Volume 3

November 2012, Volume 3, Number 6

A Method of Detecting Sql Injection Attack to Secure Web Applications
Sruthy Manmadhan and Manesh T, Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

A Beaconing Approach with Key Exchange in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Mohammed ERRITALI, Oussama Mohamed Reda and Bouabid El Ouahidi, Mohamed V University - Faculty of Sciences
Rabat, Morocco

MECB-AODV: A Modified Energy Constrained Based Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Akhilesh Tripathi and Rakesh Kumar, Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College, India

Gsm Based Embedded System for Remote Laboratory Safety Monitoring and Alerting
V.Ramya, B. Palaniappan and V.Sumathi, Annamalai University, India

Evaluation of Data Processing Using MapReduce Framework in Cloud and Stand - Alone Computing
Samira Daneshyar and Ahmed Patel, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Wireless Sensor Network in Niger Delta Oil and Gas Field Monitoring: The Security Challenges and Countermeasures
Fidelis C. Obodoeze, Hyacinth C. Inyiama and V.E. Idigo, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria

Implementation of Network Community Profile using Local Spectral algorithm and its Application in Community

Vaibhav VPrakash, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, India

QOS Enhanced Hybrid Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks
P.Rama Devi1 and D.Srinivasa Rao2, 1Abhinav Hitech College of Engineering, Hyderabad and 2JNTU CE, Hyderabad

Fast Parallel Sorting Algorithms on GPUs
Bilal Jan, Bartolomeo Montrucchio, Carlo Ragusa, Fiaz Gul Khan and Omar Khan, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

An Efficient Security Approach Using PGE and Parity Coding
Ch. Rupa1, P. S Avadhani2 and E. SrinivasReddy3, 1VVIT, India, 2Andhra University, India and 3Nagarjuna University,

Performance Assessment of Communication Network in WAMS
Kiran Gajrani1, Krishan Gopal Sharma2 and Annapurna Bhargava1, 1Rajasthan Technical University, India and
2Government Engineering College, India

Enhancement of TCP Performance with the Help of Snoop Protocol in Wired CUM Wireless Network
Maninder Kaur and and Parminder Singh, CEC Landran, India

Mining Association Rule for Horizontally Partitioned Databases Using CK Secure Sum Technique
Jayanti Danasana, Raghvendra Kumar and Debadutta Dey, KIIT University, India

Adaptation of the Method of Estimation and Motion Compensation in the Transmission of the Video Sequence in
JPEG 2000

Abdou Khadre Diop, Khaly Tall, Idy Diop and Sidi Mohamed Farssi, Cheikh Anta Diop university, Senegal

September 2012, Volume 3, Number 5

Scaling Up of E-Msr Codes Based Distributed Storage Systems with Fixed Number of Redundancy Nodes
Haotian Zhao, Yinlong Xu and Liping Xiang, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Scrutiny New Framework in Integrated Distributed Reliable Systems
Mehdi ZekriyapanahGashti, Payame Noor University, Iran

An Improved Lower Bound of the Spark with Application
Wajeb Gharibi, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A Generic Process Migration Algorithm
Amirreza Zarrabi, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

A Review on Routing Protocols for Application in Wireless Sensor Networks
Neha Rathi, Jyoti Saraswat and ParthaPratim Bhattacharya, Mody Institute of Technology & Science, India

Role of Multi Agent System for Qos Guarantee in Cellular Networks
Nupur Giri1 and Shrikant Bodhe2, 1VESIT, India and 2SVERI's College of Engineering,, India

A Categorical Review of Recommender Systems
RVVSV Prasad1 and V Valli Kumari2, 1Bhimavaram Institute of Engineering & Technology, India and 2Andhra University,

Evaluation of Parameters for Improving Handoff Performance in Obile Wimax Networks
Sharmistha Khan1, Ji Hyun Lee2, Golam Rosul Khan1, 1Prairie View A&M University, TX and 2Tuskegee University, AL

Remote Patient Monitoring System
Sherin Sebastian, Neethu Rachel Jacob, Yedu Manmadhan, Anand V. R. and M. J. Jayashree, Mar Baselios College of
Engineering & Technology, India

Cross-Layer Energy Optimization in Cooperative Cellular Systems
M.Sushanth Babu and K.kishan Rao, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India

Efficient Stagnation Avoidance for Manets with Local Repair Strategy Using ant Colony Optimization
Sharvani G S, A G Ananth and T M Rangaswamy, R V College Of Engineering Mysore Road, India

RFID and IP Based Object Identification in Ubiquitous Networking
Nisha Vaghela and Parikshit Mahalle, SKN College of Engineering, India

Enhancing Highway Traffic Safety Through Intelligent Car
Sudha Singh1, S C Dutta2, D K Singh3 and S K Singh4, 1Bengal college of Engg. and Technology, West Bengal, 2BIT Sindri,
Dhanbad, 3National Institute of Technology, Patna and 4Telcomm department, India

Generalized Affine Transformation Based on Circulant Matrices
Adi Narayana Reddy K1, Vishnuvardhan B2, Durga Prasad K3, 1Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management,
India, 2JNTU Jagityala, India and 3Padmasri Dr BVRIT, India

Performance Investigation of 802.11 MAC DCF
Siddharth Dutt Choubey1, Vikram Jain2, Rohit Singh Thakur1, 1SRIT, India and 2CMJ University, India

Energy Efficient Topologies For Wireless Sensor Networks
Gurwinder Kaur and Rachit Mohan Garg, Infosys Limited, India

July 2012, Volume 3, Number 4

Cloud Computing: The Future of it Industry
Munther Abualkibash and Khaled Elleithy, University of Bridgeport, USA

Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSR Routing Protocols in MANET Networks
Ammar Odeh, Eman AbdelFattah and Muneer Alshowkan, University of Bridgeport, USA

Analyzing of Pseudo-Ring Memory Self- Testing Schemes with Algorithms
Ghenadie Bodean1 and Wajeb Gharibi2, 1Technical University of Moldova, Moldova and 2Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Mobile Learning [ M-Learning) and Educational Environments
Mohamed Sarrab1, Laila Elgamel2 and Hamza Aldabbas2, 1Sultan Qaboos University, Oman and 2De Montfort University,

Comparative Analysis of Rectangular and Circular Waveguide Using Matlab Simulation
Azhar Shadab, Lokesh Kumar, Mohit Kumar , Kamal Kishor, Akash Sethi and Ila Sharma, Jaypee University, India

Performance of Power Decentralized Detection in Wireless Sensor System With DS-CDMA
Ali M. Fadhil, Haider M. AlSabbagh and Turki Y. Abdallah, University of Basra, Iraq

Analyzed Virtual Routing Protocol for Future Networks MANET & topological network
R. Viswanathan1, J. Vignesh Kumar2 and T. V. Krishna Prasad2, 1Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engg, India
and 2Maamallan Institute of Technology, India

Demultiplexing of Signals on the Downlink OFDM in UTRAN-FDD
OUESSE Mohamed El - Amine1, NGOM Agnes1, BOUALLEGUE Ridha2, FARSSI Sidi Mohamed1 and OUYA Samuel1,
1Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal and 2University of Carthage, Tunisia

Self Configurable Re-link Establishment using Continuous Neighbour Discovery in Asynchronous Wireless Sensor

M.Sreedevi1, Nadilla Khadar Valli1 and R. Seshadri2, 1MITS, India and 2S.V.U, Tirupati, India

Smart Vehicle Tracking System
K.P.Kamble, YCCE, India

Scheduling Data Intensive Workloads through Virtualization on MapReduce based Clouds
B.Thirumala Rao and L.S.S.Reddy, Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, India

Heuristic Based Task Scheduling in Multiprocessor Systems with Genetic Algorithm by Choosing the Eligible Processor
Probir Roy1, Md. Mejbah Ul Alam1 and Nishita Das2, 1Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh
and 2Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh

A New Method for Comparing the Security of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Zeinab Shariat1 , Asad Mohammadi2 and Ali Movaghar3, 1Islamic Azad University of Boumehen, Iran, 2Amirkabir
University of Technology, Iran and 3Sharif Universityof Technology, Iran

Distributed Asynchronous Game Theoretic Solutions for Precoding Strategies in Multiuser MIMO Systems
Brima Fallah , BenXiong Huang and Lai Tu , Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Performance Evaluation of Radio Propagation Model For Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using VanetMobiSim and NS-2
Ramesh C. Poonia1 and Vikram Singh2, 1Banasthali University, India and 2Jaipur National University, India

Securing Speech in GSM Networks using DES with Random Permutation and Inversion Algorithm
Khaled Merit1 and Abdelazziz Ouamri2, 1INT&TIC Oran, Algeria and 2USTO Oran, Algeria

A Review on Key Management Schemes in MANET
Renu Dalal1,Yudhvir Singh2 and Manju Khari1, 1Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India and 2U.I.E.T M.D University
Rohtak, India

Application of Wireless Nano Sensor Networks for Wild Lives
Vimal Upadhayay and Sonali Agarwal, Indian Institute of Information Technology, India

Space-Time Block Coding (STBC) for Wireless Networks
Santumon.S.D and B.R. Sujatha, MCE - Karnataka, India

Survey of Down Link Data Allocation Algorithms in IEEE 802.16 WiMAX
Ahmed M Husein Shabani, M.T.Beg and Ammar Abdul-Hamed Khader, Jamia Millia Islamia, India

A Unified Comparison of CDMA EVDO Key Performance Parameters in Multi-vendor Environment
Rabnawaz Anwar1 and Irfan Ahmed2, 1NWFP University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan and
2Taif University, Saudi Arabia

May 2012, Volume 3, Number 3

Reducing Packet Overhead In Mobile Ipv6
Hooshiar Zolfagharnasab, University of Isfahan, Iran

Performance Optimization of WiMAX Mobile Networks with a Predictive Handover Process
M. Grine1, A. Najid2, R. Messoussi1, 1FSK Ibn Tofail University Kenitra, Morocco and 12INPT Rabat, Morocco

Parallel String Matching Algorithm Using Grid
K.M.M Rajashekharaiah1, Ch MadhuBabu1 and S. Viswanadha Raju2, 1Rayalamaseema University, India and 2JNTUH,

Securing Wmn Using Hybrid Honeypot System
Paramjeet Rawat1, Sakshi Goel1, Megha Agarwal2 and Ruby Singh2, 1IIMT Engineering College, India and 2SRM
University, Ghaziabad-India

Multipath Interference Cancellation in MIMO Mobile Cellular system
Nazia Parveen1 and D.S. Venkateswarlu2, 1JNTU, India and 2 Progressive Engineering College, India

Performance Evaluation Of An Ofdm System Under The Influence Of Phase Noise And Carrier Frequency Offset
Gurpreet Kaur and Partha Pratim Bhattacharya, Mody Institute of Technology & Science , India

Comparative Analysis Of Peak Correlation Characteristics Of Non-Orthogonal Spreading Codes For Wireless Systems
Deepak Kedia, G.J. University of Science & Technology, India

Evaluation of various Traffic loads in MANET with DSR routing protocol through use of OPNET Simulator
Parulpreet Singh, Ekta Barkhodia and Gurleen Kaur Walia, LPU, Phagwara Punjab, India

Network Lifetime Extension Based On Network Coding Technique In Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Padmavathy.T.V, Gayathri.V, Indumathi.V and Karthika.G, RMK College of Engineering And Technology, India

An Approach In Optimization Of Ad-Hoc Routing Algorithms
Sarvesh Kumar Sharma, BITS-Pilani, India

An Intelligent Approach for Negotiating between chains in Supply Chain Management Systems
Shahin firouzi and Amin Nezarat , Islamic Azad University, Iran

Performance of MIMO-OFDM system using Linear Maximum Likelihood Alamouti Decoder
Monika Aggarwal and Suman Sharma, Bhai Gurdas Engineering College, India

About Web-Based Distance Learning
Tinatin Mshvidobadze and Tamar Gogoladze, Gori University, Georgia

A Novel Adaptive Channel Allocation Scheme To Handle Handoffs
Alagu S and Meyyappan T, Alagappa University, India

Analysis Study Of Time Synchronization Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks
Salim el khediri1,2,Nejah Nasri1, Mounir Samet2, Anne Wei2and Abdennaceur Kachouri3 , 1University of Sfax, Tunisia,
2National Conservatory of Arts and Metiers Paris and 3France and University of Gabes, Tunisia

New Method Of Measuring Tcp Performance Of Ip Network Using Bio-Computing
Ayad Ghany Ismaeel1 and Suha Adham Abdul-Rahman2, 1Erbil Technical College, Iraq and 2 University of Technology,

DWDM/OOC and large spectrum sources performance in broadband access network
AhmedD. KORA, Ecole Superieure Multinationale des Telecommunications, Senegal

Privacy, Trust and Identity in Pervasive Computing: A Review of Technical Challenges and Future Research Directions
Ameera Al-Karkhi, Adil Al-Yasiri and Nigel Linge, University of Salford,UK

A Novel Approach For Security Issues In Voip Networks In Virtualization With Ivr
Kinjal Shah1, Satya Prakash Ghrera1 and Alok Thaker2, 1 Jaypee University of Information Technology, India and
2Inferno Solutions, India

Throughput Improvement In Wireless Mesh Networks By Integrating With Optical Network
Chakrapani gadde, K.Chandrasekhar and I.Hemalatha, SIR CRR college of engineering, India

Flexible Data Dissemination Strategy For Effective Cache Consistency In Mobile Wireless Communication Networks
Kahkashan Tabassum1 Asia Sultana2 and Dr. A. Damodaram3, 1 Maulana Azad National Urdu University,India,
2 Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Tech , India and 1 Jawaharlal Nehro Technological University, India

Peak-To-Average Power Reduction In Mimo-Ofdm Systems Using Sub-Optimal Algorithm
K Srinivasarao1, B Prabhakararao2, and M V S Sairam1, 1 G.V.P College of Engineering for Women , India and 2J.N.T
University, India

Stacked Printed Antennas Array For C Band Applications
M. S. Bahloul, M. Abri and F. T. Bendimerad, Universite Abou-Bekr Belkaid, Algerie

Embedded system for Hazardous Gas detection and Alerting
V.Ramya and B. Palaniappan, Annamalai University, India

Path Optimization Algorithm For Network Problems Using Job Sequencing Technique
Punit Kumar Singh and Rakesh Kumar, M.M.M Engineering College, India

A Study On Energy Efficient Routing Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks
Monica R Mundada, Savan Kiran , Shivanand Khobanna, Raja Nahusha Varsha and Seira Ann George, M S Ramaiah
Institute of Technology, India

Distance Based Asynchronous Recovery Approach In Mobile Computing Environment
Yogita Khatri, JSSATE, India

C-Band VSAT Data Communication System and RF Impairments
T.P. surekha 1, T. Ananthapadmanabha 2 and C. Puttamadappa 3 , 1Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, 2 National
Institute of Engineering, India and 3Sapthagiri college of Engineering, India

March 2012, Volume 3, Number 2

Relay Selection For Multiple Access Relay Channel With Decode-forward And Analog Network Coding
Ahmed Hassan M. Hassan, Bin Dai, Benxiong Huang, Edriss Eisa and Muhammad Azhar, Huazhong University of Science
and Technology, China

Improved Spatial Modulation For High Spectral Efficiency
Rajab M. Legnain1, Roshdy H.M. Hafez1 and Abdelgader M. Legnain2, 1Carleton University, Canada and 2Garyounis
University, Benghazi, Libya

Analysing Power Consumption Of Different Browsers & Identity Management Systems In Mobile Phones
Md. Sadek Ferdous and Ron Poet, University of Glasgow, Scotland

NOC: QOS Metrics Modelling And Analysis Based On Dynamic Routing
Abdelkader SAADAOUI1, Salem NASRI1,2, 1ENIS, Tunisia and 2Qassim University, KSA

New Technique For Proposing Network's Topology Using GPS And GIS
Ayad Ghany Ismaeel, Erbil Technical College, Erbil-Iraq

Performance Evaluation Of BEACON-ENABLED IEEE 802.15.4 Under NS2
Faiza Charfi And Mohamed Bouyahi, Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Sfax, Tunisia

New Steganographic Scheme Based Of Reed-Solomon Codes
DIOP, S .M FARSSI ,O. KHOUMA , H. B DIOUF , K .TALL and K .SYLLA, Ecole Superieure Polytechnique de
l'Universite Dakar, Senegal

Intelligent Wireless Communication System Using Cognitive Radio
Asma Amraoui1, Badr Benmammar1, Francine Krief2, Fethi Tarik Bendimerad1, 1LTT Laboratory of
Telecommunication Tlemcen, Algeria and 2LaBRI Laboratory Bordeaux 1 University, France

Heterogeneous Highly Parallel Implementation Of Matrix Exponentiation Using GPU
Chittampally Vasanth Raja, Srinivas Balasubramanian and Prakash S Raghavendra, National Institute of Technology
- Karnataka, India

Analysis and Comparison of Distance Vector,DSDV and AODV Protocol of MANET
B.N. Jagdale, Pragati Patil, P. Lahane, D. Javale, MIT College of Engineering, India

Link Stability Based Multipath Video Transmission Over MANET
Sanjeev Kulkarni1, Sachidanand S Joshi 2, A.M Sankpal3 and R.R. Mudholkar4, 1AITM Belgaum, India, 2SDMCET
Dharwad, India ,3 The New College Kolhapur, India and 4Shivaji University Kolhapur, India

Analyzing Area spectral efficiency and its impacts on the total spectrum requirements for IMTAdvanced
Amit Chaturvedi1 and Anil Solanki2, 1Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer-India and 2Meerut Institute of Engg. & Tech.,
Meerut - India

Performance Analysis Of OSPF In Multicast Routing Using RPF Technique
K.Kumaravel1, M.Sengaliappan2 A.Marimuthu3, 1Dr. N.G.P. Arts and Science College, India, 2Kovai Kalaimagal Arts
and Science College, India and Govt., Arts College , India

Improving The Performance Of 3-D Sensor Array By Rotation
Ayesha Naaz1 and Rameshwar Rao2, 1MuffakhamJah College of Engineering & Technology, India and 2Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India

Object Oriented Modelling Of IDEA Using GA Based Efficient Key Generation For E-Governance Security (OOMIG)
Arindam Sarkar 1, S. Karforma 2 and J. K. Mandal 1, 1University of Kalyani, India and 2The University of Burdwan, India

Bluetooth Navigation System Using WI-FI Access Points
Rohit Agrawal and Ashesh Vasalya, VIT University, Vellore - India

Overview Of MC CDMA Papr Reduction Techniques
B.Sarala1 and D.S.Venkateswarulu2 B.N.Bhandari3, 1 M V S R Engineering College, India, 2 Progressive Engineering
College,India and 3JNTU, India

A Probabilistic Approach To Reduce The Route Establishment Overhead In AODV Algorithm For Manet
Preetha K G1, A Unnikrishnan2 and K Poulose Jacob3, 1Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, India, 2DRDO,
India and 3Cochin University of Science & Technology, India

Implementation Of Secure & Cost Effective Authentication Process In IEEE 802.16e WiMAX
B.Sridevi, M.Brindha,R.Umamaheswari and S.Rajaram, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,India

Recognition Of Powdery Mildew Disease For Betelvine Plants Using Digital Image Processing
J.Vijayakumar1 and S.Arumugam2, 1Nandha College of Technology, India and 2Nandha Engineering College, India

Evaluating And Comparison Of Intrusion In Mobile AD HOC Networks
Zougagh Hicham1, Toumanari Ahmed1, Latif Rachid 1 and Idboufker Noureddin2, 1Ibn zohr University, Morocco and
2University Caddi ayyad, Morocco

January 2012, Volume 3, Number 1

Performance Analysis Of A Upnp/Dhcompliant Robotic Adapter For Collaborative Tasks Development
Alejandro Alvarez Vazquez , Ignacio Gonzalez Alonso and M.P. Almudena Garcia Fuente, University of Oviedo, Spain

Common Control Channel Saturation Detection And Enhancement In Cognitive Radio Networks
Seyed Morteza Mirhoseni Nezhadal, Reza Berangi and Mahmood Fathy, Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran

Effect of Packet Delay Variation On Video/Voice Over Diffserv-Mpls In Ipv4/Ipv6 Networks
Md. Tariq Aziz1, Mohammad Saiful Islam1, Md. Nazmul Islam khan2, and Adrian Popescu1, 1Blekinge Institute of
Technology, Sweden and 2 Presidency University, Bangladesh

A Survey Of Tcp Reno, New Reno And Sack Over Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Md Nazmul Islam Khan1, Rashed Ahmed2 and Md. Tariq Aziz2, 1Presidency University, Bangladesh and 2Blekinge
Institute of Technology, Sweden

The Multiplexing Of OFDM Signals On The Downlink In UTRAN-FDD
Ouesse Mohamed El - Amine1, Ngom Agnes1, Bouallegue Ridha2, FARSSI Sidi Mohamed1 and Ouya Samuel1,
1 University of Dakar, Senegal and 2 University of Carthage, Tunisia

The Impact of Propagation Environment and Traffic Load on the Performance of Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks
A. Rhattoy1 and A. Zatni2, 1 Moulay Ismail University, Morocco and 2 Ibnou Zohr University, Morocco

Molecular Sensors In Information Fusion: Agents-Based Interface
E.V.Krishnamurthy, Australian National University, Australia

Review Of Syn-Flooding Attack Detection Mechanism
Mehdi Ebady Manna and Angela Amphawan, University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Cyber Threats In Social Networking Websites
Wajeb Ghari and Maha Shaabi, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Bluetooth Security Threats And Solutions: A Survey
Nateq Be-Nazir Ibn Minar1 and Mohammed Tarique2, 1American International University, Bangladesh and 2 Ajman
University of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates

Development of a Seed Analyzer using the Techniques of Computer Vision
Sandeep Arya and Parveen Lehana, University of Jammu, India

A Study Of BNP Parallel Task Scheduling Algorithms Metric's For Distributed Database System
Manik Sharma1, Gurdev Singh2 and Harsimran Kaur2, 1Sewa Devi S.D. College Tarn Taran, Punjab, India and 2Adesh
Institute of Engineering & Technology Faridkot, India

Parallel Processing of cluster by Map Reduce
Madhavi Vaidya, Vivekanand College, India

Quality of service and reliability in optical network
Jitendra Saxena and Aditya Goel, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India

Implementation Of Low Power And Low Energy Synchronous Sapt Logic
Chitambara Rao.K1,Nagendra.K2 and Sreenivasa Rao.Ijjada2, 1AITAM College of Engineering, India and 2 GITAM
University, India

An Innovative Kind Of Security Protocol Using Fusion Encryption In Virtual Private Networking
M.Sreedevi1 and R. Seshadri 2, 1 S.V.U.C.E, India and 2 S.V.U, India

A Novel Anti Phishing Framework Based On Visual Cryptography
Divya James1 and Mintu Philip2, 1 Indira Gandhi National Open University, India and 2 Rajagiri School of Engineering
and Technology, India

Traffic And Security Using Randomized Dispersive Routes In Heterogeneous Sensor Network
P.Karunakaran1 and C.Venkatesh2 , 1 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, India and 2Erode Builder Educational
Trust Institutions, India

Decentralized Load Balancing In Heterogeneous Systems Using Diffusion Approach
P.Neelakantan, SVCET, India

An Improved Performance Analysis Of Priority Scheduling Algorithm In Modified Ad Hoc Grid Layer
R. Bhaskaran1 and V.Parthasarathy2 , 1 PSNA College of Engg. and Technology, India and 2 Chettinad College of of Engg.
and Technology, India

Energy Efficient, Scalable and Reliable MAC Protocol for Electromagnetic Communication among Nano Devices
V.Srikanth, Sindhu Chaluvadi, Sandeep, Vani and Venkatesh , K L University, India

Energy Efficient And Qos Aware Ant Colony Optimization (Eq-Aco) Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
Devee Prasan.U1 and Murugappan. S2, 1Aditya Institute of Technology and Management, India and 2Annamalai
University, India

User Profile Based Proportional Share Scheduling And Mac Protocol For Manets
Hannah Monisha . J1 and Rhymend Uthariaraj .V2 , 1 Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science, India and 2Anna
University - Chennai, India

A Novel Security Framework Using Trust And Fuzzy Logic In Manet
Manoj V, Mohammed Aaqib, Raghavendiran N and Vijayan R, VIT University, India

Encryption Of Data Using Elliptic Curve Over Finite Fields
D. Sravana Kumar1 , CH. Suneetha2 and A. ChandrasekhAR2,1 SVLNS Government College, India and 2 GITAM
University, India

Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
Tayebeh Mosavi Miangah1 and Amin Nezarat2,1Payame Noor University, Iran and 2Shiraz University, Iran

Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi comparison with WiMAX Networks
M.Sreerama Murty, D.Veeraiah and A.Srinivas Rao, Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology, India

ANODR-ECC Key Management protocol with TELNET to secure Application and Network layer for Mobile Adhoc

G.Padmavathi, P.Subashini and D.Devi Aruna, Avinashiligam University for Women, India

Scoring System Approach for Assessment of Critical Illness using Mobile Phones
Karupothula Madhavi Latha, Shiramshetty Gouthami and P.Ranjith Kumar, JNTUH - Jayamukhi Institute of
Technological Sciences, India

Design of Wireless Electronic Stethoscope Based on Zigbee
Kadam Patil D.D and Shastri R.K, Vidya Pratishthan's CoE - Baramati, India