupancy in Rural Nigeria: A Case for A Lightly Licensed Spectrum Band for Rural Broadband Enhancement
Emmanuel A. Ubom, Aloysius C. Akpanobong and Ubong Ukommi, Akwa Ibom State University, Nigeria

Exploring Factors Influencing the Adoption of Online Shopping with Saudi E-Shops, Female Perspective
Noura Mohammed Aldaej, Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University(IMSIU), Saudi Arabia

June 2019, Volume 11, Number 3

Swedish Student-Teachers in Digital Activities: Digital Competence Through Development-Oriented Thesis Projects
Peter Karlsudd, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Design and Implementation of A Raspberry-pi Based Home Security and Fire Safety System
Sajid M. Sheikh1, Modise K. Neiso2 and Fatma Ellouze3, 1,2University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana and 3Univeristy of Sfax, Tunisia

An Approach to Extracting Distributed Data From the Integrated Environment of Web Technologies Based on Set Theory
Cheikh Ould El Mabrouk and Karim Konaté, University Cheikh Anta DIOP, Senegal

Comparative Analysis of FCFS, SJN & RR Job Scheduling Algorithms
Luhutyit Peter Damuut1 and Pam Bulus Dung2, 1Kaduna State University, Nigeria and 2FCE Pankshin, Nigeria

Performance Evaluation of Parallel Bubble Sort Algorithm on Supercomputer IMAN1
Reem Saadeh and Mohammad Qatawneh, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Intrusion Detection System Classification Using Different Machine Learning Algorithms on KDD-99 and NSL-KDD
Datasets - A Review Paper

Ravipati Rama Devi and Munther Abualkibash, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Smart Motorcycle Helmet: Real-Time Crash Detection With Emergency Notification, Tracker and Anti-Theft System
Using Internet-of-Things Cloud Based Technology

Marlon Intal Tayag1 and Maria Emmalyn Asuncion De Vigal Capuno2, 1Holy Angel University, Philippines and 2Future University, Sudan

A Survey on Security Challenges of Virtualization Technology in Cloud Computing
Nadiah M. Almutairy1 and Khalil H. A. Al-Shqeerat2, 1College of Sciences and Arts in Rass, Saudi Arabia and 2Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

April 2019, Volume 11, Number 2

Towards an Approach for Integrating Business Continuity Management Into Enterprise Architecture
Hanane Anir, Mounia Fredj and Meryem Kassou, Mohammed V University, Morocco

A Survey of Clustering Algorithms in Association Rules Mining
Wael Ahmad AlZoubi, Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Compromising Systems: Implementing Hacking Phases
Marlon intal tayag1 and Maria emmalyn asuncion de vigal capuno2, 1Holy Angel University, Philippines and
2Future University, Sudan

Analytical Study to Review of Arabic Language Learning Using Internet Websites
1Samer Shorman and 2Mohammad Al-Shoqran, 1Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain 2Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain

Ensemble Learning Model for Screening Autism in Children
Mofleh Al Diabat and Najah Al-Shanableh, Al Albayt University, Al Mafraq- Jordan

A Novel Prototype Model for Swarm Mobile Robot Navigation Based Fuzzy Logic Controller
Sherif Kamel Hussein and Mashael Amer Al-Mutairi, Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA

Web Crawler for Social Network User Data Prediction Using Soft Computing Methods
José L. V. Sobrinho, Gélson da Cruz Júnior and Cássio Dener Noronha Vinhal, Federal University of Goiás, Brazil

Reduction of Monitoring Registers on Software Defined Networks
Luz Angela Aristizábal Q and Nicolás Toro G, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Data-Driven Model for Non-Functional Requirements in Mobile Application Development
Salisu Garba, Babangida Isyaku and Mujahid Abdullahi, Sule Lamido University, Nigeria

February 2019, Volume 11, Number 1

Agile Distributed Software Development in Nine Central European Teams: Challenges, Benefits and Recommendations
Manuel Stadler, Raoul Vallon, Martin Pazderka and Thomas Grechenig, Research Group for Industrial Software, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Speech Recognition by Improving the Performance of Algorithms Used in Discrimination
Ahmar -Haeder Talib Mahde, AL Iraqia University College of Engineering, Iraq

Developing an Integrated Framework to Utilize Big Data for Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia
Noura A.Alsheikh, Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU), Saudi Arabia

New Market Segmentation Methods Using Enhanced (RFM), CLV, Modified Regression and Clustering Methods
Fahed Yoseph1, Nurul Hashimah Ahamed Hassain Malim2 and Mohammad AlMalaily3, 1,2School of Computer Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 3Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University

Wi-Fi Microcontroller Based Smart Menu
Sherif Kamel Hussein, University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Giza, Egypt

Minimizing Distortion in Steganog-Raphy Based on Image Feature
Dong Wu, Lingnan Normal University, China

Detection and Handling of Different Types of Concept Drift in News Recommendation Systems
Nayer Wanas1, Ahmed Farouk1, Dina Said1, Nabila Khodeir1 and Magda Fayek2, 1Informatics Department, Electronics Research Institute, Giza, Egypt and 2Computer Engineering Department, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

Monitoring Student Attendance Using A Smart System at Taif University
Saleh Alghamdi, Taif University, Saudi Arabia