Volume 4

November 2012, Volume 4, Number 6

Unified Analysis of Two-Hop Cooperative Amplify-and-Forward Multi-Relay Networks
Oluwatobi Olabiyi and Annamalai Annamalai, Prairie View A&M University, USA

A New Verification Method to Prevent Security Threads of Unsolicited Message in IP Over Ethernet Networks
Waleed Kh. Alzubaidi1, Longzheng Cai2 and Shaymaa A. Alyawer3, 1University of Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia, 2University of
Unitar International, Malaysia and 3Baghdad College, Iraq

Intelligent Home Monitoring Using RSSI in Wireless Sensor Networks
Firdous Kausar, Eisa Al Eisa and Imam Bakhsh, Imam University, Saudi Arabia

Investigation of Collision Avoidance and Localization in WSNs
Iman Morsi, Mohamed Essam Khedr and Alaa Hassan Abd El-Atif, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime
Transport, Egypt

Novel Planar Inverted Cone Ring Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications
Su Sandar Thwin, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Different Node Deployments in a Square Area Grid of Wireless Sensor Network and Optimal Number of Relays
Farah A. Nasser and Haider M. AlSabbagh, University of Basra, Iraq

Development of SearchBadger, A Framework for Evaluation of Search Results
Sebastian Merli1,2 and Hao Shi1, 1Victoria University, Australia and 2Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany

Fairness in Physical Products Delivery Protocol
Abdullah Mohammed Alaraj, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

EFP: New Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Zohre Arabi1 and Roghayeh Parikhani2, 1Payame Noor University, Iran

An Efficient Novel Key management scheme using NchooseK algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Harjot Bawa1, Parminder Singh1 and Rakesh Kumar2, 1CEC Landran, India and 2Sachdeva Engg. college for Girls, India

September 2012, Volume 4, Number 5

A Walkthrough Remote View System with an Omnidirectional Camera
Chao Liu, Toshiya Watanabe, Susumu Shibusawa and Tatsuhiro Yonekura, Ibaraki University, Japan

P2P-RMI: Transparent Distribution of Remote Java Objects
Thomas Zink1, Oliver Haase1, Jurgen Wasch1 and Marcel Waldvogel2, 1HTWG Konstanz, Germany and 2University of Konstanz, Germany

EASTFILE: An Energy Aware, Scalable, and TCAM based Fast IP Lookup Engine
Hamidreza Mahini1 and Reza Berangi2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST),

IPSec over Heterogeneous IPv4 and IPv6 Networks: Issues and Implementation
Nazrul M. Ahmad and Asrul H. Yaacob, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Wavelet Spectrum for Investigating Statistical Characteristics of UDP-Based Internet Traffic
Jusak Jusak1 and Richard J. Harris2, 1STMIK STIKOM Surabaya, Indonesia and 2Massey University, New Zealand

Using Orthogonal Channels for Supporting Multicast Service in Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Abbas Nargesi and Mehdi Ghasemi, Azad University, Iran

Utilization-Based Congestion Control
Satoshi Utsumi1 and Salahuddin Muhammad Salim Zabir2, 1Tsuruoka National College of Technology, Japan and 2France
Telecom Japan, Japan

Short-Term Multi-Cell Dynamic Resource Allocation in Future Cellular Networks
M.Sushanth Babu1, K.Praveen Kumar2 and K.Kishan Rao1, 1Vaagdevi College of Engineering, India and 2National Remote
Sensing Centre - Hyderabad, India

Architecture Supporting Discovery and Management of Heterogeneous Sensors for Smart System Using Generic Middleware
Soma Bandyopadhyay and Abhijan Bhattacharyya, Innovation Lab - Tata Consultancy Services, India

Analysis of Interference and Chanel Capacity in a CDMA Wireless Network Using Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA)

Ohaneme C.O, Idigo V.E, Nnebe S.U and Ifeagwu E.N, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria

An Optimized Business Service Directory for the ESB Platform in SOA
RajniMohana and Deepak Dahiya, JUIT Waknaghat, India

Modelling of Remote Area Broadband Technology Over Low Voltage Power Line Channel
Abdallah Mahmoud Mousa Altrad, Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman and Kashif Nisar, Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence for Rural ICT, Malaysia

Enhancing Performance of TCP in Multihop Networks
Gnana Prakasi O.S and Varalakshmi. P, MIT Campus - Anna University, India

Energy Detection Technique for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio: A Survey
Mahmood A. Abdulsattar and Zahir A. Hussein, University of Baghdad, Iraq

July 2012, Volume 4, Number 4

A Simulation Study on the Strong Neighborhood-Based Stable Connected Dominating Sets for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Natarajan Meghanathan and Michael Terrell, Jackson State University, USA

Discovery of Malicious Attacks to Improve Mobile Collaborative Learning (MCL)
Abdul Razaque and Khaled Elleithy, University of Bridgeport, USA

On Capability-Related Adaptation in Networked Service Systems
Finn Arve Aagesen and Patcharee Thongtra, NTNU Trondheim, Norway

Analytical Study of Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) Techniques
Marwah Almasri, Khaled Elleithy and Abdul Razaque, University of Bridgeport, USA

Study the Effect of Base Frequency on the Performance of WiMAX Network Carrying Voice
Bassam F.Gumaidah, Hasan H.Soliman and M.Obayya, Mansoura University, Egypt

Novel Cross-Layer Simulation Platform to Include Realistic Channel Modeling in System Simulations
Getachew Redieteab1, Laurent Cariou1, Philippe Christin1, Jean-Francois Helard2 and Nicolas Cocaign3, 1France Telecom,
France, 2Universite Europeenne de Bretagne, France and 3NeoSoft France, France

CRAW: Combination of Re-Keying and Authentication in Wireless Networks for Secure Multicast Increasing Efficiency of
Member Join/Leave and Movement

Elina Eidkhani1, Melisa Hajyvahabzadeh1, S. Anahita Mortazavi1 and Alireza Nemaney Pour2, 1Sharif University of
Technology, Iran and 2Islamic Azad University of Abhar, Iran

TCP-UB: A New Congestion Aware Transmission Control Protocol Variant
Wafa Elmannai, Abdul Razaque and Khaled Elleithy, University of Bridgeport, USA

BitTorrent Network Traffic Forecasting With ARMA
Poo KuanHoong, Ian K.T. Tan and CheeYikKeong, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Secure Service Discovery Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks Using Hash Function
Haitham Elwahsh1, Mohamed Hashem2 and Mohamed Amin3, 1King Saud University, KSA, 2Ain shams University, Egypt and 3Minoufiya University, Egypt

Performance and Detection of M-ary Frequency Shift Keying in Triple Layer Wireless Sensor Network
Mohammad Waris Abdullah and Nazar Waheed, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia

AODVSEC: A Novel Approach to Secure Ad Hoc on-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing Protocol from Insider Attacks in

Akshai Aggarwal1, Savita Gandhi2, Nirbhay Chaubey2, Pathik Shah2, Madhvi Sadhwani2, 1Gujarat Technological University,
India and 2Gujarat University, India

Throughput Analysis for Cognitive Radio (CR) Systems
Ahmed S.Kadhim and Haider M. Alsabbagh, University of Basrah, Iraq

Comparison between Performances of Channel estimation Techniques for CP-LTE and ZP-LTE Downlink Systems
Abdelhakim Khlifi1 and Ridha Bouallegue2, 1National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia and 2Sup'Com, Tunisia

Determination of Optimal Number of Clusters in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ravi Tandon, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India

Design and Optimization of Integrated Bluetooth and UWB Antenna With Dual Band-Notched Functions
Su Sandar Thwin, Multimedia University, Malaysia

An Efficient Group Key Management Using Code for Key Calculation for Simultaneous Join/Leave: CKCS
Melisa Hajyvahabzadeh1, Elina Eidkhani1, S. Anahita Mortazavi1 and Alireza Nemaney Pour2, 1Sharif University of Technology,
Iran and 2Islamic Azad University of Abhar, Iran

Bi-Band Bow-Tie Antennas Array Design Using a Simple Equivalent Transmission Line Model
M. Abri, H. Abri Badaoui, H. Dib and A.S.E. Gharnaout, Universite Abou-Bekr Belkaid -Tlemcen, Algeria

OFDM Systems Resource Allocation using Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization
Rajendrasingh Annauth and Harry C.S.Rughooputh, University of Mauritius, Mauritius

A Review of Fair Exchange Protocols
Abdullah AlOtaibi and Hamza Aldabbas, De Montfort University, United Kingdom

May 2012, Volume 4, Number 3

Extending the Capability of Energy Detector for Sensing of Heterogeneous Wideband Spectrum
Oluwatobi Olabiyi and Annamalai Annamalai, Prairie View A&M University, USA

A Weighted Combination Similarity Measure for Mobility Patterns in Wireless Networks
Thuy Van T. Duong1, Dinh Que Tran2 and Cong Hung Tran2, 1University of Ton Duc Thang, Vietnam and 2Post and
Telecommunication Institute of Technology, Vietnam

Automated Inference System for End-To-End Diagnosis of Network Performance Issues in Client-Terminal Devices
Chathuranga Widanapathirana, Y. Ahmet Sekercioglu, Milosh V. Ivanovich, Paul G. Fitzpatrick and Jonathan C. Li, Monash
University, Australia

On Throughput Performance of Decode and Forward Cooperative Relaying With Packet Combining and ARQ
Rajendrakumar Patil, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India

Regenerative and Adaptive schemes Based on Network Coding for Wireless Relay Network
Ahmed Hassan M. Hassan, Bin Dai and Benxiong Huang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P.R. China

Multi-Layered Ring Log-Periodic Antennas Array Design for GPS Systems
M. Abri, S.M. Bahloul and H. Abri Badaoui, Universite Abou-Bekr Belkaid - Tlemcen, Algeria

Enhanced Location Based Routing Protocol for 6LoWPAN
M.Rehenasulthana1, P.T.V Bhuvaneswari2 and N.Rama3, 1Mohamed Sathak College, India, 2MIT Anna University, India and
3Presidency College, India

Novel Technique of Multipath Routing Protocol In Ad hoc Network
D.S.Vinod and Madhusudan G, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering Mysore, India

Multilayered BOW-TIE Antennas Design for RFID and Radar Applications Using a Simple Equivalent Transmission Line Model
S. Didouh, M. Abri and F. T. Bendimerad, Abou-Bekr Belkaid University, Algeria

Performance Analysis of the Routing Protocols for Video Streaming Over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Muhammad Shaffatul Islam1, Md. Adnan Riaz2 and Mohammed Tarique3, 1Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh, 2Technical University of Munich, Germany and 3Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE

Deciding on the Type of the Degree Distribution of a Graph from Traceroute-like Measurements
Xiaomin Wang, Matthieu Latapy and Mich`ele Soria, LIP6 - CNRS and UPMC Paris, France

Ontological Engineering Approach towards Trust Oriented Security Framework for Adhoc Networks
Amandeep Verma1 and Manpreet Singh Gujral2, 1Punjabi University Regional Centre for IT & Mgmt., Mohali, India and
2Punjabi University Patiala, India

Fuzzy-Logic Adaptive Queuing for a Heuristic TCP Performance in Mobile Wireless Networks
Ghaida A. AL-Suhail, Turki Y. Abdallah and Omar Majid, University of Basrah, Iraq

Energy Consumption Model in Ad Hoc Mobile Network
Maher HENI1,2, Ammar BOUALLEGUE2 and Ridha BOUALLEGUE1, 1University of Carthage Tunis, Tunisia and 2University of
Tunis ElManar, Tunisia

March 2012, Volume 4, Number 2

Resource Optimization in Mobile Communication Networks With User Profile-Based Algorithms
E. Martin and R. Bajcsy, University of California, USA

Fast Emergency Paths Schema to Overcome Transient Link Failures in OSPF Routing
Fernando Barreto, Emilio C. G. Wille and Luiz Nacamura Jr., Federal University of Technology - Parana(UTFPR), Brazil

Dynamic Policy Management in Mobile Grid Environments
Tariq Alwada'n1, Hamza Aldabbas1, Helge Janicke1, Thair Khdour2 and Omer Aldabbas2, 1De Montfort University, UK and
2AlBalqa Applied University, Jordan

Performance Modelling of Multicore and Manycore Networked systems
Abu Asaduzzaman, Wichita State University, USA

Reducing Total Power Consumption Method in Cloud Computing Environments
Shin-ichi Kuribayashi, Seikei University, Japan

Enhancing Service Discovery Performance Over Home Networks
Intisar Al-Mejibli and Martin Colley, University of Essex, UK

Dynamic Spectrum Detection Via Compressive Sensing
Olusegun Odejide1, Michael Odeyomi2 and Annamalai A1, 1Prairie View A&M University, USA and 2Shell Oil Company -
Houston, USA

RC4c : A Secured Way to View Data Transmission in Wireless Communication Networks
O. O Olakanmi, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

A Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kayhan Erciyes1 and Orhan Dagdeviren2, 1Izmir University, Turkey and 2Ege University, Turkey

Adjacency Matrix Based Energy Efficient Scheduling Using S-Mac Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shweta Singh and Ravindara Bhatt, Jaypee University of Information Technology, India

A Simulation-Based Performance Comparison of the Minimum Node Size and Stability-Based Connected Dominating Sets for
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA

Timing Acquisition and Demodulation of an UWB System Based on the Differential Scheme
Karima Ben Hamida El Abri and Ammar Bouallegue, National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia

January 2012, Volume 4, Number 1

Implementation of Fault Tolerance Algorithm to Restore Affected Nodes in Scheduling Clusters
Fadel Hussen, Khaled Elleithy and Abdul Razaque, University of Bridgeport, USA

Cooperative Rate Adaption Scheme for Wireless Networks with Improved Fairness, Delay and Transmission Reliability
Verotiana H. Rabarijaona, Akeo Masuda, Dinh Chi Hieu, Thomas Bourgeois and Shigeru Shimamoto, Waseda University, Japan

MIMO Z Channel Interference Management
Ian Lim1, Chedd Marley2, and Jorge Kitazuru3,1National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2University of Sydney, Australia
and 3University of Auckland, New Zealand

Parallel Computation of CRC Using Special Generator Polynomials
Hamed Sheidaeian1 and Behrouz Zolfaghari2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2Amirkabir University, Iran

Towards an optimal utilization of volunteer grid computing: a comparative study of three heuristics
Maher Khemakhem, Abdelaziz Dammak and Taha Chaabouni, University of Sfax, Tunisia

An Extended Network Coding Opportunity Discovery Scheme in Wireless Networks.
Yunlong Zhao1,2, Zhao Dong1, Masayuki Iwai2, Kaoru Sezaki2 and Yoshito Tobe3,1Harbin Engineering University, China,
2The University of Tokyo, Japan and 3Tokyo Denki University, Japan

An Intelligent Mobile-Agent Based Scalable Network Management Architecture for Large-Scale Enterprise System
A.K. Sharma, Atul Mishra and Vijay Singh, YMCA University, India

A Reliable Semi-Distributed Load Balancing Architecture Of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Md. Golam Rabiul Alam1, Chayan Biswas2, Naushin Nower2 and Mohammed Shafiul Alam Khan2,1Islamic University
Chittagong-Bangladesh and 2University of Dhaka - Bangladesh

A Capacity-Based Load Balancing and Job Migration Algorithm for Heterogeneous Computational Grids
Said Fathy El-Zoghdy, Menoufia University - Egypt

Rate Allocation for SVC transmission in Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
Seyedeh Zahra Sadri Tabaee Zavareh1 and Mahmood Fathy2,1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

Principle of Virtual Use Method in Common Gateway Interface Program on the DACS Scheme
Kazuya Odagiri1,Shogo Shimizu2,Naohiro Ishii3 and MakotoTakizawa4,1 Yamaguchi University, Japan and 2 Advanced Institute
of Industrial Technology, Japan, 3 Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan and 4Seikei University, Japan

Multiuser Detection and Channel Estimation for Multibeam Satellite Communications.
Helmi Chaouech1 and Ridha Bouallegue2,1University of El-Manar, Tunisia and 2University of Carthage, Tunisia.

Deployment of Mobile Routers Ensuring Coverage and Connectivity
Emi Mathews and Ciby Mathew, University of Paderborn, Germany

Demonstration and Performance Analysis of ROF Based OFDM-PON System for Next-Generation Faber Optic Communication
Nadia Nowshin1, A K M Arifuzzman1, Mohammed Tarique2, 1American International University, Bangladesh, 2University of
Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates

Complex Support Vector Machine Regression for Robust Channel Estimation in Lte Downlink System
Anis Charrada and Abdelaziz Samet, Carthage University,Tunisia .