Current Issue

February 2024, Volume 16, Number 1

Exploring the EV Charging Ecosystem and Performing an Experimental Assessment of its Cloud and Mobile
Application Infrastructure Security

Pooja Patil1, Sara Acikkol Dogan1, Samir Tout1, and Ranu Parmar2, 1Eastern Michigan University, USA, 2Hitachi
Energy, USA

Image Segmentation and Classification using Neural Network
Fatema Tuj Zohra, Rifa Tasfia Ratri, Shaheena Sultana, and Humayara Binte Rashid, Notre Dame University, Bangladesh

From Clicks to Security: Investigating Continuous Authentication via Mouse Dynamics
Rushit Dave, Marcho Handoko, Ali Rashid and Cole Schoenbauer, Minnesota State University, USA

A Comparative Study of Text Comprehension in IELTS Reading Exam using GPT-3
Christopher Le1 and Tauheed Khan Mohd2, 1Augustana College, USA, 2Eastern Michigan University, USA

Your Device May Know You Better Than You Know Yourself-Continuous Authentication on Novel Dataset using
Machine Learning

Pedro Gomes do Nascimento, Pidge Witiak, Tucker MacCallum, Zachary Winterfeldt and Rushit Dave, Minnesota State University, USA