Volume 3

December 2014, Volume 3, Number 4

A Study of The Interface Usability Issues of Mobile Learning Applications for Smart Phones from the User’s Perspective  
Aabdalha Ali, Muasaad Alrasheedi, Abdelkader Ouda and Luiz Fernando Capretz, Western University, Canada

Using Socrative and Smartphones for the support of collaborative learning  
Mohammad Awedh, Ahmed Mueen, Bassam Zafar and Umar Manzoor, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

September 2014, Volume 3, Number 3

Leveraging Mobile Devices to Enhance the Performance and Ease of Programming for Low-Cost Mobile Robots  
Ryan P.Grainger and David I.Grow, New Mexico Tech, USA

June 2014, Volume 3, Number 2

A Historical Perspective of the Evolution of Technologh Education  
Heshium Lawrence and Mark Miller, Department of HRD and Technology, Tyler, TX

An Extensible Framework for Automatic Knowledge Extraction From Studen Blogs  
Andy M. Connor, Matthew Martin and Sam Joe, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Multilevel Analysis of Factors Predicting Self Efficacy in Computer Programming  
Owolabi J1 and Adegoke B.A2, 1Federal College of Education (Technical), Nigeria and 2University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Ranking the Criteria of Quality Evaluation for Intellectual Information on Internet  
Sarabjeet Singh Bedi1 and Amanjot Kaur2, 1M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, India and 2G.G.I. College, India

Pre-service Teachers’ Perception of using Mobile Devices in Teaching Climate Change in Primary Schools  
C.AObiefuna1 and G.C.Offorma2, 1AlvanIkoku Federal College of Education, Nigeria and 2University of Nigeria, Nigeria

A Bi- Objective Workflow Application Scheduling In Cloud Computing Systems  
Yalda Aryan1 and Arash Ghorbannia Delavar2, 1Research Centre of Teachers, Isfahan, Iran and 2Payam Noor University,

March 2014, Volume 3, Number 1

Faculty Attitudes Towards Integrating Technology and Innovation  
Colleen Marzilli, Julie Delello, Shelly Marmion, Rochell McWhorter, Paul Roberts and T. Scott Marzilli,
The University of Texas at Tyler, USA

The Effect of Educational Networking on Students' Performance in Biology  
Chee Ken Nee, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

A Study of the Interaction Between Computer- Related Factors and Anxiety in a Computerized Testing Situation
(A Case Study of National Open University, Nigeria)
Owolabi J1 and Dahunsi O.R2, 1Federal College of Education (Technical), Nigeria and 2National Open University, Nigeria

Integrating Human Relation Skills into the Curriculum of Industrial Technology Related Programs  
Heshium Lawrence, The University of Texas at Tyler, USA