Volume 2

December 2013, Volume 2, Number 6

Suitable Wind Turbine Selection using Evaluation of Wind Energy Potential in IRAN  
Hadi Sefidgar and S. Asghar Gholamian, Babol University of Technology, Iran

Semantic Web: Information Retrieval from World Wide Web  
Javad Pashaei Barbin and Isa Maleki, Islamic Azad University, Iran

October 2013, Volume 2, Number 5

An Efficient Method for Recognizing the Low Quality Fingerprint Verification by Means of Cross Correlation  
V.Karthikeyan1 and V.J.Vijayalakshmi2, 1SVSCE, India and 2SKCET, India

Genetic Algorithm Guided Key Generation in Wireless Communication (GAKG)  
Arindam Sarkar and J. K. Mandal, University of Kalyani, India

August 2013, Volume 2, Number 4

Financial Time Series Analysis Based on Normalized Mutual Information Functions  
David Blokh, C. D. Technologies Ltd., Israel

Comparative Study on Vehicle Detection Techniques in Aerial Surveillance  
Selvakumar S1 and Kalaivani.S2, 1P.B college of Engineering, India and 2VIT University, India

The Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.16 Physical Layer in the Basis of Bit Error Rate Considering Reference
Channel Models
Arifa Ferdousi1, Farhana Enam1 and Sadeque Reza Khan2, 1Varendra University, Bangladesh, 2Rajshahi University,
Bangladesh and 3NITK, India

Quadrant Based DIR in CWin Adaptation Mechanism for Multihop Wireless Network  
V.Karthikeyan1, V.J.Vijayalakshmi2 and P.Jeyakumar3, 1SVS College of Engineering, India, 2Sri Krishna College of Engg
& Tech., India and 3Karpagam University, India

Erratum:Due to a serious case of plagiarism this paper has been retracted.

Investigating Significant Changes in Users’ Interest on Web Traversal Patterns  
Thilagu M and Nadarajan R, PSG College of Technology, India

Effect of Gel Parameters on the Growth and Nucleation of Lead Iodate Crystals  
K. D. Girase, S.V.S.'s Dadasaheb Rawal College, India

Adopting level set theory based algorithms to segment human ear  
Bijeesh T. V and Nimmi I. P, Sree Narayana Guru College of Engineering and Technology, India

June 2013, Volume 2, Number 3

Data Security via Public-Key Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Network  
Amin Reza Sedghi, Mashhad University of Medical Science, Iran

Analyse the Performance of Mobile Peer to Peer Network Using Ant Colony Optimization  
S.J.K. Jagadeesh Kumar1 and R.Saraswathi2, 1SKCT, India, 2Sri Krishna College of Technology, India

Report: A Model for Remote Parental Control System Using Smartphones  
K.S. Kuppusamy, Leena Mary Francis and G. Aghila, Pondicherry University, India

April 2013, Volume 2, Number 2

Fuzzy-Based Energy Efficient Method for Multiple Attacks in Sensor Networks: Against False Vote and Report
Injection Attacks
Su Man Nam and Tae Ho Cho, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Modified Page Rank Algorithm to Solve Ambiguity of Polysemous Words  
Rekha Jain, Sulochana Nathawat and G.N. Purohit,Banasthali University, India

Technical and Financial Analysis of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System for GORGAN, IRAN  
Alireza Rezae and S.Asghar Gholamian,Babol University of Technology, Iran

Enhanced Thinning Based Finger Print Recognition  
Parul Mishra,Ajit Kumar Shrivastava and Amit Saxena,Truba Institute of Engg. and Information Technology, India

Participation Anticipating in Elections Using Data Mining Methods  
Amin Babazadeh Sangar1, Seyyed Reza Khaze2 and Laya Ebrahimi1, 1Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
and 2Islamic Azad University, Iran

February 2013, Volume 2, Number 1

Vehicle License Plate Recognition Using Morphology and Neural Network  
Sneha G. Patel, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, India

A Fuzzy Approach for Software Effort Estimation  
Geetika Batra and Mahima Trivedi, L.N.C.T.,Indore, India

An Intelligent Application of Fuzzy ID3 to Forecast Seasonal Runoff  
Chandar Sahu, Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Indore

Design of a Linear and Wide Range Current Starved Voltage Controlled Oscillator for PLL  
Madhusudan Kulkarni and Kalmeshwar N Hosur, SDM College of Engineering and Technology, India

Sliding Mode Controller Design for the Anti-Synchronization of Hyperchaotic LÜ Systems  
Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India