Volume 7

December 2015, Volume 7, Number 6

A Preprocessing Model for Hand-Written Arabic Texts Based on Voronoi Diagrams
Atallah M.Al-Shatnawi, Al al-Bayt University, Jordan

An Entropic Optimization Technique in Heterogeneous Grid Computing Using Bionic Algorithms
Saad M.Darwish, Adel A.El-zoghabi and Moustafa F.Ashry, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Egypt

New Symmetric Encryption System Based on Evolutionary Algorithm
A.Mouloudi, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

UML Modeling and System Architecture for Agent Based Information Retrieval
D.Muhammad Noorul Mubarak and Philomina Simon, University of Kerala, India

The Effect of Implementing of Nonlinear Filters for Enhancing Medical Images Using MATLAB
Mohamed Y.Adam1, Mozamel M.Saeed2 and Al Samani A.Ahmed3, 1King Saud University, KSA, 2Prince Sattam Bin Abdul-Aziz University, KSA and 3Al Neelain University College of Computer Science & Information Technology, Sudan

Two-Layer Secure Prevention Mechanism for Reducing E-Commerce Security Risks
Sen-Tarng Lai, Shih Chien University, Taiwan

Congestion Aware Spray and Wait Protocol: A Congestion Control Mechanism for the Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network
Chuka Oham and Milena Radenkovic, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Automated Management of Pothole Related Disasters Using Image Processing and Geotagging
Manisha Mandal, Madhura Katageri, Mansi Gandhi, Navin Koregaonkar and Sharmila Sengupta, Vivekanand Education
Society's Institute of Technology, India

A Routing Mechanism Based on Social Networks and Betweenness Centrality in Delay-Tolerant Networks
Zhang Huijuan and Liu Kai, Tongji University, China

Comparative Analysis of Single-Core and Multi-Core Systems
Ogundairo Johnson1 and Omosehinmi Dinyo2, 1National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Nigeria and 2Federal University
of Technology, Nigeria

Reducing Security Concerns when Using Cloud Computing in Online Exams Case Study: General Associate Degree
Examination (Shamel) in Jordan

Mohamad M. Al-Laham, Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan

A Software Tool for Experimental Study Leap Motion
Georgi Krastev and Magdalena Andreeva, Ruse University, Bulgaria

Service Oriented Quality Requirement Framework for Cloud Computing
Madhushi Rathnaayke and Janaka I Wijayanayake, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

A Database System Security Framework
Habiba Muhammad Sani1 and Muhammad Mika'ilu Yabo2, 1Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Nigeria and 2Shehu Shagari
College of Education, Nigeria

October 2015, Volume 7, Number 5

Hadoop Mapreduce Performance Enhancement Using In-Node Combiners
Woo-Hyun Lee, Hee-Gook Jun and Hyoung-Joo Kim, Seoul National University, South Korea

Robot Pose Estimation: A Vertical Stereo Pair Versus a Horizontal One
Mohammad Ehab Ragab1 and Kin Hong Wong2, 1The Electronics Research Institute, Egypt and 2Computer Science and
Engineering Department, Shatin, Hong Kong

Integrated Project Management Measures in CMMI
Mahmoud Khraiwesh, Zarqa University, Jordan

Formal Verification of Distributed Checkpointing Using Event-B
Girish Chandra1, Raghuraj Suryavanshi2 and Divakar Yadav1, 1Institute of Engineering & Technology, India and 2Pranveer
Singh Institute of Technology, India

Validation Study of Dimensionality Reduction Impact on Breast Cancer Classification
Nezha Hamdi1, Khalid Auhmani2 and Moha M'rabet Hassani1, 1Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco and 2National School of
Applied Sciences, Morocco

Formal Specification and Verification of Total Order Broadcast through Destination Agreement Using Event-B
Arun Kumar Singh and Divakar Yadav, Institution of Engineering and Technology, India

Automatic Extraction of Spatio-Temporal Information from Arabic Text Documents
Abdelkoui Feriel1 and Kholladi Mohamed Khireddine2, 1MENTOURI 2 University, Algeria and 2El oued University, Algeria

Encryption-Decryption RGB Color Image Using Matrix Multiplication
Mohamad M.AL-Laham, Zarqa University, Jordan

A New Approach to Parts of Speech Tagging in Malayalam
D.Muhammad Noorul Mubarak, Sareesh Madhu and S A Shanavas, University of Kerala, India

Predictive and Statistical Analyses for Academic Advisory Support
Mohammed AL-Sarem, Taibah University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

An Overview on the Use of Data Mining and Linguistics Techniques for Building Microblog-Based Early Detection Systems in
the Healthcare Sector

Haider M. Habeeb1 and Nabeel Al-A'araji2, 1University of Babylon, Iraq and 2Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
Research, Iraq

Clustering of Deep WebPages: A Comparative Study
Muhunthaadithya C, Rohit J.V, Sadhana Kesavan1 and E.Sivasankar, National Institute of Technology Trichy, India

August 2015, Volume 7, Number 4

Applying an Arabic Conversational Agent in the Jordanian E-Government
Mohammad Hijjawi and Hesham Abusaimeh, Applied Science University, Jordan

Collaborative Bibliographic System for Review/Survey Articles
Mutaz Beraka, Abdullah Al-Dhelaan and Mznah Al-Rodhaan, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Unique Fundamentals of Software Measurement and Software Metrics in Software Engineering
K.P.Srinivasan, C.B.M.College, India

Sensitivity Analysis of Information Retrieval Metrics
Marina Marjanovic-Jakovljevic, Singidunum University, Serbia

Consideration of Human Computer Interaction in Robotic Field
Tarek Toumi and Abdelmadjid Zidani, University of Batna, Algeria

Review of Lane Detection and Tracking Algorithms in Advanced Driver Assistance System
Ammu M Kumar and Philomina Simon, University of Kerala, India

On the Image Quality and Encoding Times of LSB, MSB and Combined LSB-MSB Steganography Algorithms Using Digital

Solomon O.Akinola and Adebanke A.Olatidoye, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Symmetrical Weighted Subspace Holistic Approach for Expression Recognition
G.P.Hegde1, M.Seetha2 and Nagaratna Hegde3, 1Shree Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute of Technology, India and 2G.Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, India and 3Vasavi College of Engineering, India

Applying the Technology Acceptance Model to Understand Social Networking Sites (SNS) Usage: Impact of Perceived
Social Capital

Waleed Al-Ghaith, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia

Map-Reduce Implementations: Survey and Performance Comparison
Zeba Khanam and Shafali Agarwal, JSS Academy of Technical Education, India

A Hybrid Copy-Move Forgery Detection Technique Using Regional Similarity Indices
Rani Susan Oommen1 and Jayamohan M2, 1Sree Buddha College of Engineering for Women, India and 2College of Applied
Science, India

An Effective and Efficient Feature Selection Method for Lung Cancer Detection
R.Kishore, K.L.N College of Engineering, India

June 2015, Volume 7, Number 3

Arabic Language Challenges in Text Based Conversational Agents Compared to The English Language
Mohammad Hijjawi and Yousef Elsheikh, Applied Science University, Jordan

Fuzzy Image Segmentation Using Validity Indexes Correlation
Daniel Fernando Tello Gamarra, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), Brazil

Instructor Perspectives of Mobile Learning Platform: An Empirical Study
Muasaad Alrasheedi, Luiz Fernando Capretz and Arif Raza, Western University, Canada

A Study on Weed Discrimination Through Wavelet Transform, Texture Feature Extraction and Classification
D.Ashok Kumar1 and P.Prema2, 1Government Arts College, India and 2Agricultural College and Research Institute, India

Corrosion Control Approach Using Data Mining
StephenDapiap, Gregory Wajiga, Michael Egwurube, Musa Kadzai, Nathaniel Oye and ThankGodAnazodo, Federal University
of Technology Yola, Nigeria

A Clustering Technique for Email Content Mining
Deepa Patil and Yashwant Dongre, Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, India

Comparison of Wavelet Network and Logistic Regression in Predicting Enterprise Financial Distress
Ming-Chang Lee1 and Li-Er Su2, 1National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan and 2Shih Chien University,

Increasing the Transistor Count by Constructing A Two-Layer Crystal Square on A Single Chip
Haissam El-Aawar, Lebanese International University - LIU, Lebanon

Comparison of Different Transmitters Using 1550nm and 10000nm in FSO Communication Systems
Poonam Singal, Saloni Rai, Rahul Punia and Dhrove Kashyap, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology,

Multi-Parameter Based Performance Evaluation of Classification Algorithms
Saurabh Kr.Srivastava and Sandeep Kr.Singh, JIIT University, India

April 2015, Volume 7, Number 2

Evaluation of Two-Level Global Load Balancing Framework in Cloud Environment
Po-Huei Liang and Jiann-Min Yang, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan

An Extension of PROTÉGÉ for an Automatic Fuzzy-Ontology Building Using Clustering and FCA
Aloui Amira and Grissa Touzi Amel, Université Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

Towards a System Dynamics Modeling Method Based on Dematel
Fadwa Chaker, Abdellah El Manouar and Mohammed Abdou Janati Idrissi, Mohammed V University, Morocco

Preprocessing for PPM: Compressing Utf-8 Encoded Natural Language Text
William J.Teahan1 and Khaled M.Alhawiti2, 1University of Wales, Bangor, UK and 2University of Tabuk, KSA

Thermal Control in 3D Liquid Cooled Processors Via Hotspot Separation And Thermoelectric Cooling
Yue Hu, Shaoming Chen, Lu Peng, Edward Song and Jin-Woo Choi, Louisiana State University, USA

SFAMSS:A Secure Framework for ATM Machines Via Secret Sharing
Zeinab Ghafari, Taha Arian and Morteza Analoui, University of Science and Technology, Iran

Performance Measurements of Feature Tracking and Histogram Based Traffic Congestion Algorithms
Ozgur Altun and Kenan Aksoy, Proline Bilisim Sistemleri, Turkey

Research on Decision Making Regarding High-Business-Strategy Cafe Menu Selection
Cheng-I Hou1, Han-Chen Huang2, Yao-Hsu Tsai2 and Chih-Yao Lo1, 1Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Taiwan and
2Chung Hua University, Taiwan

Prefix-Based Labeling Annotation for Effective Xml Fragmentation
Kok-Leong Koong, Su-Cheng Haw, Lay-Ki Soon and Samini Subramaniam, Multimedia University, Malaysia

PROP - Patronage of PHP Web Applications
Sireesha C, Jyostna G, Raghu Varan P and P R L Eswari, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India

Quantum Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection for Mammographic Image Classification
N.Hamdi, K.Auhmani and M.M.Hassani, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco

Taxonomy of Optimization Approaches of Resource Brokers in Data Grids
Rafah M.Almuttairi, University of Babylon, Iraq

A Survivability Model for Saudi ICT Startups
Sara Almakenzi, Arif Bramantoro and Waleed Rashideh, Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU),
Saudi Arabia

Emotion Interaction with Virtual Reality Using Hybrid Emotion Classification Technique toward Brain Signals
Faris A.Abuhashish1, Jamal Zraqou2, Wesam Alkhodour2, Mohd S.Sunar1 and Hoshang Kolivand1, 1Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia, Malaysia and 2Isra University, Jordan

Prediction for Short-Term Traffic Flow Based on Optimized Wavelet Neural Network Model
Tao Li and Liu Sheng, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China

February 2015, Volume 7, Number 1

Iris Recognition for Personal Identification Using Lamstar Neural Network
Shideh Homayon, University of California, USA

An Employing a Multistage Fuzzy Architecture for Usability of Open Source Software
Roba Al-Soub, Mutah University, Jordan

Analysis of Selection Indicators of Badminton Players by the Delphi Method and Analytic Hierarchy Process
Han-Chen Huang1, Chun-Ta Lin2 and Chia-Sen Hu3, 1Chung Hua University, Taiwan, 2Yu Da University of Science and
Technology, Taiwan and 3Guang Hua Junior High School, Taiwan

Cross Platform App : A Comparative Study
Paulo R.M.de Andrade1, Adriano B.Albuquerque1, Otávio F. Frota2, Robson V Silveira2 and Fátima A. da Silva2,
1University of Fortaleza - UNIFOR Fortaleza - CE, Brazil and 2College Estacio FIC of Ceara Fortaleza - CE, Brazil

Performance Comparison of Hybrid Wavelet Transforms Formed Using Dct, Walsh, Haar and DKT in Watermarking
H.B.Kekre1, Tanuja Sarode2 and Shachi Natu1, 1NMIMS University, India and 2Mumbai University, India

Improving Initial Generations in PSO Algorithm for Transportation Network Design Problem
Navid Afkar and Abbas Babazadeh, University of Tehran, Iran

New Approach in Symmetric Block Cipher Security Using a New Cubical Technique
Ali M Alshahrani and Stuart Walker, University of Essex, United Kingdom

The Analysis of the Time Table Structure Within a Student Information System (Sis)
Issa S.I.Ottoum, Alzaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan

A Rule Based Approach towards Detecting Human Temperament
Shomoye Abiodun R1 and ShomoyeAdekunle I2, 1Oduduwa University, Nigeria and 2Federal Polytechnic, Nigeria

An Iterative Morphological Decomposition Algorithm for Reduction of Skeleton Points
A.Sri Krishna1 and G.L.K.Vasista2, N.Neelima1, 1R.V.R& J.C College of Eng. India and 2AMRITA School of Eng., India

Analysis of Key Considerations of the Public When Choosing Recreational Activities
Han-Chen Huang1, Chun-Ta Lin2 and Chi-Han Chuang3, 1Chung Hua University, Taiwan, 2Yu Da University of Science and
Technology, Taiwan and 3Da-Tung Elementary School, Taiwan

Efficient Data Protection for Enterprise Data Centers
Khaled Aldossari, EXPEC Computer Center, Saudi Arabia

Authoring System of Drill & Practice Elearning Modules for Hearing Impaired Students
Karim Q Hussein, Mustansiriyah University, Iraq

A Novel Methodology for Constructing Rule-Based Naïve Bayesian Classifiers
Abdallah Alashqur, Applied Science University, Jordan

Testability Measurement Model for Object Oriented Design (Tmmood)
Abdullah1, M.H.Khan2, Reena Srivastava3, 1BBD University, India, 2I.E.T, India and 3BBD University, India