Volume 3

October 2013, Volume 3, Number 4

Interpolating Rational Bézier Spline Curves with Local Shape Control  
Alexander P. Pobegailo, Belarusian State University, Belarus

Visualization of General Defined Space Data  
John R Rankin, La Trobe University, Australia

Feature Based Ghost Removal in High Dynamic Range Imaging  
Hwan-Soon Sung1, Rae-Hong Park1, Dong-Kyu Lee1 and SoonKeun Chang2, 1Sogang University, Korea and 2Samsung
Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Interactive Full-Body Motion Capture Using Infrared Sensor Network  
Son Duong and Min-Hyung Choi, University of Colorado Denver, CO USA

Visual Hull Construction from Semitransparent Coloured Silhouettes  
J R Rankin and M Boyapati, La Trobe University, Australia

July 2013, Volume 3, Number 3

Appearance-based Representation and Rendering of Cast Shadows  
Dong-O Kim, Sang Wook Lee and Rae-Hong Park, Sogang University, Korea

Prospects and Challenges of the Animation Industry in Bangladesh  
Md. Bharul Islam1, Abu Kalam Samshuddin1 and Moshiur Rahman Choudhury2, 1Daffodil International University, Bangladesh
and 2Dreamer Donkey Private Limited, Bangladesh

April 2013, Volume 3, Number 2

One-Dimensional Signature Representation for Three-Dimensional Convex Object Recognition  
Ho-Jin Lee1, Dong-Gyu Sim2 and Rae-Hong Park1, 1Sogang University, Korea and 2Kwangwoon University, Korea

Map Making from Tables  
John R Rankin, La Trobe University, Australia

January 2013, Volume 3, Number 1

Depth Map Generation Using Local Depth Hypothesis for 2D-TO-3D Conversion  
Na-Eun Yang, Ji Won Lee and Rae-Hong Park, Sogang University, Korea

Video Completion Using Hierarchical Motion Estimation and Color Compensation  
Jin-Hong Kim, Rae-Hong Park and Jino Lee, Sogang University, Korea

Iterative Smoothing of Curves and Surfaces  
John R Rankin, La Trobe University, Australia