Volume 3

November 2012, Volume 3, Number 6

Obesity Heuristic, New Way on Artificial Immune Systems
M. A. El-Dosuky, M. Z. Rashad, T. T. Hamza and A.H. EL-Bassiouny, Mansoura University, Egypt

Web Mining - A Catalyst For E-Business
Abdul Rahaman Wahab Sait1 and T.Meyappan2, 1Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia and 2Alagappa University, India

A Multi - Population Based Frog - Memetic Algorithm for Job Shop Scheduling Problem
Somayeh Kalantari1 and Mohammad Saniee Abadeh2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2Tarbiat Modares University,

Map /Reduce Design and Implementation of Apriori Algorithm for Handling Voluminous Data - Sets
Anjan K Koundinya, Srinath N K, K A K Sharma, Kiran Kumar, Madhu M N and Kiran U Shanbag,
R V College of Engineering, India

Justification of Montgomery Modular Reduction
Salem Sherif Elfard, University of Az-zawia, Zawia-Libya

A Study of Image Compression Based Transmission Algorithm Using Spiht for Low Bit Rate Application
Ritu Chourasiya and Ajit Shrivastava, Institute of science & IT., India

A Comparative Study of Root -Based and Stem -Based Approaches for Measuring the Similarity Between Arabic Words
for Arabic Text Mining Applications

Hanane FROUD1, Abdelmonaim LACHKAR1 and Said ALAOUI OUATIK2, 1University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (USMBA),Fez, Morocco and 2L.I.M, FSDM, Fez, Morocco

Vector Quantization for Privacy Preserving Clustering in Data Mining
D.Aruna Kumari, Rajasekhara Rao and M.Suman, K.L.University, India

Transmission Time and Throughput analysis of EEE LEACH, LEACH and Direct Transmission Protocol: A Simulation
Based Approach

Meenakshi Sharma1 and Anil Kumar.Shaw2, 1SMIT, India and 2NERIST, India

A Secure Key Transfer Protocol for Group Communication
R. Velumadhava Rao1, K Selvamani2, R Elakkiya3, 1Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, India, 2Anna University, India
and 3Jerusalem Engineering College, India

September 2012, Volume 3, Number 5

An Integrated ERP with Web Portal
Yehia M. Helmy, Mohamed I. Marie and Sara M. Mosaad, Helwan University, Egypt

Frameworks Between Components And Objects
Mohamed Belal, Ayman Khedr and Ahmed Gohar,Faculty of Information and Computer , Egypt

Comparative Performance Analysis Of Rnsc And Mcl Algorithms On Power-Law Distribution
Mousumi Dhara and K. K. Shukla, Banaras Hindu University, India

Enhancement Of Improved Balanced LEACH For Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Yogesh Kumar and Kanwaljit Singh, Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College, India

Generating domain specific sentiment lexicons using the Web Directory
Akshay Minocha and Navjyoti Singh, International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, India

Dynamic Allocation Method For Efficient Load Balancing In Virtual Machines For Cloud Computing Environment
Bhaskar. R, Deepu. S.R and B.S. Shylaja, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India

Directional Based Watermarking Scheme Using A Novel Data Embedding Approach
Y. RaghavenderRao1, E.Nagabhooshanam2, and P. Nikhil1, 1JNTUH College of Engineering, India and 1Muffakhamjah
College of Engg, India

Autocodecovergen: Prototype Of Data Driven Unit Test Genration Tool That Guarantees 100% Code Coverage For C#
Arpit Christi, New Horizon College of Engineering, India

An Efficient Integrated Approach for the Detection of Exudates and Diabetic Maculopathy in Colour fundus Images
B.Ramasubramanian and G.Mahendran, Syed Ammal Engineering College, India

July 2012, Volume 3, Number 4

Image Content in Location-Based Shopping Recommender Systems For Mobile Users
Tranos Zuva1, Oludayo O. Olugbara2, Sunday O. Ojo1 and Seleman M. Ngwira1, 1Tshwane University of Technology,
South Africa and 2Durban University of Technology, South Africa

Study and Implementation of Advanced Neuroergonomic Techniques
B.F.Momin1 and Mamata S.Kalas2, 1Walchand College of Engineering, India and 2KIT'S College of Engineering, India

'CodeAliker' - Plagiarism Detection on the Cloud
Nitish Upreti and Rishi Kumar, Amity University, India

A Modified Fault Tolerant Location-Based Service Discovery Protocol for Vehicular Networks
Saeed Fathi Ghiri1 and Morteza Rahmani2 and Hassan Almasi2, 1Azad University of Ghir-o-Karzin, Iran and
2Zanjan University, Iran

Analyzing the Efficient Test Order for Integration Testing
Reena Dadhich and Sourabh Sehgal, Govt. Engineering College Ajmer, India

Named Entity Recognition in Turkish Using Association Measures
Senem Kumova Metin1, Tarik Kisla2 and Bahar Karaoglan2, 11Izmir University of Economics, Turkey and
2Ege University, Turkey

Freeman Code Based Online Handwritten Character Recognition for Malayalam using Backpropagation Neural Networks
Amritha Sampath1, Tripti C1 and Govindaru V2, 1Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, India and 2Centre for Development of Imaging Technology, India

Adaptive Real Time Data Mining Methodology for Wireless Body Area Network Based Healthcare Applications
Dipti Durgesh Patil and Vijay M. Wadhai, MAEER's MITCOE - Pune, India

A Novel Method for Obtaining a Better Quality Speech Signal for Cochlear Implants using Kalman with DRNL and
SSB Technique

Rohini S. Hallikar1, Uttara Kumari1 and K Padmaraju2, 1R.V. College of Engineering, India and 2JNT University, India

Implementation of AES as a Custom Hardware using NIOS II Processor
Meghana Hasamnis1 and Priyanka Jambhulkar1 and S.S. Limaye2, 1Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and
Management, India and 2Jhulelal Institute of Technology, India

A New Approach to Theftware-Efficient Solution
Prabhat Kumar, Abhishek, Milan Jain, Niraj Upadhyay and Avinash Thakur, NIT Patna, India

Privacy Preserving through Segment-Based Visual Cryptography
Sesha Pallavi Indrakanti1 and Avadhani P S2, 1GVP Degree College (Autonomous), India and 2Andhra University College
of Engineering (Autonomous), India

May 2012, Volume 3, Number 3

Improvement of Loadability In Distribution System Using Genetic Algorithm
Mojtaba Nouri, Mahdi Bayat Mokhtari, Sohrab Mirsaeidi and Mohammad Reza Miveh, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Availability of JobTracker Machine In Hadoop/MapReduce Zookeeper Coordinated Clusters
Ekpe Okorafor1 and Mensah Kwabena Patrick2, 1African University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria and
2University for Development Studies, Navrongo, Ghana

New Approch For Wireless Communication Security Protocol By Using Mutual Authentication
Atishay Bansal, Dinesh Sharma, Gajendra Singh and Tumpa Roy, GLNAIT, India

Distance Transform Based Hand Gestures Recognition For Powerpoint Presentation Navigation
Ram Rajesh J, Nagarjunan D, Arunachalam RM and Aarthi R, Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham, India

Development Of Growth Models For Electronics Hardware And Software Components
Sarojamma B., Venkatramana Reddy S., Suresh Kumar Reddy K. and Hari Mallikarjuna Reddy B., Sri Venkateswara University,India

Semantic Plagiarism Detection System Using Ontology Mapping
Manjula Shenoy K1 , K. C. Shet2 and U. Dinesh Acharya1, 1 Manipal University, India and 2National Institute of Technology,

Data Security by Preprocessing the Text with Secret Hiding
Ajit Singh and Upasana Jauhari, BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya, India

A New Approach To Enhance Security In Mpls Network
S.Veni1 and G.M.Kadhar Nawaz2, 1 Barathiar University, India and 2 Sona College of Technology, India

Detecting Phishing Attacks In Purchasing Process Through Proactive Approach
S. Arun, D. Anandan, T. Selvaprabhu, B. Sivakumar, P. Revathi and H. Shine,
Veltech Multitech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College, India

Dispelling Classes Gradually to Improve Quality of Feature Reduction Approaches
Shervan Fekri Ershad and Sattar Hashemi, Shiraz University, Iran

Alpha-Qwerty Cipher: An Extended Vigenere Cipher
Md. Khalid Imam Rahmani, Neeta Wadhwa and Vaibhav Malhotra, Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad, India

Security Implementation through PCRE Signature over Cloud Network
Gaurav Raj and Munish Katoch, Lovely Professional University, India

March 2012, Volume 3, Number 2

Quantum parity algorithms as oracle calls, and application in Grover Database search
M. Z. Rashad, Mansoura University, Egypt

Securing Authentication of TCP/IP Layer Two By Modifying Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
M. W. Youssef 1and Hazem El-Gendy2, 1The SHOURA Assembly Cairo, Egypt and 2Ahram Canadian University in Egypt,

How To Improve Software Quality Assurance In Developing Countries
Ali Javed , Muazzam Maqsood KhurramAshfaqQazi and Khurram Ali Shah , University of Engineering and Technology
Taxila, Pakistan

Controlled Multimedia Cloud Architecture And Advantages
Selvaraj Kesavan1, Jerome Anand2 and J.Jayakumar1, 1Karunya University, India and 2Embedded Software Architect,

Construction of Community Web Directories based on Web usage Data
Ramancha Sandhyarani, Bodakuntla Rajkumar and Jayadev Gyani, Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences
Narsampet, India

Edge Preserving Image Coding For High Resolution Image Representation
M. Nagaraju Naik 1, K. Kumar Naik 2 and P. Rajesh Kumar 3, 1MIST, India, 2ANITS, India and 3A.U. College of
Engineering, India

Neighbor Attack And Detection Mechanism In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
S. Parthiban1, A. Amuthan2, N.Shanmugam3, K.Suresh Joseph1,1 Pondicherry University, India,
2Pondicherry Engineering College, India and 3Kanchi Pallavan Engineering College, India

Role Of Context In Usability Evaluations: A Review
Munesh Chandra Trivedi1 and Mohammadi Akheela Khanum2, 1Greater Noida, India and 2PAHER University, India

Data Load Manifestation In Process Chains In SAP Business Ware House
M. Victoria Hebseeba1 , T. Bhasakara Reddy2 , B. Lakshma Reddy3 and T. Venkateswarulu4 , 1 Rayalaseema University,
India, 2 S.K University, India, 3 Garden City College, India and 4 Gate College, India

A Novel Framework using Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Extremely Secure Transmission in Distributed Privacy
Preserving Data Mining

Kiran P, S Sathish Kumar and Kavya N P, RNS Instituite of Technology, India

Analysis of Various Symbol Detection Techniques in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output System (MIMO)
Shuchi Jani1, Shrikrishan Yadav2 and B. L. Pal3, 1SITE, India, 2PAHER University, India and 3MEWAR University, India

Aspect-Oriented Software Quality Model: The AOSQ Model
Pankaj Kumar, Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

A Survey for Load Balancing in Mobile WiMAX Networks
Camellia Askarian and Hamid Beigy, Sharif University of Technology, Iran

Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) Based Random Number Generator
Ali Sadr and Mostafa Zolfaghari-Nejad, Iran University of Science and Technology Tehran, Iran

Feature Extraction Methods For Color Image Similarity
R.Venkata Ramana Chary1,D.Rajya Lakshmi2 and K.V.N Sunitha3, 1Padmasri Dr.B.V Raju Institute of Technology, India,
2GITAM Institute of Technology, India and 3G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science Hyderabad, India

Cloud Computing And Privacy Regulations: An Exploratory Study On Issues And Implications
Mohammed A. T. AlSudiari and TGK Vasista, King Saud University, KSA

Anonymity And Accountability In Web Based Transactions
H.Jayasree and A.Damodaram, ATRI, India and JNTUH, India

January 2012, Volume 3, Number 1

Breaking A Feistel-Type Block Cipher by Bacteria Engineering
Arash Karimi and Hadi Shahriar Shahhoseini, Iran University of Science and Technology-Tehran, Iran

Multi-Agents Simulation of Human Behavior in a Situation of Emergency
Benkhedda Samira and Bendella Fatima, University of Science and Technology of Oran-USTO, Algeria

Presenting a hybrid method in order to predict the2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1)
Reza Boostani, Mojtaba Rismanchi,Abbas Khosravani, Lida Rashidi, Samaneh Kouchaki,Payam Peymani,
Seyed Taghi Heydari, B. Sabayan and K. B.Lankarani, Shiraz University, Iran

Embedded pH Data Acquisition and Logging
V.Ramya and B.Palaniappan, Annamalai University, India

Collaboration for Enhancing the System Development Process in Open Source Diligence
Murtaza Hussain Shaikh, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim - Norway

A Novel Image Retrieval Method Using Segmentation and Color Moments
T.V. Saikrishna1, A.Yesubabu2, A.Anandarao3 and T.Sudha Rani4, 1QIS College of Engineering & Technology, India,
2SIR C R Reddy College of Engineering, India, 3JNTU College of Engineering, India and 4Aditya Engineering College, India

A New Trend for E-Learning in KSA Using Educational Clouds
Abdullah Alshwaier, Ahmed Youssef and Ahmed Emam, King Saud University-Riyadh, KSA

Exploiting Logical Structures to Reduce Quorum Sizes of Replicated Databases
Parul Pandey and Maheshwari Tripathi, Jain University, IET, Lucknow

GPGPU Processing in CUDA Architecture
Jayshree Ghorpade1, Jitendra Parande2, Madhura Kulkarni1 and Amit Bawaskar1, 1MITCOE, Pune University, India and 2SunGard Global Technologies, India

Multiclass Classifier Designed Using Stepwise Crossover and Special Mutation Technique
Pankaj Patidar1, Bhupendra Verma1 and Arpit Bhardwaj2, 1TIT- Bhopal, India and 2SDITS-Khandwa, India

Modeling of Packet Switched Network over TCP Veno: TCP Improvement for Transmission over Wireless Access

Baswaraj1, D.C. Tomar2 and K.Prasad Rao1, 1CMR Institute of Technology, India and 2MNM Jain Engineering College, India

Effect of Symlet Filter Order on Denoising of Still Images
S. Kumari and R. Vijay, Banasthali University, India