International Journal of Information Sciences and Techniques (IJIST)

Volume 2

November 2012, Volume 2, Number 6

Performance Analysis of Parallel Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Over Serial Implementation
Uzzal Kumar Prodhan1, A.H.M. Shahariar Parvez2, Md. Ibrahim Hussain2,Yeasir Fathah Rumi2 and Md. Ali Hossain2, 1Jatiya
Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Bangladesh and 2Bangladesh University, Bangladesh
Preventing Copyrights Infringement of Images by Watermarking in Transform Domain Using Full Counter Propagation
Neural Network
Chitralekha Dwivedi and Ashish Bansal, Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science, India
Vowel Phoneme Recognition Based on Average Energy Information in the Zerocrossing Intervals and its Distribution
Using ANN
Sunil Kumar R.K and Lajish.V.L, University of Calicut, India
Hindi Named Entity Recognition By Aggregating Rule Based Heuristics and Hidden Markov Model
Deepti Chopra, Nusrat Jahan and Sudha Morwal, Banasthali University, India
An Effective approach to control Inter-domain Traffic Engineering among Heterogeneous Networks
Vivekanandan Mahadevan and Joseph Raymond, SRM University, India
A New Modified System for Equal Power Division with LCC for Wireless Applcations
S.Banu, A.Vishwapriya, R.Yogamathi, A.V.Meenakshi and SPK.Babu, Periyar maniyammai university, India
Adopting and Implementation of Self Organizing Feature Map for Image Fusion
Anna Saro Vijendran and G.Paramasivam, SNR Sons College, India
Extracting Useful Rules Through Improved Decision Tree Induction Using Information Entropy
Mohd. Mahmood Ali1, Mohd. S. Qaseem2, Lakshmi Rajamani3 and A. Govardhan4, 1Muffakhamjah College of Engg. & Tech.,
India, 2Nizam Institute of Engg. & Tech., India, Univ. College of Engg.,India and 4JNTUH., India

September 2012, Volume 2, Number 5

BER Performance of MPSK and MQAM in 2x2 Almouti MIMO Systems
A. S. Mindaudu1 and A. M. Miyim2, 1Sokoto State Polytechnic, Nigeria and 2Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,Malaysia
Implementation of Radon Transformation for Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
Md. Ali Hossain1, Ahsan-Ul-Ambia2, Md.Aktaruzzaman3 and Md. Ahaduzzaman Khan4, 1Bangladesh University, Bangladesh,
2Islamic University,Bangladesh, 3Islamic University,Bangladesh and 4Bangladesh Computer Council, Bangladesh
System Identification and Modeling for Interacting and Non-Interacting Tank Systems Using Intelligent Techniques
Bhuvaneswari N S, Praveena R and Divya R,Easwari Engineering College, India
Information Theory Based Analysis for Understanding the Regulation of HLA Gene Expression in Human Leukemia
Bishwajit Das and Durjoy Majumder, West Bengal State University, India

July 2012, Volume 2, Number 4

Dual Neural Network for Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Quadrotor Helicopter Stabilization
Hana Boudjedir1, Fouad Yacef1, Omar Bouhali1 and Nassim Rizoug2, 1Jijel University, Algeria and 2 ESTACA School, France.
Reducing Timed Automata: A New Approach
Ilham Kitouni, Hiba Hachichi and Kenza Bouaroudj, Djamel Eddine Saidouni University Mentouri ,Algeria
Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy based DBMS Selection in Turkish National Identity Card Management Project
F. Ozgur Catak, Servet Karabas and Serkan Yildirim, National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (Uekae), Turkey
Performance of Wimax Physical Layer with Variations in Channel Coding and Digital Modulation under Realistic Channel
Md. Ashraful Islam and A.Z.M. Touhidul Islam,University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Design and Development of a Low-Cost Microcontroller based Single Phase Water-Pump Controller
M.A.A. Mashud1, M.A.A. Tariq1, M. Shamim Hossain1 and Md. Serajul Islam2, 1Islamic University, Bangladesh and 2Gono Bishwabidyalay, Bangladesh
Punjabi Speech Synthesis System using HTK
Divya Bansal, Ankita Goel and Khushneet Jindal,Thapar University, India
Design and Implementation af LZW Data Compression Algorithm
Simrandeep Kaur and V.Sulochana Verma , C-Dac Mohali, India
Colour Image Steganography based on Pixel Value Differencing in Spatial Domain
J. K. Mandal and Debashis Das, University of Kalyani, India
Analysis of Image Watermarking using Least Significant Bit Algorithm
Puneet Kr Sharma and Rajni,SBSCET, India
Towards Automatic Detection of Sentiments in Customer Reviews
Anshu Jain1,Suresh Jain2,Pragya Shukla1& Hitesh Bandiya1, 1Institute of Engineering & Technology, India and 2KCB Technical
Academy Indore, India
A Novel Approach for Segmentation of Sector Scan Sonar Images using Adaptive Thresholding
Nagamani Modalavalasa1, G Sasibhushana Rao2 & K. Satya Prasad3, 1SBTET 2Andhra University, India and 3Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada, India
A Median based Directional Cascaded with Mask Filter for Removal of RVIN
J.K. Mandal and Aparna Sarkar, University of Kalyani, India
Brain Tumor MRI Image Classification with Feature Selection and Extraction using Linear Discriminant Analysis
V.P.Gladis Pushpa Rathi and.S.Palani, Sudharsan Engineering College, India

May 2012, Volume 2, Number 3

Job Search Sustem in Android Environment - Application of Intelligent Agents
Salathiel Bogle and Suresh Sankaranarayanan,University of West Indies,Jamaica
Performance Analysis of Unsymmetrical Trimmed Median as Detector on Image Noises & its FPGA Implementation
K.Vasanth1 and S.Karthik2,1Sathyabama University,India and 2 Cognizant Technology Solutions,India
Multiple Causal Window Based Reversible Data Embedding
R.Vinod, S.Pradeep, V.Vignesh, P.Tamije Selvy and P.Anantha Prabha,Sri Krishna College of Technology,India
Text Sentiments for Forums Hotspot Detection
K. Nirmala Devi1 and V. Murali Bhaskarn2,1Kongu Engineering College,India and 2 Paavai College of Engineering,India.
Implementation of Naive Bayesian Classifier and Ada-Boost Algorithm Using Maize Expert System
Naveen Kumar Korada 1 , N Sagar Pavan Kumar2 and Y V N H Deekshitulu1,1TATA BSS,india and 2 Vignan College Engineering,
Visual Model Based Single Image Dehazing Using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization
S.MohamedMansoorRoomi, R.Bhargavi and S.Bhumesh ,ThiagarajarCollege of Engineering,India
Global Chaos Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Qi and Hyperchaotic Jha Systems by Active Nonlinear Control
Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan,Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University,India

March 2012, Volume 2, Number 2

Bayesian Classification of Fabrics Using Binary Co-Occurence Matrix
Mohamed Mansoor Roomi and S.Saranya, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India
A Design and Solving LPP Method for Binary Linear Programming Problem Using DNA Approach
S.Mohanambal, G.Sudha, A.Pethalakshmi and R.Rajarajeswari, M.V.M.Govt Arts college, India
Clustering Dichotomous Data for Health Care
D. Ashok Kumar and M.C. Loraine Charlet Annie, Government Arts College - Trichy, India
Multi-Level Coding Efficiency with Improved Quality for Image Compression based on AMBTC
K.Somasundaram1 and S.Vimala2, 1Gandhigram Rural Institute, India and 2Mother Teresa Women's University, India
Despeckling of SAR Images by Optimizing Averaged Power Spectral Value in Curvelet Domain
S.Md.Mansoor Roomi and D.Kalaiyarasi, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India
Mouse Simulation Using Two Coloured Tapes
Kamran Niyazi, Vikram Kumar, Swapnil Mahe and Swapnil Vyawahare, University of Pune, India
Sliding Mode Controller Design for Global Chaos Synchronization of Coullet Systems
Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan1 and Sivaperumal Sampath2, 1Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India and
2CMJ University Shillong, India

January 2012, Volume 2, Number 1

Handover Necessity Estimation for 4G Heterogeneous Networks
Issaka Hassane Abdoulaziz, Li Renfa and Zeng Fanzi, Hunan University, China
Conceptual Model for Electronic Clinical Record Information System
Saima Nisar and Abas B Said, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia
Performance Analysis of Barker Code Based on their Correlation Property in Multiuser Environment
Md.Alamgir Hossain, Md. Shariful Islam and Md. Sadek Ali, Islamic University, Bangladesh
A Personalized Web Page Content Filtering Model Based on Segmentation
K.S.Kuppusamy and G.Aghila, Pondicherry University, India
Semantic Visualization and Navigation in Textual Corpus
Ferihane Kboubi, Anja Habacha Chaibi and Mohamed BenAhmed, RIADI-ENSI, Tunisie