Volume 3

November 2012, Volume 3, Number 6

Redesign of A Seismic Monitor Using Contextual Design
Ozgur Aktunc, Berat A. Erol, and John D. Garcia, St. Mary's University, USA

A Survey of Service Oriented Architecture Systems Testing
Ebrahim Shamsoddin-Motlagh, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Test Case Prioritization Algorithm Based Upon Modified Code Coverage in Regression Testing
Usha Badhera, G.N Purohit, Debarupa Biswas, Banasthali University, India

Model Checking and Code Generation for UML Diagrams Using Graph Transformation
Wafa Chama, Raida Elmansouri and Allaoua Chaoui, University Mentouri Constantine, Algeria

Integrating Software Repository Mining: A Decision Support Centered Approach
Luiz Dourado Dias Junior and Eloi Favero, UFPA, Brasil

The Application of Cause Effect Graph for the College Placement Process
Dhanamma Jagli1, Mamatha T2, Swetha Mahalingam1, Namrata Ojha1, 1V.E.S. Institute of Technology, India
and 2SNIST, India

Introducing Integrated Component-Based Development (ICBD) Lifecycle and Model
Amr Rekaby and Ayat Osama, Egyptian Research and Scientific Innovation Lab (ERSIL), Egypt

Prediction of Software Requirements Stability Based on Complexity Point Measurement Using Multi-Criteria Fuzzy

D. Francis Xavier Christopher1 and E.Chandra2, 1RVS College of Arts and Science,India and 2SNS Rajalakshmi
College of Arts and Science,India

Intelligent Knowledge Database (IKD) Tool for Formal Methods
Manju Nanda J.Jayanthi and Madhan.V, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India

Enhancement in Function Point Analysis
Archana Srivastava1, Syed Qamar Abbas2, S.K.Singh1, 1 Amity University, India and 2Ambalika Institute of Management
and Technology , India

September 2012, Volume 3, Number 5

Distributed Software Development Modelling and Control Framework
Lei Wu1, Sharon White1, James Helm1, Yi Feng2, 1University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, U.S.A and 2Algoma
University, Canada

On Verification of Software Components
Basem Y. Alkazemi,Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia

A Survey Identifying Trends on Use of Software Development Tools in Different Indian SMEs
Nomi Baruah and Ashima, Thapar University,India

An Image Authentication Technique in Frequency Domain using Genetic Algorithm (IAFDGA)
J. K. Mandal1, A. Khamrui2, 1University of Kalyani, India and 2Future Institute of Engineering and Management, India

Five Layered Model for identification of software Performance Requirements
Gopichand.Merugu1 and AnandaRao.Akepogu2, 1BVRIT,India and 2JNTUA,India

Mitigation strategies to Major challenges Faced in Market Driven Development Scenario
Ranjith Engu and Sairam Vakkalanka, Tekniska Hogskola, Sweden

Effective Concurrent Engineering with the Usage of Genetic Algorithms for Software Development
D.Sundar1, K.Alagarsamy2, 1Thiagarajar School of Management, India and 2Madurai Kamaraj University, India

A Comparison of Parameter Best Estimation Method for Software Reliability Models
Latha Shanmugam1 and Lilly Florence2, 1Anna University, India and 2Adiyamaan College of Engineering,India

A Methodology to Identify the Level of Reuse Using Template Factors
Md Jubair Basha1 and Chandra Mohan2, 1Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology,India and 2JNT Univerity
College of Engineering, India

Conducting Verification and Validation of Multi- Agent Systems
A. Al-Neaimi1, S. Qatawneh1, Nedhal Al Saiyd2, 1AL-Zaytoonah University, Jordan and 2Applied Science University,

An Architecture Framework For Spatiotemporal Data Mining System
K.Venkateswara Rao1, A.Govardhan2 and K.V.Chalapati Rao1 ,1CVR College of Engineering,India and 2JNTUH, India

An Expert Estimator Tool to Estimate Project Cost and Risk with Early Stage of Function Points
Ajay Jaiswal1, Meena Sharma2,1 Chameli Devi School of Engineering,India and 2Institute of Engineering & Technology, DAVV,India

NVC Based Model for Selecting Effective Requirement Elicitation Technique
Md. Muqeem and Md. Rizwan Beg, Integral University,India

July 2012, Volume 3, Number 4

MIDI-LAB, A Powerful Visual Basic Program for Creating Midi Music
Kai Yang and Xi Zhou, University of Utah, USA

Effective Implementation of Agile Practices - Object Oriented Metrics Tool to Improve Software Quality
Veerapaneni Esther Jyothi1, Kaitepalli Srikanth2 and K. Nageswara Rao3, 1V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College,India,
2Tata Consultancy Services, India and 3P.V.P.Siddhartha Institute of Technology,India

A DDS-Based Scalable and Reconfigurable Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
Ismael Etxeberria-Agiriano, Isidro Calvo, Liliana Montero and Ivan Alonso, EUI Vitoria-Gasteiz,UPV/EHU, Spain

Minimal Testcase Generation for Object-Oriented Software with State Charts
Ranjita Kumari Swain1, Prafulla Kumar Behera2 and Durga Prasad Mohapatra3, 1Rourkela Institute of Management
Studies, India, 2Utkal University,India and 3National Institute of Technology,India

Issues in Testing of Software with NFR
Pratima Singh and Anil Kumar Tripathi, IIT (BHU),India

Vinayaka : A Semi-Supervised Projected Clustering Method Using Differential Evolution
Satish Gajawada and Durga Toshniwal, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

Defect Prevention Based on 5 Dimensions of Defect Origin
Sakthi Kumaresh1 and Baskaran Ramachandran2, 1MOP Vaishnav College,India and 2Anna University, India

May 2012, Volume 3, Number 3

Comparison of Hierarchical Agglomerative Algorithms for Clustering Medical Documents
Fathi H. Saad1, Omer I. E. Mohamed2 and Rafa E. Al-Qutaish2, 1National Health Services (NHS), UK and 2Al Ain
University of Science and Technology, UAE

Neural Network based Vehicle Classification for Intelligent Traffic Control
Saeid Fazli, Shahram Mohammadia and Morteza Rahmani, Zanjan University, Iran

Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time-Frequency Trellis Codes for Mimo-OFDM Systems
Robinson Ebi Elias. J and Rajesh. R, VIT University, India

UML2SAN: Toward A New Software Performance Engineering Approach
Ihab Sbeity, Mohamed Dbouk and Ilfat Ghamlouche, Lebanese University, Lebanon

A New Approach to Requirement Elicitation Based on Stakeholder Recommendation andCollaborative Filtering
Nilofar Mulla and Sheetal Girase, MIT, India

Biomedical indexing and retrieval system based on language modeling approach
Jihen Majdoubi, Hatem Louki, Mohamed Tmar and Faiez Gargouri, University of sfax, Tunisia

Performance Improvement of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks using Modified Newton Method
R.Shyam Sundar and S.Nanda Kumar, VIT University, India

March 2012, Volume 3, Number 2

A Path-Oriented Automatic Random Testing Based on Double Constraint Propagation
Ruilian Zhao1 and Yuandong Huang2, 1Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China and 2Beijing Zhongke Fulong
Computer Technology Co.Ltd, China

A Federated Search Approach to Facilitate Systematic Literature Review in Software Engineering
Mohammad Ghafari1, Mortaza Saleh1 and Touraj Ebrahimi2, 1Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran and 2DP Co., Ltd. Development Research Group, Iran

Performance Of The Google Desktop, Arabic Google Desktop and Peer to Peer Application in Arabic Language
Abd El Salam Al Hajjar, Anis Ismail and Mohammad Hajjar, Mazen Elsayed, University Institute of Technology Lebanese University Lebanon

Requirements Triage - Challenges and Solutions
Sairam Vakkalanka1 and Ranjith Engu2, Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola, Sweden

Application Of UML In Real-Time Embedded Systems
Aman Kaur1, Rajeev Arora2, 1King's College London, UK and 2Invertis University, Bareilly

Quantitative And Qualitative Evaluation Of F/Oss Volunteer Participation In Defect Management
Anu Gupta and R.K. Singla, Panjab University, India

A Methodology To Manage Victim Components Using Cbo Measure
N Md Jubair Basha1 and Salman Abdul Moiz2, 1Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology, India and 2MVSR Engineering College, India

Evaluation & Validation Of Work Products In Unified Software Development Process
Meena Sharma1 and Rajeev G Vishwakarma2, 1Devi Ahilya University, India and 2Rajiv Gandhi Technical University
of MP, India

Olap Cube Representation For Objectoriented Database
Vipin Saxena and Ajay Pratap, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, India

Comparing Soft Computing Techniques For Early Stage Software Development Effort Estimations
Roheet Bhatnagar and Mrinal Kanti Ghose, Sikkim Manipal University, India

January 2012, Volume 3, Number 1

Standardizing Source Code Security Audits
Suzanna Schmeelk1, Bill Mills2 and Leif Hedstrom3, 1NYU-Poly, USA, 2Yahoo- Sunnyvale, California, USA and 3Apache Foundation, USA

Integrating CMMI Maturity Level-3 In Traditional Software Development Process
Reena Dadhich and Ujala Chauhan, Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer (RTU, Kota)

Design Paradigm and Risk Assessment of Hybrid Re-engineering with an approach for development of Re-engineering

Sandhya Tarar and Ela KumarGautam Buddha University, India

Agile Programming and Design Patterns in Web Development - A Case Study
V.Dattatreya1, K.V.Chalapati Rao1 and V.M. Rayudu2, 1CVR College of Engineering, India and 2Directorate of Treasuries
and Accounts, Hyderabad

A Transformation Approach for Collaboration Based Requirement Models
Ahmed Harbouche1, Mohammed Erradi2 and Aicha Mokhtari3, 1Hassiba Ben Bouali University, Algeria, 2Mohammed V
Souissi University, Rabat, Morocco and 3Houari Boumedienne University, Algiers, Algeria

Evolution and Melioration of Software Management Processes
Sunil Kumar Jangir, Neha Gupta and Shreya Agrawal, Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre, Jaipur

Novel Component-Based Development Model for Sip-Based Mobile Application
Ahmed Barnawi, Abdulrahman H. Altalhi, M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi and Asif Irshad Khan, King AbdulAziz University,

Availability Metrics for Cloud Vibrant Behaviour with Benchmarks Influence on Diverse Facets
Gurdev Singh and Rakesh Kumar, Adesh Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

People Factors in Agile Software Development and Project Management
Vikash Lalsing1, Somveer Kishnah2 and Sameerchand Pudaruth3, 1TNT Express ICS Mauritius, Ebene Cybercity,
Rose Hill and 2University of Mauritius, Reduit, Moka

Study Paper on Test Case Generation for Gui Based Testing
Isabella and Emi Retna, Karunya University, India

Risk Management Measures in CMMI
Mahmoud Khraiwesh, Zarqa University, Jordan

Development of Dynamic Coupling Measurement of Distributed Object Oriented Software Based on Trace Events
S. Babu1 and R.M.S. Parvathi2, 1Anna University of Technology, India and 2Sengunthar College of Engineering, India

Risk Assessment Techniques and Survey Method for COTS Components
Rashmi Gupta1 and Shalini Raghav2, 1RGPV University, TIT, Bhopal and 2GBTU University, HRIT, Ghaziabad

Integrating XML Data Into Multiple Rolap Data Warehouse Schemas
Soumya Sen1, Ranak Ghosh2, Debanjali Paul2, Nabendu Chaki1, 1University of Calcutta, India and 2Barrackpore
Rastraguru Surendranath College, India

Comparative Evaluation of A Maximization And Minimization Approach for Test Data Generation with Genetic
Algorithm and Binary Particle Swarm Optimization

Ankur Pachauri and Gursaran, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra

Designing Code Level Reusable Software Components
B.Jalender1, A.Govardhan2 and P.Premchand3, 1VNRVJIET, Hyderabad, India, 2JNTUH, Hyderabad, India and
3UCEOU, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India