Volume 3

December 2011, Volume 3, Number 6

From 3D Model Data to Semantics
My Abdellah Kassimi and Omar El beqqali, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco

Recycling of Bandwidth in Metropolitan Area Networks(MAN)
Bhargava Devana1, Sudharshana Kristipati 1, Raghava Nirati2, 1JNTU - India and 2JITS, India

Adaptation AC to Improve Wireless Access Network Dependability
Olfa Ben Ahmed and Zied Choukair, University of Carthage, Tunisia

A Comparative Study To Find A Suitable Method For Text Document Clustering
S.C.Punitha1 and M.Punithavalli2, 1P.S.G.R. Krishnammal College for women, India and 2Sri Ramakrishna College
of engineering, India

Recognizing Bangla Grammar Using Predictive Parser
K.M. Azharul Hasan, Al-Mahmud, Amit Mondal and Amit Saha, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh

Hybrid GPS-GSM Localization of Automobile Tracking System
Mohammad A. Al-Khedher, Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Network Intrusion Detection Using Data Mining and Network Behaviour Analysis
Ahmed Youssef and Ahmed Emam, King Saud University, KSA

Technical Analysis of Remote 3D Visualization on Mobile Devices
U.S. Junghare1, V.M. Thakare2, R.V.Dharaskar3 and S.S. Sherekar2, 1Brijlal Biyani Science College, India, 2SGB Amravati
University, India 3M.P.G.I. Nanded, India

Integrated Environment for Developing E-Learning Lectures
Vladimir Bondarev1, Alexander Ossyka2 and Afif Mghawish1, 1Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine
and 2Al-Zaytoonah Private University, Jordan

Analysis of Different Privacy Preserving Cloud Storage Frameworks
Rajeev Bedi1, Mohit Marwaha1, Tajinder Singh2, Harwinder Singh3 and Amritpal Singh1, 1Beant College of Engineering
and Technology, India, 2Global Institute of Engineering and Technology, India and 3SSCET, India

Investigating the Awareness of Applying the Important Web Application Development and Measurement Practices
in Small Software Firms

Faudziah Ahmad, Fauziah Baharom and Moath Husni, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Flooding Attacks to Internet Threat Monitors(ITM): Modeling and Counter Measures Using Botnet and Honeypots
K.Munivara Prasad1, A.Rama Mohan Reddy2 and M.Ganesh Karthik3, 1Rayalaseema University, India 2SV University, India
and 3Sree vidyanikethan Engg.College, India

Mobile Geographic Information Systems: A Case Study on Mansoura University, Egypt
Asmaa Ahmed Hussein1, Elkhedr Hassan Eibrahim2 and Aziza Asem1, 1Mansoura University, Egypt and 2King Saud University,

An Improved Neural Image Compression Approach With Cluster Based Pre-Processing
Ashanta Ranjan Routray and Munesh Chandra Adhikary, Fakir Mohan University, India

From Learning Style of Webpage Content to Learner's Learning Style
Mohamed.G. Darwesh1, Magdy. Z. Rashad2 and Abdelaziz. K. Hamada2, 1Cairo University, Egypt and 2Mansoura University,

Image Labeling and Segmentation using Hierarchical Conditional Random Field Model
Manoj K.Vairalkar and Sonali.Nimbhorkar, RTMN University - Nagpur, India

Multi-Resolution Analysis For Medical Image Compression
Mohammed Alhanjouri, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

Introduction Of Knowledge Management Architecture Using Multi Agent
Sheikh Amanur Rahman1, Anamika Bhardwaj1, Mukul Pathak1 and Shobhit Singh Rathore2, 1Galgotias College of Engineering
& Technology, India and 2SDG Software India Pvt. Ltd, India

Optimal Fuzzy Model Construction With Statistical Information Using Genetic Algorithm
Md. Amjad Hossain1, Pintu Chandra Shill2, Bishnu Sarker1 and Kazuyuki Murase2, 1KUET, Bangladesh and 2University of Fukui,

Edge Detection Techniques For Image Segmentation
Muthukrishnan.R and M.Radha, Bharathiar University, India

October 2011, Volume 3, Number 5

It Security Issues Within the Video Game Industry
Stephen Mohr1 and Syed (Shawon) Rahman1,2, 1Capella University, USA and 2University of Hawaii-Hilo, USA

Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm for Interference Suppression in GNSS Receivers
Zhao hongwei1, Lian Baowang1 and Feng Juan1,2, 1Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, 2KIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Minimize the False Positive Rate in a Database Intrusion Detection System
A. Rezk, H. Ali, M. El-Mikkawy and S. Barakat, Mansoura University, Egypt

Design Pattern Management System: A Support Tool Based on Design Patterns Applicability
Zakaria Moudam, Radouan Belhissi and Noureddine Chenfour, University Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Fez, Morocco

Genetic Algorithm (GA) In Feature Selection For CRF Based Manipuri Multiword Expression (MWE) Identification
Kishorjit Nongmeikapam1 and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay2, 1Manipur University, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

IRIS Recognition Based On LBP and Combined LVQ Classifier
M. Z. Rashad, M. Y. Shams, O. Nomir and R. M. El-Awady, Mansoura University, Egypt

An IR-based Pedestrian Detection System Implemented with Matlab-Equipped Laptop and Low-Cost Microcontroller
Erwin Thomas Gilmore, Chukwunweike Ugbome and Charles Kim, Howard University, USA

New Method for 3D Shape Retrieval
Abdelghni Lakehal and Omar El Beqqali, Sidi Mohamed Ben AbdEllah University, Morocco

Research Review for Digital Image Segmentation Techniques
Ashraf A. Aly1, Safaai Bin Deris1 and Nazar Zaki2, 1Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and 2UAE University, UAE

Stable Filtering for Artificial Pheromone Potential Field Constructed By Mobile Robots and Passive RFID Tags
Piljae Kim and Daisuke Kurabayashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Evaluate the Performance of Optical Cross Connect Based on Fiber Bragg Grating Under Different Bit Rate
Bobby Barua, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Optimized Fuzzy Logic Application for MRI Brain Images Segmentation
Indah Soesanti1, Adhi Susanto1, Thomas Sri Widodo1, Maesadji Tjokronagoro2, 1Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia and
1Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Robust seed selection algorithm for k-means type algorithms
K. Karteeka Pavan1, Allam Appa Rao2, A. V. Dattatreya Rao3 and G. R. Sridhar4, 1Jagarlamudi Chadramouli College of
Engineering, India, 2Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India, 3Acharya Nagarjuna University, India and
4Endocrine and Diabetes Centre, India

Knowledge Based Methods for Video Data Retrieval
S.Thanga Ramya and P.Rangarajan, RMD Engineering College, India

Analysis and Design Complex and Large Data Base using MySQL Workbench
Dedi Iskandar Inan and Ratna Juita, Papua State University, Indonesia

Direct Manipulation of Web Browsing History
Gholam H. Khaksari, Pennsylvania State University, USA

A Semantically Enriched Web Usage Based Recommendation Model
C.Ramesh1, K. V. Chalapati Rao1 and A.Goverdhan2, 1CVR College of Engineering,India and 2JNTUH College of Engineering,

Enhancing Confidentiality of Private Communication through Dual Compression
Kristipati Sudharshana Reddy, Munwar Sk and Rajesh Bhakthavatsalam, SVEC - JNTU, India

Optimum Partition Parameter of Divide-And-Conquer Algorithm for Solving Closest-Pair Problem
Mohammad Zaidul Karim and Nargis Akter, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh

Monitoring Software Reliability using Statistical Process Control: An MMLE Approach
R Satya Prasad1, Bandla Sreenivasa Rao2 and R.R. L Kantham1, 1Acharya Nagarjuna University, India and 2VRS & YRN College,

August 2011, Volume 3, Number 4

Automatic Application Level Set Approach In Detection Calcifications In Mammographic Image
Atef Boujelben1, Hedi Tmar2, Jameleddine Mnif1 and Mohamed Abid2,
1National School of Medicine of Sfax, Tunisia and 1National School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia

A Robust Steganography Model Using Wavelet-Based Block-Partition Modification
Sherin Youssef, Ahmed Abu Elfarag and Reta Raouf, Arab Academy for Science & Tech - Alx., Egypt

Cultural Influences on Explicit and Implicit Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in Virtual Teams
Xi Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China

A Fuzzy Framework For Segmentation, Feature Matching And Retrieval Of Brain MR Images
Archana.S and Sridhar.S, College of Engineering - Guindy, India

MDA-Based ATL Transformation To Generate MVC 2 Web Models
Mhamed Rahmouni and Samir Mbarki, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

Comprehensive Measurement Framework for Enterprise Architectures
Mahesh R. Dube1 and Shantanu K. Dixit2, 1VIT - Pune, India and 2WIT - Solapur, India

Plants Images Classification Based on Textural Features using Combined Classifier
M.Z. Rashad, B.S.el-Desouky and Manal S .Khawasik, Mansoura University, Egypt

Design and FPGA Implementation of DDR3 SDRAM Controller for High Performance
Shabana Aqueel and Kavita Khare, M.A.N.I.T - Bhopal, India

Self-Adaptation Mechanism to Control the Diversity of the Population in Genetic Algorithm
Chaiwat Jassadapakorn and Prabhas Chongstitvatana, Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok, Thailand

Packet Scheduling Of Two Classes Flow
Rabie Barhoun and Abdelwahed Namir, University Hassan II, Morocco

Reduction Of Blocking Probability In Shared Protected Optical Network
Nirmala L Devi1 and V M Pandharipande2, 1Osmania University, India and 2Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,

DNA Lossless Differential Compression Alogorithm Based on Similarity of Genomic Sequence Database
Heba Afify, Muhammad Islam and Manal Abdel Wahed, Cairo University, Egypt

Performance Analysis Of Various Data Mining Classification Techniques On Healthcare Data
Shelly Gupta1, Dharminder Kumar2 and Anand Sharma2, 1Banasthali University, India and 2GJUS&T - Hisar, India

Towards A Model Of Maturity For Is Risk Management
Mina Elmaallam and Abdelaziz Kriouile, ENSIAS - Rabat, MOROCCO

A Fuzzy Approach For Clustering Gene Expression Time Series Data
Sadiq Hussain and G.C. Hazarika, Dibrugarh University - Assam, India

Novel Apporach for Speech Recognition by Using Self - Organized Maps
R.L.K.Venkateswarlu1, R. Vasantha Kumari2 and A.K.V.Nagayya1, 1Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering, India and 2Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Arts College, India

Special Issue on "ICCSEA - 2011"

A New Trusted Third-Party Billing For Mobile Networks
Supriya Chakraborty1 and Nabendu Chaki2, 1JIS College of engineering - West Bengal, India and 2University of Calcutta, India

Performance Evaluation And Impact Of Weighting Factors On An Energy And Delay Aware Dynamic Source Routing Protocol
Jihen Drira Rekik, Leila Baccouche and Henda Ben Ghezala,Manouba University,Manouba, Tunisia

Indian Languages IR using Latent Semantic Indexing
A.P.SivaKumar1, P.Premchand2 and A.Govardhan1, 1JNTUACE, India and 2Osmania University - Hyderabad, India

Active Controller Design For Global Choas Anti-Synchronization Of Li and Tigan Chaotic Systems
Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan1 and Karthikeyan Rajagopal2, 1Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India and
2Singhania University Rajasthan, India

June 2011, Volume 3, Number 3

Information Security Plan for Flight Simulator Applications
Jason Slaughter1 and Syed (Shawon) M. Rahman1,2, 1Capella University, USA and 2University of Hawaii-Hilo, USA

Common Phases of Computer Forensics Investigation Models
Yunus Yusoff, Roslan Ismail and Zainuddin Hassan, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

Comparison and Analysis of Watermarking Algorithms in Color Images - Image Security Paradigm
D. Biswas1, S. Biswas2, P.P. Sarkar2, D. Sarkar2, S. Banerjee1 and A. Pal1, 1Academy of Technology - Hoogly, India and
2University of Kalyani, India

Evolutionary Neural Networks algorithm for the Dynamic Frequency Assignment Problem
Jamal Elhachmi and Zouhair Guennoun, Mohammadia School of Engineers (EMI), Morocco

Optimal Self Correcting Fault Free Error Coding Technique in Memory Operation
Harikishore .Kakarla1, Madhavi Latha .M2 and Habibulla Khan1, 1KL University, India and 2JNTUH - Hyderabad, India

Ubiquitous Mobile Health Monitoring System for Elderly (UMHMSE)
Abderrahim BOUROUIS1,Mohamed FEHAM1 and Abdelhamid BOUCHACHIA2, 1Abou-bekr BELKAID University, Algeria and
2University of Klagenfurt, Austria

A Review on Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Embedded Systems
Rahat Afreen1 and S.C. Mehrotra2, 1Tom Patrick Institute of Computer & I.T - Rauza Bagh, India and 2Dr. B.A.M. University,

Statistical Analysis on Software Metrics Affecting Modularity in Open Source Software
Andi Wahju Rahardjo Emanuel1, Retantyo Wardoyo2, Jazi Eko Istiyanto2 and Khabib Mustofa2, 1Maranatha Christian
University, Indonesia and 2Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Proposed Information Sharing Security Approach for Security Personnels, Vertical Integration, Semantic Interoperability
Architecture and Framework for Digital Government

Md.Headayetullah, G.K. Pradhan, Sanjay Biswas and B. Puthal, SOAU - Bhubaneswar, India

Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization with Evolutionary Operators to Fragile Image Watermarking Based DCT
Sawsan Morkos Gharghory, Electronics Research Institute - Cairo, Egypt

Image Retrieval using Bit-plane Pixel Distribution
N S T Sai1 and R C Patil2, 1Tech Mahindra Limited - Mumbai, India and 2NMIMS University, India

Detection of Masses in Digital Mammogram Using Second Order Statistics and Artificial Neural Network
Al Mutaz M. Abdalla1, Safaai Dress1 and Nazar Zaki2, 1Universiti Teknologi - Malaysia, India and 2UAE University, UAE

Effective Independent Quality Assessment using IV&V
Pathanjali Sastri Akella1 and K. Nageswara Rao2, 1V. R. Siddhartha Engineering College, India and 2P. V. P. Siddhartha Institute
of Technology, India

E-Learning personalization based on Dynamic learners' preference
Essaid El Bachari, El Hassan Abelwahed and Mohammed El Adnani, University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco

An LMS Based Blind Source Separation Algorithm Using A Fast Nonlinear Autocorrelation Method
Behzad Mozaffari Tazehkand, University of Tabriz, Iran

A Novel Technique for Back-Link Extraction and Relevance Evaluation
Pooja Gupta1, A.K. Sharma2 and Divakar Yadav3, 1MAIT - New Delhi, India, 2YMCA University of Science and Technology,
India and 3JIITU - Noida, India

Electronic Commerce in Web 3.0: The Evidence from Emerging Economics
Xi Zhang1 and Doug Vogel2, 1Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and 2City University of Hong Kong, China

A Comparative Experiment of Several Shape Methods in Recognizing Plants
A. Kadir, L.E. Nugroho, A. Susanto and P.I. Santosa, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

RCause - A Root Cause Analysis Model to Identify the Root Causes of Software Reengineering Problems
Er. Anand Rajavat1 and Vrinda Tokekar2, 1Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science Indore, India and 2Institute of
Engineering and Technology (DAVV) Indore, India

Unsupervised horizontal collaboration based in SOM
Nadia Mesghouni Khaled Ghedira and Moncef Temani, University of Tunis Laboratory LI3 ISG Tunis, Tunisie

April 2011, Volume 3, Number 2

Clustering Posts in Online Discussion Forum Threads
Dina Said1 and Nayer Wanas2, 1University of Calgary, Canada and 2Electronics Research Institute - Giza, Egypt

The Development of Electronic Payment System for Universities in Indonesia: On Resolving Key Success Factors
Veronica S. Moertini, Asdi A. Athuri, Hery M. Kemit and Nico Saputro, Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia

Brightness Factor Matching for Gesture Recognition System Using Scaled Normalization
Mokhtar M. Hasan and Pramoud K. Misra, Banaras Hindu University, India

Behavior Analysis in a learning Environment to Identify the Suitable Learning Style
Abdelaziz. K. Hamada1, Magdy. Z. Rashad1 and Mohamed.G. Darwesh2, 1Mansoura University, Egypt and 2Ahram Canadian
University, Egypt

An Object-Oriented Modeling and Implementation of Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Discovery System
K.Venkateswara Rao1, A.Govardhan2 and K.V.Chalapati Rao1, 1CVR College of Engineering, India and 2JNTUH College of
Engineering, India

An Effective CBVR System Based on Motion, Quantized Color and Edge Density Features
Kalpana Thakre1 , Archana Rajurkar2 and Ramchandra Manthalkar3, 1Sinhgad College of Engineering, India, 2MGM College
of Engineering, India and 3SGGSIE&T - Nanded, India

Model Based System Engineering Approach of a Lightweight Embedded TCP/IP
M. Z. Rashed, Ahmed E. Hassan and Ahmed I. Sharaf, Mansoura University, Egypt

Model-Based Factors to Extract Quality Indications in Software Lines of Code
Mohammed Abdullah H. Al-Hagery, Qassim University, KSA

Wavelet Based Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio - A Survey
Karthik Divakaran, Naveen Manikandan P and Shri Hari R R, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India

Ontology Alignment Using Machine Learning Techniques
Azadeh Haratian Nejhadi, Bita Shadgar and Alireza Osareh, Shahid Chamran University, Iran

A Novel Parallel Algorithm for Clustering Documents Based on the Hierarchical Agglomerative Approach
Amal Elsayed Aboutabl1 and Mohamed Nour Elsayed2, 1Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt and 2Princess Noura University,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Adaptive Team-Based Multi-Agent Organizational Model: A Case in Rescue Systems
Afsaneh Fatemi, Kamran Zamanifar and Naser Nematbakhsh, University of Isfahan, Iran

A Descriptive Model for Developing a Hydraulic Geodatabase by Using the GIS Softwares
El khamlichi Ahmed Mortada1, Kadiri Mohamed1, El mahboul Abdellah2 and Merzouki Abderrahmane3, 1University
Abdelamlek Essaadi, Morocco, 2Hydraulic basin Agency of Oum Er Rabii, Morocco and 3University of Granada, Spain

Application of PUF-Enabled RFID Tags in Electronic Banking
Saeed Mehmandoust and Reza Ebrahimi Atani, The University of Guilan, Iran

Energy Efficient Task Scheduling of Send-Receive Task Graphs on Distributed Multi-Core Processors with Software Controlled
Dynamic Voltage Scaling

Abhishek Mishra and Anil Kumar Tripathi, Banaras Hindu University, India

Special Issue on "CCSIT - 2011"

A Design of a Computer-Aided Diagnostic Tool For Chest X-Ray Analysis
Kim Le, University of Canberra, Australia

Characterization and Validation of Requirements Management Measures Using Correlation and Regression Model
S. Arun Kumar and T.Arun Kumar, VIT University, India

An Automated Size Recognition Technique for Acetabular Implant in Total Hip Replacement
A. Shapi'i, R. Sulaiman, M.K. Hasan and A.Y.M. Kassim, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

PHP Framework for Database Management Based on MVC Pattern
Chanchai Supaartagorn, Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand

Importance of Data Collection and Validation for Systematic Software Development Process
Mala.V.Patil1 and A.M.Nageswara Yogi2, 1Anna University - Coimbatore, India and 2Defence Research and Development
Organization - Bangalore, India

February 2011, Volume 3, Number 1

Affine Invariant Descriptors of 3D Object Using Multiple Regression Model
M. Elhachloufi1, A. El Oirrak1, D. Aboutajdine2 and M.N. Kaddioui1, 1Caddy Ayyad University, Morocco and 2LEESA-GSCM,

Use-Case, Runtime and Deployment Views for Developing Subsidies Mobile Wallet
Dina Darwish, International Academy for Engineering and Media Science, Egypt

Diagonal Based Feature Extraction for Handwritten Alphabets Recognition System Using Neural Network
J.Pradeep, E.Srinivasan and S.Himavathi, Pondicherry College Engineering, India

Electre Methods in Solving Group Decision Support System Bioinformatics on Gene Mutation Detection Simulation
Ermatita1, Sri Hartati2, Retantyo Wardoyo2 and Agus Harjoko2, 1Sriwijaya University, Indonesia and 2Gadjah Mada
University, Indonesia

A Novel Super Resolution Reconstruction of Low Reoslution Images Progressively Using DCT and Zonal Filter Based

Liyakathunisa and C.N .Ravi Kumar, Sri Jayachamrajendra College of Engineering, India

Mining Target-Oriented Fuzzy Correlation Rules to Optimize Telecom Service Management
Hao-En Chueh, Yuanpei University, Taiwan

Improving the Character Recognition Efficiency of Feed Forward BP Neural Network
Amit Choudhary1 and Rahul Rishi2, 1Maharaja Surajmal Institute, India and 2TITS - Bhiwani, India

Initial Classification Through Back Propagation In a Neural Network Following Optimization Through GA to Evaluate
the Fitness of an Algorithm

Amit Ganatra, Y P Kosta, Gaurang Panchal and Chintan Gajjar, Charotar University of Science and Technology, India

Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering for Artifact Reduction in Compressed images and videos
P.Ramakrishna Rao1, B.Addai1, G.Ramakrishna1 and T.PanduRanga Vital2, 1Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University, India and
2Gayathri College of Science and Management, India

Channel Allocation for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Using Vertex Merge Algorithm
Handrizal, A.Noraziah and Ahmed N Abd.Alla, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

Combining Speedup Techniques based on Landmarks and Containers with parallelised preprocessing in Random and
Planar Graphs

R. Kalpana1 and P. Thambidurai2, 1Pondicherry Engineering College, India and 2Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of
Engineering & Technology, India

Machine Learning Methods for Spam E-Mail Classification
W.A. Awad1 and S.M. ELseuofi2, 1Port Said University, Egypt and 2Ras El Bar High inst., Egypt

A Formal Classification of Internet Banking Attacks and Vulnerabilities
Laerte Peotta, Marcelo D. Holtz, Bernardo M. David, Flavio G. Deus and Rafael Timoteo de Sousa Jr., University of Brasilia
(UnB), Brazil

Characterization of Tumor Region Using SOM and Neuro Fuzzy Techniques in Digital Mammography
Anamika Ahirwar and R.S. Jadon, Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, India

Search-Based Software Test Data Generation Using Evolutionary Computation
P. Maragathavalli, Pondicherry Engineering College, India