December 2012, Volume 4, Number 6

Web Mapping Using Logo on Map [Pdf]
Ximing Hou1,2 and Hao Shi2, 1Australian National University, Australia and 2Victoria University, Australia
A Sonification Tool For The Analysis of Large Databases of Expressive Gesture [Pdf]
R. Michael Winters, Alexandre Savard, Vincent Verfaille and Marcelo M.Wanderley, CIRMMT McGill University, Canada
Robust Watermarking Using Compressed Sensing Framework with Application to MP3 Audio [Pdf]
Mohamed Waleed Fakhr, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
The Impact of Teaching Two Courses ( Electronic Curriculum Design and Multimedia ) on The Acquistion of Electronic Content Design Skills [Pdf]
Natheer K Gharaibeh, Mohareb A Alsmadi, Albalqa Applied University, Jordan
Denoising of Magnetic Resonance and X-Ray Images Using Variance Stabilization and Patch Based Algorithms [Pdf]
V N Prudhvi Raj1 and T Venkateswarlu2, 1VR Siddhartha Engineering College, India and 2SV University, India
An Extensive Analysis of Query by Singing/Humming System Through Query Proportion [Pdf]
Trisiladevi C. Nagavi1 and Nagappa U. Bhajantri2, 1S.J.College of Engineering, India and 2Government Engineering College, India

October 2012, Volume 4, Number 5

Design, Deployment and Assessment of a Movie Archive System for Film Studies - A Case Study [Pdf]
Nazlena Mohamad Ali1, Alan F. Smeaton2, Hyowon Lee3, Pat Brereton2 and Finnian Buckley2, 1University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia, 2Dublin City University, Ireland and 3Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
Video popularity characterization centered on news-on-demand [Pdf]
M. Gonzalez-Aparicio, R. Garcia, J. L. Brugos, X. G. Paneda, D. Melendi and S. Cabrero, University of Oviedo Gijon, Spain
Using Character Recognition for Plate Localization [Pdf]
Lama Hamandi1, Khaled Almustafa2, Rached Zantout3 and Hasan Obeid4, 1American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 2Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia, 3Beirut Arab University, Lebanon and 4Zawya, Lebanon
Logo Recognition Using Textual and Visual Search [Pdf]
Ximing Hou1,2 and Hao Shi2, 1Australian National University, Canberra, Australia and 2Victoria University, Australia
Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Microcalcification Contrast Enhancement in Digitized Mammogram Images [Pdf]
Ayman AbuBaker, Applied Science Private University, Jordan
Content Based Video Retrieval [Pdf]
B. V. Patel1 and B. B. Meshram2, 1Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Polytechnic, India and 2VJTI, India
Visualizing A Framework for Tangibility in Multimedia Learning for Preschoolers [Pdf]
Chau Kien Tsong1, Toh Seong Chong1, Zarina Samsudin1, Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan Yahaya1, and Lili Budiman2, 1Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia and 2Taylor's University, Malaysia

August 2012, Volume 4, Number 4

Realistic Multimedia Simulations for Informatics Students [Pdf]
Ioannis Pachoulakis, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece
Lattice Vector Quantization for Image Coding Using Expansion of Codebook [Pdf]
R. R. Khandelwal1, P. K. Purohit2 and S. K. Shriwastava3, 1Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, India, 2National Institute of Technical Teachers- Bhopal, India and 3Shri Balaji Institute of Technology & Management, India
Tangible Objects: The Missing Attribute in Multimedia Learning Systems for Preschoolers [Pdf]
Chau Kien Tsong1, Toh Seong Chong2, Zarina Samsudin2, Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan Yahaya2, and Lili Budiman1, 1Taylor's University, Malaysia and 2Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Augmented Reality Platforms for Virtual Fitting Rooms [Pdf]
Ioannis Pachoulakis and Kostas Kapetanakis, Echnological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece
FKM Based Approach for Hybrid Video Segmentation [Pdf]
K. Mahesh and K. Kuppusamy, Alagappa University, India
Improvising MSN and PSNR for Finger-Print Image noised by GAUSSIAN and SALT & PEPPER [Pdf]
Ashish kumar Dass, Rabindra kumar Shial and Bhabani Sankar Gouda, National institute of science & technology, Odisha
Evaluation of Neutrosophic Set Approach Filtering Technique for Image Denoising [Pdf]
J. Mohan1, A.P. Thilaga Shri Chandra2, V. Krishnaveni1 and Yanhui Guo3, 1P S G College of Technology, India, 2Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, India and 3University of Michigan, USA
Intelligent Modified Difference Expansion for Reversible Watermarking [Pdf]
Hirak Kumar Maity1 and Santi Prasad Maity2, 1College of Engineering and Management, India and 2Bengal Engineering and Science University, India
Performance comparison of wavelet denoising based fast DOA estimation of MIMO OFDM system over Rayleigh Fading Channel [Pdf]
A.V.Meenakshi, R.Kayalvizhi and S.Asha, Periyar Maniyammai University Thanjavur, India
Lossless Audio Watermarking Based on the Alpha Statistic Modulation [Pdf]
Sunita V. Dhavale1, R. S. Deodhar2 and L. M. Patnaik3, 1Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, India, 2Armament Research and Development Establishment, India and 3Indian Institute of Science, India
Comparison of face Recognition Algorithms on Dummy Faces [Pdf]
Aruni Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Shrikant Tiwari, T-BHU, India
Comparison of Content Based Image Retrieval Systems Using Wavelet and Curvelet Transform [Pdf]
Suchismita Das, Shruti Garg and G. Sahoo, Birla Institute of Technology, India

June 2012, Volume 4, Number 3

Medical Image Segmentation by MarkerControlled Watershed and Mathematical Morphology [Pdf]
Ahmad El Allaoui and M'barek Nasri, University Mohammed I Oujda, Morocco
An Artistic Technique for Audio-to-Video Translation on a Music Perception Study [Pdf]
Eugene Mikyung Kim, Korea National University of Arts, Korea
Using MPQF for Querying MPEG-7 RDF Descriptions [Pdf]
Mohammed A. Al-Zoube, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan
Analytic of China Cyberattack [Pdf]
Robert Lai and Syed (Shawon) Rahman, Capella University, USA
An Innovative Skin Detection Approach Using Color Based Image Retrieval Technique [Pdf]
Shervan Fekri-Ershad, Mohammad Saberi and Farshad Tajeripour, Shiraz University, Iran
A Study on Eigen Faces for Removing Image Blurredness Through Image Fusion [Pdf]
Suman Deb1, Saptarshi Chakraborty1, Taniya Bhattacharjee2, 1NIT Agartala, India and 2MVJ College of Engg, India
A New Hybrid JPEG Symbol Reduction Image Compression Technique [Pdf]
Bheshaj Kumar1,Kavita Thakur1 and G. R. Sinha2, 1Pt. R. S. University, India and 2Shri Shankarachrya College of Engineering & Technology, India

April 2012, Volume 4, Number 2

A Study of Colour as an Attribute that Intensifies User's Engagement in Game Plays [Pdf]
Jude J.L. Martinez, Erwin Adi and Aloysius Theo Prima, BINUS University, Indonesia
An Adaptive Watermarking Technique for the copyright of digital images and Digital Image Protection [Pdf]
Yusuf Perwej1, Firoj Parwej1 and Asif Perwej2, 1Jazan University, KSA
An Authenticated BSS Methodology for Data Security Using Steganography - JPEGBMP [Pdf]
Ravi Kumar.B1, Murti. P.R.K.1 and Hemanth Kumar.B2, 1University of Hyderabad, India and 2R.V.R.& J.C. College of Engineering, India
Real Time Facial Expression Recognition Using a Novel Method [Pdf]
Saumil Srivastava and Krishna Asawa, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, India
Image Enhancement with Statistical Estimation [Pdf]
Aroop Mukherjee1 and Soumen Kanrar2, 2Vehere Interactive Pvt Ltd, India
A Novel Statistical Fusion Rule for Image Fusion and its Comparison in Non Subsampled Contourlet Transform Domain and Wavelet Domain [Pdf]
Manu V T and Philomina Simon, University of Kerala, India
An Enhanced Medical Images Segmentation Using Skey Gaussian Mixture Model and Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm [Pdf]
Nagesh Vadaparthi1, Srinivas Yarramalle2, Suresh Varma.P3, 1M.V.G.R. College of Engineering, India,2GITAM University, India and 3Aadikavi Nannaya University, India

February 2012, Volume 4, Number 1

Math World: A Game-Based 3D Virtual Learning Environment (3D VLE) for Second Graders [Pdf]
Jean Maitem, Rosmina Joy Cabauatan, Lorena Rabago and Bartolome Tanguilig III, Technological Institute of the Philippines,Philippines
Semantic Based Image Annotation Using Descriptive Features and Retagging approach [Pdf]
P.Nagarani1, R.VenkataRamanaChary1 and D.Rajya Lakshmi2, 1Padmasri Dr.B.V Raju Institute of Technology, India and 2GITAM Institute of Technology, India
Video Object Tracking and Analysis for Computer Assisted Surgery [Pdf]
Nobert Thomas Pallath and Tessamma Thomas, Cochin University of Science & Technology, India
Image Deblocking in Wavelet Domain Based on Local Laplace Prior [Pdf]
Vijay Kumar Nath and Deepika Hazarika, Tezpur University, India
Gray Scale Image Compression Based on Wavelet Transform and Linear Prediction [Pdf]
Arya Devi P S and M.G.Mini, Model Engineering College, India
Algebra of Three Dimensional Geometric Filters and its Relevance in 3-D Image Processing [Pdf]
Towheed Sultana1 and E.G. Rajan2, 1Joginpally M.N.Rao Women's EngineeringCollege, India and 2Pentagram Research Centre Pvt. Ltd, India
Feature Image Generation Using Low, Mid and High Frequency Regions for Face Recognition [Pdf]
Vikas Maheshkar, Sushila Kamble, Suneeta Agarwal and Vinay Kumar Srivastava, MNNIT, India
Enhancement Techniques for Local Content Preservation and Contrast Improvement in Images [Pdf]
Chelsy Sapna Josephus and Remya .S, University of Kerala, India
Kernel Density Feature Points Estimator for Content-Based Image Retrieval [Pdf]
Tranos Zuva1, Oludayo O. Olugbara1, Sunday O. Ojo2 and Seleman M. Ngwira1, 1Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa and 2Durban University of Technology, South Africa
Smooth Weighted Approach for Colour Histogram Construction using Human Colour Perception for CBIR Applications [Pdf]
Shaila S.G and A.Vadivel, National Institute of Technology - Tiruchirappalli, India
Post Processing Technique to Reduce Tile Boundary Artifacts in JPEG2000 Compressed Images [Pdf]
Singara Singh, R. K. Sharma and M. K. Sharma, Thapar University, India
Image Deblurring in Bayesian Framework Using Template Based Blur Estimation [Pdf]
Sitara K and Remya S, University of Kerala, India