Volume 6

November 2014, Volume 6, Number 6

Network Coding Combined with Onion Routing for Anonymous and Secure Communication in a Wireless Mesh Network
Abhinav Prakash1, Dharma P.Agrawal1 and Yunli Chen2, 1Uni-versity of Cincinnati, USA and 2Beijing University of Technology,

Evaluating Feasibility of Using Wireless Sensor Networks in a Coffee Crop Through Simulation of AODV, AOMDV, DSDV and
their Variants with 802.15.4 MAC Protocol

Ederval Pablo Ferreira da Cruz, Luis Eduardo Gottardo, Franciele Pereira Rossini, Vinicius de Souza Oliveira and Lucas Cellim
Pereira, Federal Institute of Espirito Santo (IFES) – Campus Itapina, Brazil

Impact of Network Quality Deterioration on User’s Perceived Operability and Live-Migration of Virtual Machines in Remote
Desktop Environments

Shin-ichi Kuribayashi, Seikei University, Japan

Framework for Wireless Network Security Using Quantum Cryptography
Priyanka Bhatia and Ronak Sumbaly, BITS Pilani Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Analysis of Wifi and Wimax and Wireless Network Coexistence
Shuang Song and Biju Issac, Teesside University, UK

Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols and TCP Variants Under Http and FTP Traffic in Manets
Ghassan A. QasMarrogy1, Aous Y. Ali1, Emmanuel S. QasMarrogy2 and Adil H. M. Aldlawie1, 1Cihan University, Iraq and
2Al-Mansour University Collage, Iraq

Solving Bandwidth-Guaranteed Routing Problem Using Routing Data
Cao Thai Phuong Thanh1, Ha Hai Nam2 and Tran Cong Hung2, 1Saigon University, Vietnam and 2Post & Telecommunications
Institute of Technology, Vietnam

A Fuzzy Logic Controllerfora Two-Link Functional Manipulator
SherifKamel Hussein1 and MahmoudHanafy Saleh2, 1University for Modern Sciences and Arts Giza - Egypt and 2Canadian
International College-CIC, Egypt

Priority Based Bandwidth Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mary Cherian1 and T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair2, 1Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India and 2Dayananda Sagar Institutions, India

Internet for Vanet Network Communications -Fleetnet
Bahidja Boukenadil and Mohammed Feham, Tlemcen University, Algeria

On Modeling Controller-Switch Interaction in Openflow Based SDNS
Ameen Chilwan1, Kashif Mahmood2, Olav N. sterb2 and Michael Jarschel3, 1NTNU, Norway, 2Telenor Research, Norway
and 3Nokia, Germany

September 2014, Volume 6, Number 5

Modeling and Designing Resource Efficient Distributed MANET Management System (DMMS)
Golam R. Khan and Dhadesugoor R. Vaman, Prairie View A&M University, USA

Analysis of IPV6 Transition Technologies
Ali Albkerat and Biju Issac, Teesside University, UK

On the Optimization of BitTorrent-Like Protocols for Interactive On-Demand Streaming Systems
Carlo Kleber da Silva Rodrigues1,2, 1Armed Forces University – ESPE, Ecuador and 2University Center of Brasilia, Brazil

A Proposal for Improve the Life-Time of Wireless Sensor Network
Tran Cong Hung1 and Nguyen Hong Quan2, 1Post & Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam and 2University of
Science, Vietnam

Papr Reduction of OFDM Signal by Using Combined Hadamard and Modified Meu-Law Companding Techniques
Mohamed M. El-Nabawy1, Mohamed A. Aboul-Dahab2 and Khairy El-Barbary3, 1Modern Academy for Eng. & Tech in Maadi
(M.A.M), Egypt, 2Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST), Egypt and 3Canal University, Egypt

Network-Aware Data Prefetching Optimization of Computations in a Heterogeneous HPC Framework
Pawel Rosciszewski, Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland

Performance Analysis of Channel Access Model for MAC in Randomly Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks
Ajay Sikandar and Sushil Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

A Computer Virus Propagation Model Using Delay Differential Equations with Probabilistic Contagion and Immunity
M. S. S. Khan, Sullivan University, USA

Improvement of LTE Downlink System Performances Using the Lagrange Polynomial Interpolation
Mallouki Nasreddine, Nsiri Bechir, Walid Hakimi and Mahmoud Ammar University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

An Efficient Spectrum Sharing Method Based on Genetic Algorithm in Heterogeneous Wireless Network
Kazuhiko Kinoshita1, Masashi Nakagawa1, Keita Kawano2 and Koso Murakami1, 1Osaka University, Japan and 2Okayama
University, Japan

Risk Assessment Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Beta Distribution
Mohammad Momani1, Maen Takruri2 and Rami Al-Hmouz3, 1University of Technology, Australia, 1American University of
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates and 3King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Performance Evaluation of the Effect of Noise Power Jammer on the Mobile Bluetooth Network
Adil H. M. Aldlawie and Ghassan A. QasMarrogy, Cihan University, Iraq

Importance of Realistic Mobility Models for Vanet Network Simulation
Bahidja Boukenadil and Mohammed Feham, Tlemcen University, Algeria

A Study on Impacts of RTT Inaccuracy on Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in PON and Solution
Son Nguyen Hong, Hao Nguyen Anh and Thua Huynh Trong, Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology, Viet Nam

A Novel Intrusion Detection Model for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks using CP-KNN
M. Lalli1 and V. Palanisamy2, 1Bharathidasan University, India and 2Alagappa University, India

July 2014, Volume 6, Number 4

Web Object Size Satisfying Mean Waiting Time in Multiple Access Environment
Y. –J. Lee, Korea National University of Education, South Korea

Dynamic Routing of IP Traffic Based on QOS Parameters
Martin Kriška, Jozef Janitor and Peter Fecilak, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Energy Aware Clustering Protocol (EACP) For Heterogeneous WSN
Surender Kumar1, Sumeet Kumar2 and Bharat Bhushan3, 1Govt. Polytechnic, India, 2Accenture Services Private Ltd., India
and 3Khalsa College, India

CODEC: Content Distribution with (N,K) Erasure Code in Manet
Bin Dai, Wenwen Zhao, Jun Yang and Lu Lv, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

PWM Technique to Overcome the Effect of High PAPR in Wireless Systems
Omar Daoud, Philadelphia University, Jordan

Internet Service Provider-Mobile Border Gateway Route Optimization Technique In Mobile IP Based On Different Isps
Structures (ISP-MBG)

Sherif Kamel Hussein, October University, Egypt

Intrusion Prevention/Intrusion Detection System (IPS/IDS) for Wifi Networks
Michal Korcak, Jaroslav Lamer and Frantisek Jakab, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

A New Method for Controlling and Maintaining Topology in Wireless Sensor Networks
Aminuddin Zabi, Touseef Yousuf and Aparna Manikonda, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, India

New Research Directions In The Area Of Smart Phone Forensic Analysis
Firdous Kausar, Imam University, Saudi Arabia

Peak Detection Using Wavelet Transform
Omar Daoud , Qadri Hamarsheh and Saleh Saraireh, Philadelphia University, Jordan

Zigbee Technology and its Application in Wireless Home Automation Systems: A Survey
Thoraya Obaid, HaleemahRashed, Ali Abou-Elnour, Muhammad Rehan, Mussab Muhammad Saleh and Mohammed Tarique,
Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE

May 2014, Volume 6, Number 3

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of ICMP-Based Available Network Bandwidth Measurement Based on IMTCP
Hiroyuki Hisamatsu and Hiroki Oda, Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan.

Link-Aware Nice Application Level Multicast Protocol
Dina Helal1, Amr Naser1, Mohamed Rehan1, and Ayman El Naggar2, 1Intel Labs, Egypt and 2German University in Cairo, Egypt

Energy Efficiency Cross Layer Protocol for Wireless Mesh Network
Sarra Mamechaoui1, Fedoua Didi1 and Guy Pujolle2, 1STIC Laboratory, Abou Bekr Belkaid University Tlemcen, Algeria
and 2 Pierre et Marie Curie University Paris 6, France

A Comparison of Efficient Algorithms for Scheduling Parallel Data Redistribution
Marios-Evangelos Kogias and Timotheos Aslanidis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

A Novel Scheme to Improve the Spectrum Sensing Performance
S.Taruna and Bhumika Pahwa, Banasthali Vidyapith, India.

Comparative Performance Analysis of Different Modulation Techniques for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signal
Munjure Mowla, Liton Chandra Paul and Rabiul Hasan, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

On The Development of Methodology for Planning and Cost-Modeling of A Wide Area Network
B. Ahmedi1 and P. Mitrevski2, 1State University of Tetovo, Macedonia and 2University of St. Clement Ohridski, Macedonia

Modified Q-Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Improved Fairness in 802.16J Networks
Rama Reddy T1, Prasad Reddy PVGD 2, Satya Prasad R3 and Suresh Batha4, 1G.B.R College, India, 2Andhra University, India,
3Nagarjuna University, India and 4S.T.P.I, India

Domain-Partitioned Element Management Systems Employing Mobile Agents for Distributed Network Management
Anish Saini1 and Atul Mishra2, 1Echelon Instituteof Technology, India and 2YMCA University of Science & Technology -
Faridabad, India

Real-Time Audio Translation Module Between Iax And Rsw
Hadeel Saleh Haj Aliwi and Putra Sumari, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

A Preliminary Evaluation of Bandwidth Allocation Model Dynamic Switching
Rafael F. Reale1, Romildo Martins S. Bezerra2 and Joberto Sergio B. Martins3, 1DMCC, Brazil, 2GSORT, Brazil and 3NUPERC,

Performance Evaluation of Zigbee Transceiver for Wireless Body Sensor System
Ruchita Pandey,Mukesh kumar, A.K.Jaiswal and Rohini Saxena, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and
Sciences, India.

A Survey of Models for Computer Networks Management
Dimitris Kontoudis and Panayotis Fouliras, University of Macedonia, Greece

My-Direct: A Middleware for P2P Mobile Social Networks
Luiz Marcus Monteiro de Almeida Santos and Admilson de Ribamar Lima Ribeiro, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil

Correlation Based Feature Selection (CFS) Technique to Predict Student Perfromance
Mital Doshi and Setu K Chaturvedi, Technocrats Institute of Technology, India

March 2014, Volume 6, Number 2

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Scheme In Lr-Pon With Performance Modelling And Analysis
Tony Tsang, La Trobe University, Australia

Multipath Qos Aware Routing Protocol For Adhoc Network
Anupam Baliyan and Vikas Pareek, Banasthali University, India

Mesh-Pull Backup Parent Pools for Video-On-Demand Multicast Trees
Müge Sayit and E. Turhan Tunali, International Computer Institute, Turkey

A Comparative Analysis of Number Portability Routing Schemes
Suman Deswal and Anita Singhrova, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, India

A Novel Real-Time Video And Data Capture Of Vehicular Accident In Intelligent Transportation Systems
Fekri M. Abduljalil, University of Sana'a, Yemen

QOS Group Based Optimal Retransmission Medium Access Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
Kumaraswamy M1, Shaila K1, Tejaswi V1, Venugopal K R1, S S Iyengar2 and L M Patnaik3, 1University of Visvesvaraya College
of Engineering, India, 2Florida International University, USA and 3Indian Institute of Science, India

Enhanced AODV Route Discovery and Route Establishment for QOS Provision for Real Time Transmission in MANET
Iftikhar Ahmad, Uzma Ashraf, Sadia Anum and Hira Tahir, Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Pakistan

Different Date Block Size Using to Evaluate the Performance between Different Symmetric Key Algorithms
Ali M Alshahrani and Stuart Walker, University of Essex, UK

Comparative Analyisis on Some Possible Partnership Schemes of Global Ip Exchange Providers
David Gunawan and Karno Budiono, Telkom Indonesia Research & Development Centre, Indonesia

On the Migration of a Large Scale Network from IPv4 to IPv6 Environment
Muhammad Yeasir Arafat, Feroz Ahmed and M Abdus Sobhan, Independent University, Bangladesh

Performance Comparison of Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols
Mandeep Kaur Gulati and Krishan Kumar, PTU Kapurthala, India

Performance Comparison of Coded and Uncoded IEEE 802.16D Systems under Stanford University Interim (SUI)Channels
A. H. Siddique1, A K M Arifuzzman2, R. Islam3 and M. Tarique4, 1The Petroleum Institute, UAE, 2University of Alabama, USA,
3American International University, Bangladesh and 4Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE

Performance Analysis and Monitoring of Various Advanced Digital Modulation and Multiplexing Techniques of F.O.C within
and Beyond 400 Gb/S

Sumant Ku. Mohapatra, Ramya Ranjan Choudhury, Rabindra Bhojray and Pravanjan Das, Trident Academy of Technology, India

January 2014, Volume 6, Number 1

Levy Walk Models of Survivor Movement In Disaster Areas With Barriers
Socrates E. Akpoyibo1, Ram G. Lakshmi Narayanan2 and Oliver C. Ibe1, 1University of Massachusetts, USA and 2Nokia
Solutions Networks, USA

NDTAODV: Neighbor Defense Technique for Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) to Mitigate Flood Attack in Manets
Akshai Aggarwal, Savita Gandhi, Nirbhay Chaubey, Naren Tada and Srushti Trivedi, Gujarat Technological University, India

Ubiquitous Smart Home System Using Android Application
Shiu Kumar, Mokpo National University, South Korea

Wormhole Attack Mitigation in Manet: A Cluster Based Avoidance Technique
Subhashis Banerjee and Koushik Majumder, West Bengal University of Technology,India

The Case for Dynamic Key Distribution for PKI-Based VANETS
Ahmed H. Salem1, Ayman Abdel-Hamid2 and Mohamad Abou El-Nasr2, 1Old Dominion University, USA and 2Arab Academy
for Science, Egypt

A Low Complex Modified Golden Code in a Cooperative Relaying System
K.Thilagam and K.Jayanthi, Pondicherry Engg. College, India

Distributed Vertex Cover Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
Vedat Kavalci1, Aybars Ural2 and Orhan Dagdeviren2, 1Izmir University, Turkey and 2Ege University, Turkey

Secure Routing and Data Transmission in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Waleed S. Alnumay1 and Uttam Ghosh2, 1King Saud University, Saudi Arabia and 2IIT- Kharagpur,India

Automated Re-Allocator of Replicas Over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Inas Abuqaddom, Azzam Sleit and Wesam Almobaideen, University of Jordan, Jordan

In-Network Aggregation Using Efficient Routing Techniques For Event Driven Sensor Network
Smitha N. Pai1, K.C. Shet2 and Mruthyunjaya H.S1, 1M.I.T., India and 2NITK,India

Evaluation of Scalability and Bandwidth Efficiency of Multipoint to Multipoint Hierarchy for Fast Recovery in MPLS Networks
Mohamad Chaitou and Hussein Charara, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Virtual Backbone Trees for Most Minimal Energy Consumption and Increasing Network Lifetime in WSNS
Saibharath S1 and Aarthi.J2, 1BITS Pilani, India and 2Anna University,India

Hybrid Algorithm Based on Ant and Genetic Algorithms for Task Allocation on a Network of Homogeneous Processors
Sawsan Yousef Abu Shuqeir and Tamara Amjad Al Qublan, AL Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Analyzing Peer Selection Policies for BitTorrent Multimedia On-Demand Streaming Systems in Internet
Carlo Kleber da Silva Rodrigues1,2, 1Armed Forces University – ESPE, Ecuador and 2University Center of Brasília – UniCEUB,

EDOCR: Energy Density On-Demand Cluster Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
B M Thippeswamy1, Reshma S2, Shaila K1, Venugopal K R2, S S Iyengar3 and L M Patnaik4, 1Jawaharlal Nehru Technological
University, India, 2Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India, 3Florida International University, U S A and 4Indian Institute
of Science, India