Volume 2

November 2010, Volume 2, Number 4

Harnessing Knowledge from Ad Hoc Queries by Creating a Zone of Standardization  
Jehad Alomari1, Farrukh Mohammed2 and Kathleen Hayden2, 1Taif University, KSA and 2University of Michigan Health
System, USA

A Survey on Data Warehouse Evolution  
Wided Oueslati and Jalel Akaichi, High Institute of Management, Tunisia

Scaling Data Mining Algorithms to Large and Distributed Datasets  
Shashikumar G. Totad1, Geeta R.B.1, Chennupati R Prasanna2, N Krishna Santhosh2 and PVGD Prasad Reddy3, 1GMR
Institute of Technology, India and 2Vignan’s institute of engineering for women, India and 3Andhra University, India

Personalized Data Set For Analysis  
Vishal Gupta and Ashutosh Saxena, Infosys Technologies Limited - Hyderabad, India

Towards An Incremental Maintenance of Cyclic Association Rules  
Eya Ben Ahmed and Mohamed Salah Gouider, Higher Institute of Management of Tunis, Tunisia

An Intelligent Approach For Mining Frequent Spatial Objects In Geographic Information System  
Animesh Tripathy1 and Prashanta Kumar Patra2, 1KIIT University, India and 2CET, BPUT - Bhubaneswar, India

Uncertainty and Climate Change and its effect on Generalization and Prediction abilities by creating Diverse Classifiers
and Feature Section Methods using Information Fusion
Amit Ganatra and Y. P. Kosta, Charotar University of Science & Technology-CHARUSAT, India

A New Optimistic Replication Strategy For Large-Scale Mobile Distributed Database Systems   
Ashraf Ahmed1, P.D.D.Dominic2, Azween Abdullah2 and I.Hamidah3, 1University of Khartoum, Sudan, 2Universiti
Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia and 3Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Bit Transformation Perturbative Masking Technique for Protecting Sensitive Information In Privacy Preserving Data
S.Vijayarani1 and A.Tamilarasi2, 1Bharathiar University, India and 2Kongu Engg. College, India

Selection Of Materialized View Using Query Optimization In Database Management : An Efficient Methodology   
P.P. Karde1 and V.M. Thakare2, 1HVPM’s College of Engg. & Tech, India and 2Amravati University, India

Diagrammatic Approach for Complete Automation of Relational Database Normalization at Conceptual Level   
M.S. Patwardhan, P.S. Dhabe, Asavari A. Deshpande, Sandhya G. Londhe, M.L. Dhore and H.K. Abhyankar,
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, India

August 2010, Volume 2, Number 3

A Novel Watermarking Scheme for Detecting and Recovering Distotions in Database Tables   
Hamed khataeimaragheh1 and Hassan Rashidi2, 1 Qazvin Azad University, Iran and 2 Allameh Tabataba'i University, Iran

Integrated Approach To Ontology Developement Methodology With Case Study   
Sandeep Chaware and Srikantha Rao, NMIMS University, India

ETP-Mine: An Efficient Method for Mining Transitional Patterns   
B. Kiran Kumar and A. Bhaskar, Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science, India.

Mining of Users Access Behaviour for Frequent Sequential Pattern From Web Logs   
S.Vijayalakshmi1, V.Mohan1 and S.Suresh Raja2, 1Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India and 2K.L.N College
of Engineering, India

Design & Deploy Web 2.0 Enable Services Over Next Generation Network Platform   
Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria1 and Dhinaharan Nagamalai2, 1Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science, India and 2Wireilla Net
Solutions PTY LTD, Australia

Implementation of Cryptography for Privacy Preserving Data Mining   
Anand Sharma1 and Vibha Ojha2, 1MITS, India and 2IITM, India

A Compressed Video Steganography using TPVD   
Sherly A P and Amritha P P, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India

Climate Analysis in IOWA Using XML and Spatiotemporal Dataset-NC94   
Sugam Sharma1, Shashi Gadia1, Niranjan Kumar2, Valliappan Narayanan3 and Xinyuan Zhao1, 1Iowa State University,
USA, 2Cerner Corporation, USA and 3Intel Corporation, USA

A Plausible Comprehensive Web Intelligent System for Investigation of Web User Behaviour Adaptable to Incremental
V.V.R. Maheswara Rao1, V. Valli Kumari2 and K.V.S.V.N. Raju2, 1Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women, India
and 2Andhra University, India

Commit Protocols in Mobile Environments: Design & Implementation   
Salman Abdul Moiz1, Lakshmi Rajamani2 and Supriya N.Pal1, 1Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India
and 2Osmania University, India

May 2010, Volume 2, Number 2

A Restful Approach for Managing Citizen profiles Using A Semantic Support   
Luis Álvarez Sabucedo and Luis Anido Rifón, Universidade de Vigo, Spain

Attribute oriented induction with star schema   
Spits Warnars H.L.H, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Implementation of a Cloud Data Server (CDS) for Providing Secure Service in E-Business   
D.Kesavaraja1 , R.Balasubramanian2 and D.Sasireka3, 1Dr Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering, India,
2Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India and 3PSN College of Engineering and Technology , India

A Data Warehouse Assistant Design System Based on Clover Model   
Nouha Arfaoui and Jalel Akaichi, Institut superieur de gestion, Tunisia

Efficient Support Coupled Frequent Pattern Mining Over Progressive Databases   
Keshavamurthy B.N, Mitesh Sharma and Durga Toshniwal, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee, India

Articulated Entity Relationship (AER) Diagram for Complete Automation of Relational Database Normalization   
P. S. Dhabe, Dr. M. S. Patwardhan, Asavari A. Deshpande, M. L. Dhore, B.V. Barbadekar and H. K. Abhyankar,
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, India

Building a Data Warehouse for National Social Security Fund of the Republic of Tunisia   
Mohamed Salah GOUIDER and Amine FARHAT, Institut Supérieur de Gestion, Tunisia

Query Routing and Processing in Peer-To-Peer Data Sharing Systems   
Raddad Al King, Abdelkader Hameurlain and Franck Morvan, Université Paul Sabatier, France

A DBMS for Mobile Transactions Using Bi-State-Termination   
Sebastian Obermeier1 and Stefan Böttcher2, 1ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland and 2University of Paderborn,

Dynamic management of transactions in distributed real-time processing system   
Y. Jayanta Singh1, Yumnam Somananda Singh2, Ashok Gaikwad2 and S.C.Mehrotra3, 117th October University, Libya,
2Institute of Management Studies & I. T (IMSIT), India and 3Dr. B. A. Marathwada University, India

February 2010, Volume 2, Number 1

A Framework for Computing Linguistic Hedges in Fuzzy Queries   
V.Balamurugan1 and K.Senthamarai Kannan2 1SCAD College of Engineering & Technology, India and 2Manonmaniam
Sundaranar University, India.

Queries Mining for Efficient Routing in P2P Communities   
Anis ISMAIL1, Mohamed QUAFAFOU1, Nicolas DURAND1, Gilles NACHOUKI2 and Mohammad HAJJAR3, 1LSIS,
Domaine Universitaire de Saint-Jerome, France, 2 LINA Laboratory, Nantes, France and 3Lebanese University, Lebanon.

Data Guard: A New Approach For Disaster Recovery & Rolling Upgrades   
Auf Akhtar, Syed S. Rizvi, and Laiali Almazaydeh , University of Bridgeport, USA

Concurrency Control for Temporal Databases   
Achraf MAKNI and Rafik BOUAZIZ ,University of SFax, Tunisia

Multi-Data Source Fusion Approach in Peer-To-Peer Systems   
Gilles Nachouki and Marie-Pierre Chastang , Université de Nantes, France